Why God hates fornication?

Minutes after I got born-again, the first thing God wanted me to repent from was fornication. But why does God hate fornication?

Here are the reasons:

1. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body (1 Corinthians 6:18). Of course fornication exposes a person to all kinds of diseases. Whenever I mention that somebody tells me of condoms. But my experience and observations tells me that people only use condoms during planned sexual activities. I used to work at a company that had condoms in the toilets, and I was not surprised whenever I hear sexual stories happening in the office. Reality is people only use condoms with their girlfriends, or with ugly girls they have no intentions of engaging in a relationship with.

So why would God want to expose people to diseases like Aids? Regardless of what you may have heard, God does feel the pain of each and every one of His children.

2. Children suffer from fornication.

I have friends who have children out of wedlock, and I always feel guilty whenever I have to mention my kids to them. Some of them haven’t even seen their children for years, and they don’t even know how they look. One of them has other men raising his kids, and it kills him inside but he can’t say anything about it to his current baby-mama because she hates his ex and their baby. For those children, they’ll have to live without a father and be raised by a stepfather who wants nothing to do with them, but just tolerate them because he loves their mother. Other stepfathers would go a step further and abuse some of these children, sexually and physically.

So why would a loving God expose children to this trauma? And why would a loving God separate a child from their parent? Why would a loving God allow the world to be full of single mothers, who are some of the most bitter and broken hearted people in the world?

3. Marriages suffer because of fornication.

Past experiences with other men and women are barely mentioned as causes of breakdown in marriages, but I’m certain those experiences account for more than half of divorces. Men having images of other women in their minds during sex with their wives is what’s destroying our marriages today. Wives comparing penis sizes and endurance of their husbands, against their former boyfriends, is what’s wrong with our marriages. A marriage bed that other women used to sleep in is what’s wrong with our marriages. Me and my wife just bought a new bed on Saturday, because she was tired of sleeping in a bed that other women used to sleep in. She says she can see and feel the evil spirits that are in that bed. I hope you and your wife don’t share a bed that you used to share with other women. Now that I think about it, it’s disgusting, considering I used to have a prostitute in that bed. Thank God for a wise wife, she has given away the curtains and everything my ex bought. However she has her own ex though, and I hope I never meet him otherwise I’ll feel like killing him because he used to beat her up (and other reasons I can’t mention).

4. Fornication embarrasses a person later-on.

One day I was in church holding my son, when I saw this ex of mine all smiling and hoping to have a chat. And there was my wife, seating there and having no clue of what’s happening. It was embarrassing for both me and the ex, she was about to give her life to Christ, and there I was reminding her of her past. She gave her life to Christ, although I think she backslided because I haven’t seen her since. I want to help her on her walk with Christ, but it’s improper for me to approach a sister without my wife especially one who happens to be my ex. I had to tell my wife about her last week, because she wanted to go buy make-up where this ex works.

What’s even more embarrassing; is the fact that my other ex just came for an interview where I work. And if she gets the job, then she’ll be working very closely with me. I have just heard they are not going to hire her, and as embarrassing as it is I’m actually happy about it. Imagine that, a Christian is happy that a good person hasn’t got the job she applied for.

That’s fornication, and why God hates it!



  1. Freddie B said

    Firstly, I can feel for your wife about the bed! I was in the same situation when I met my now wife. She still had the bed that she had shared with her previous husband and her lovers. It’s a nasty feeling and I’m glad you changed the bed!

    Wishing ill on someone is perhaps very “un-Chrstian, is it not? “Feel like killing him”, “happy that a good person hasn’t got the job”.

    I’m glad that I’m an atheist if that’s how Christians think!

  2. inchtalla said

    “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the Earth”

    Not possible without the procreative act.

    God does not heat fornication. Priests hate it because it is an area of a person’s life over which they have no control, therefore they call it a sin and invoke the wrath of god on those who undertake it.

    God, whose holy spirit fornicated with Mary, is not subject to his own laws, as indeed are not the priestly classes of all denominations today, who continue to abuse their powers in order to abuse children and enjoy extra-marital relationships with adults.

    “Behold, if any man is in christ, he is a new creation…” the sinful nature is dead and gone and passed away, unless the new creature needs, or is given access to, or sees pictures of, the genitalia of the opposite sex.

    Both the priests and your god are hypocrites of the first order.

    • ladybug said

      Silly inchtalla !, Mary was a virgin. and Jesus was a virgin birth… there was no fornication with God !.. He placed the seed of Christ in her…He did not have sex with her!! BIG DIFFERENCE!!!You are thinking , seeing and hearing in the flesh..You have no knowledge of things of the spirit ! and yeah God is ok with sex between married people!.You give one Bible verse about multiplying and the Bible is loaded down with verses of sex outside of marriage of being sin!…. Try reading it seeking truth instead of making it fit some silly opinion.you have!

      • Joseph said

        Ladybug, why does God have Abraham produce seed unto other people than his wife Sara? Sara was the one convinced Abraham to have sex with her handmade, so he could produced seed,since she could not have any children. Moreover, she doubted God that she could bare children since she was barren, and so did Abraham, but God was still merciful on them being sinners and then Sara bore Isaac when Abraham was 100.
        The main idea here is to trust God and not to fornicate because it produces bad fruits, which are clearly stated above in this person’s experience with fornication. God is merciful and will forgive our sins, but we as Christians must live in a manner that is in accordance with his will for our lives. He’s laws are good and produce good fruits, but us being sinners, we have strayed. Thank Him from sending his son to die for us to redeem and clean us from our sins. Now we live in the spirit of Christ, where we act in a manner that delineates his good fruits. He is the vine and we are the branches anyone who abides in Him will bare good fruit.

      • Cj Ford said

        First of all I was replying to Ichtalla who said “God, whose holy spirit fornicated with Mary,” and he also replied “Both the priests and your god are hypocrites of the first order”. Did you not read it?
        Second of all you answered your own question Sara was the one who had Abraham to have sex with her handmaid NOT GOD ! Third of all I agree with everything you said except that that God had Abraham to produce seed to other people!

      • Cj Ford said

        Aka Ladybug

    • john mccoll said

      ….felt this warranted a hear-hear,or a harumpf at least!…..
      Anyway….not everything makes sense!(this being that time!)….how easy is it NOT to have ethics tho!…..the flesh is such a consolation,in a somewhat ‘constrictive’world?…wow tho do things go fast!….like time!…..like GONE!…be well john.

  3. Handel Hansen said

    Because fornication competes with others and hurt others.

  4. Handel Hansen said

    Yes, God gave the man a woman, but is is just temporal. In heaven, there is no marriage. All of you become angels of God forever and ever.

    • john mccoll said

      …..therefore….let us make the most of it!
      …..(no M/F!……🦍say goodbye ‘creampies’!).

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