Christians can’t be evolutionist, it’s impossible!

Whenever atheists are unable to provide answers for their theory that makes as much sense as an ape writing an article, they always say ‘most Christians believe in Theory of evolution and so it must be true’. I’m going to address those Christians who believe in evolution, and hope they can repent from their sin.

Let me first clarify the misconceptions that atheists have:

  • The bible is 100% behind science, and the bible doesn’t contradict science.
  • God created science, and gave people the ability to question scientific laws so they can come to a better understanding of the universe.
  • God support all initiatives by scientists to find more answers on how the universe works, and how we can improve our lives through better healthcare.
  • Organisations like National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Russian Federal Space Agency (RFSA) are very important in God’s plan for the world, and God wants them to succeed in every way possible.
  • God supports all initiatives by governments and environmental leaders to curb emissions, regardless of whether global warming is a reality or not.
  • God wants people to know as much as possible about the universe, and He can never stand in the way of our need for knowledge.
  • God expect Christians to financially support scientific researches, and offer any kind of support necessary.
  • More importantly, God commanded Christians to pray for scientists as one of the people in authority.


But why do Christians hate Evolution through Natural Selection (TOE) and other related theories? There are two areas of concern for Christians, spiritual and scientific:

1.       Spiritual

Christians hate TOE because it was ordered from a demonic world as a way to keep educated minds away from God, and the confines of science as created by God. How do Christians know that? Probably over 80% of evolutionists (people who believe in TOE) are atheists. God never supports scientific researches that lead people to rebel against Him. Since people use TOE to rebel against God, we are certain that this kind of rebellion is the same rebellion that was displayed by Lucifer against God many years ago. Had TOE been an innocent scientific theory, then it could have never led to Social Darwinism that we see today. Atheism activists like Richard Dawkins would have never hid behind TOE if the legitimacy of TOE as a strictly scientific theory wasn’t questionable.

More importantly, believing in TOE is the first step to militant atheism. The kind of militancy we witnessed during Ray Comfort’s distribution of his version of Origin of Species highlighted just how spiritual believing in TOE has become. The fact that young people (Secular Student Alliance) who advocate science were willing to engage in militancy so they can hinder an opposing view, said a lot about the scientific legitimacy of TOE. None of custodians of scientific theories we have had over the years have went out of their way to hinder an opposing view, but it happens with TOE. It’s no wonder scientists who disagrees with TOE would rather keep their thoughts to themselves, for fear of being persecuted or losing their careers.

So how could a Christian believe in something that people who believe in rebel against God, and engage in preaching activities that are meant to ridicule God? How could a Christian attend Evolution Conferences when they go hand-in-hand with Atheist Conferences? The 2010 Global Atheist Convention in Australia has people like Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers as speakers, and these are the people who are in the fore-front of TOE at the moment. So is a God-believing Christian supposed to attend this conference since they’ll be discussing TOE?

2.       Scientific

What really irks Christians even more is the ‘manufacturing’ of evidence so that fossils can fit TOE. Evolutionists have come up with evidences like Lucy, which they advocated for years even though many scientists warned them that Lucy wasn’t any proof for specie-to-specie transition. This tactic hasn’t ceased even though Lucy left evolutionists with an egg on their faces. So is a Christian supposed to believe ‘manufactured’ evidence and advocate it as well?

The insinuations by evolutionists that human are from apes is the greatest attack on God. God Himself said He created man with His own image, while He created an ape (animals) separately. (Refer to the first page of your bible my dear Christian). So it’s either God is a liar for saying humans are not from apes, or Charles Darwin is a liar? You decide who the liar is but they can’t both be right. If they both can’t be right, then why are you worshipping a liar and the Truth all at the same time?

It’s impossible to be Christian and evolutionist at the same time; as such you should choose which one you are, afterall you don’t have to tell us.


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