Is Theory of Evolution accepted by other professions?

On many times on this forum, I have used history, anthropology, and actuary to defend creation. But I have never ever read or heard anywhere where a supporter of Theory of evolution (TOE) uses any other profession to back up TOE.

Now is TOE historically acceptable? Except for Sumerians’ writings that were dated using evolutionistic dating methods that are used to date fossils, is there any historical evidence from any recorded history that proves any of the findings by evolutionists? Do we have recorded history of species in their transition? Do we have recorded history of the world being different from what it is currently, afterall the world should still be evolving even now according to the logic of TOE?

Anthropology states it clearly that there’s no tribe in the whole world that doesn’t credit God (or any god) with the creation of the world, hence every tribe at one point in their history worshipped God, including Darwin and his whole family. How does TOE reconcile the possibility (if not conclusion) that God had nothing to do with creation, using anthropology?

I have boldly stated that 6.5 billion people and millions of animals can be traced back to Noah’s Ark using actuary. I have said all it takes is finding life expectancy rates, fertility rates and mortality rates for the last 4500 years. But can TOE reconcile 6.5 billion people to millions of years ago through an actuarial process based on life expectancy, fertility and mortality rates?

I know scientists and science students alike don’t think that highly of other professions, as I remember from university days that we as Finance students used to do the same, but surely it’s becoming more and more apparent that all professions somehow interlink with each other. But why is this part of science called Theory of Evolution not agreeing with any other profession?


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