On this World Aids’ Day.

A lot has been said about our government’s failure to provide antiretrovirals to a reasonable number of AIDS patients, but nothing is said anymore about the need to abstain from sexual immorality.

Why is the Aids pandemic made out to be all about treatment and usage of condoms, but never about talking against sexual immorality that engulfs the world? Why can’t Aids organisation’s officials use this day to show people that it’s foolish to engage in sex outside marriage (man and woman)? Or have they disassociated Aids from sexual immorality? This morning I was listening to John Robie (702), and all he could say on this day is that Aids day is boring. And I found it odd because I would have expected him to make it clear that HIV is still caused by sexual immorality; and that can’t be boring.

Isn’t it because sexual immorality rings close to home more than anything else, which is why nobody wants to talk about it? I listened to the Health Minister, and all he could say is talk about the need to roll out antiretrovirals to 80% of HIV patients. There was nothing about the need to abstain. I don’t expect much from the President, given his history with HIV patients. But surely we should continue driving the ABC (abstain, be faithful and condomise) message, or has the government dished it because of the A and B? Now more than ever we need to drive the message of abstinence and being faithful to one’s spouse. That is why I believe we need more repentant Christians in our politics and media as they won’t have issues with driving the message of faithfulness. Given the scandals of our media and political personality, it would be asking for a lot to expect them to preach a message of ABC when they themselves fail to adhere to it.

If anything, this day should reflect our need to repent from our sexual sins. The fact that people still find it cool to have sex with anybody who opens their leg first is shocking. Don’t they know sexual immorality is the cause for Aids? To those people who think it is cool to have sex outside marriage between a man and woman, God’s message to you is the following: ‘Do not be overwicked, and do not be a fool— why die before your time?’ (Ecclesiastes 7:17).

You are a fool if you think God doesn’t judge sexual immorality severely.


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