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Tpex in his topic ‘Life Changing decision, Christianity or Atheism?’ said:

Let me tell you a bit about myself, I was raised christian, christened, and went to a happy clappy church that had a really fun Sunday school, then when we moved, I went to an Anglican church, like the music, but found the sermons very boring, then later when to a Methodist church got got confirmed, joined the youth, helped with serviced helped with Sunday school, but aside from music found church very boring and youth too, a few months ago I got over it all, tryed to stop going to church, quite from being a teacher, from helping with the service. My Mom now forces me to go to Church with her been to two different charismatic churchs now, even worse then the Methodist one, I hate it, and just sit down and don’t interact.
Now note through all of this I prayed and all that stuff, but never had contact with “God” coming to this breaking point I prayed that God would show me proof, to put my mind at rest, nothing happened, I used to pray every night for my family and friends safety, that didn’t seem to work
With always kind of believed in evolution, that it could work together with creationism, so thats no reason, it was just a general realization, that the bible, churches, and Christianity was a way of controlling me from some reason or other, I gave “God” a chance and he stayed silent (or was he there at all?) these law I see no point in, No sex before marriage, no excessive drinking, no swearing , no tattoos, no piercings for example.
frankly all these years at that Methodist church I believe I was lying to my self. So now I’m happier, not having to waste 4 hours on a Sunday, Not having to think homosexuals are bad, not having to have a problem with other religions, but sometimes I think what if I’m wrong, and I die and end up in hell? but yet again, under this yoke of religion, I cannot live to my life to the full enjoyment?
So atheists, Christians, what do you say?

NOTE: I don’t hate religion, you can do what every you want, its just ATM I feel its just not for me, and my mind is not made up yet


Tpex, unfortunately your post shows just how the churches (all churches) have complicated Christianity. If you had to move so many times to different churches, it shows that Christianity has been made to look different depending on the church one attends. But reality should be the opposite! We are supposed to find the same kind of Christianity in every church one chose to attend. However this can only be accomplished if the same standard for Christianity is used. That standard is the bible. Unfortunately some churches have decided to ignore the bible altogether and rather use their procedures instead, while some do use the bible but decide to interpret it in a way that it would fit their desires. There are a small portion of churches that use the bible as the authoritative standard of Christianity, but they are in the minority. That’s where the problem lies, because Christianity as presented by the church is totally different from what Christianity is as presented by the bible. This makes it important not to base our decision for or against Christianity based on the church that one attended. (Not implying that the churches you attended are wrong in their view of Christianity).

For one to understand Christianity, he has to study the bible and get a clear account of how the first Christians lived and who Jesus Christ is and why He ‘started’ Christianity. Afterall Christian churches are descended directly from those first Christians, which makes them the standard of what makes a Christian and how a Christian should live. You would realize, while reading the bible, that most of the time Christianity as depicted by our churches today is totally different from what Christianity should be or was meant to be. And this would make it clear to you that you can’t form a decision against Christianity based on your experiences with the churches.

Another thing you would learn from the bible is the ‘procedure’ that governs prayer. I’m sure it’s the first time you hear about it, but yes there is a ‘procedure’ that needs to be followed before one’s prayers can be listened to by God. Unfortunately many people have left Christianity because they thought prayer doesn’t work, without realizing that there is a ‘procedure’ in place for prayers to be answered by God. One of the ‘procedures’ is contained in Psalm 66 verse 18, it says: ‘If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened’. It clearly stipulates that God doesn’t listen to prayer from people who have sins in their hearts. If David whom God called ‘a man from my own heart’ realized that God won’t listen to his prayers if he has sin in his heart, then what chances does me and you have on getting answers from God for our prayers when we are sinning against God? You would admit that God didn’t answer your prayers, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you consider this ‘procedure’. Unfortunately this is where people decide to reject God even more, instead of getting rid of their sins first before they pray.

The only prayer that doesn’t need any sort of ‘procedure’ is a prayer of repentance. When a person repents of his sins and asks God for forgiveness, then God listens and responds in a big way. The bible says ‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness’ (1 John 1:9). This is the only prayer any person is guaranteed of getting an answer for, regardless of their situation with God or their background. You can try that prayer, it always works. It would be proof that prayer does work.

(For more on prayer and its hindrances, read John R Rice’s booklet called Hindrances to Prayer, which is freely available on the internet.)

I’m surprised you believe in Theory of Evolution, and you think it can work hand in hand with Creationism. I totally disagree, and I made my points clear on my post called ‘Christians can’t be evolutionists, it’s impossible’. Here’s the link: (

God’s intention is not to control you, but is to lead you to the purpose that he has for your life. What you call ‘laws’ is basically God’s warning signs. I wrote a post called ‘Why God hates fornication?’, and it highlights the dangers of fornication and why God wouldn’t want you to be exposed to it. Here’s the link: ( Yes the bible is against excessive drinking, infact it’s against all kinds of drinking except for medical purposes. One of the 10 commandments deals with swearing, especially using God’s name as a swear word. But as far as I know the bible is not against tattoos or piercing, unless they glorify evil spirits through images on the underworld. I won’t be surprised if you heard from the church that tattoos and piercings are sinful, but reality is the bible doesn’t say so. This is what I was talking about that you can’t establish a negative view of Christianity based on churches, because the church may be relying on its procedure instead of the bible. Of course homosexuals are not bad people, and don’t ever think that. This is not saying homosexuality is not a sin, because it is. But God doesn’t view homosexuality differently from how He views fornication and adultery. And I don’t remember people thinking fornicators are bad people, so there’s no reason to think homosexuals are.  

There is hell, but hell is not a predestined place for people. Hell is meant for satan and his demons. But when people join forces with satan against God, then they leave God with no choice but to judge them alongside satan and give them the same sentence He would give to satan. Rejecting God is synonymous to joining forces with satan in God’s eyes! You may not be intending to join forces with satan against God, but that’s what you do when you turn your back on God. So don’t turn your back against God, not for fear of hell, but not to be associated with satan.

I would agree with you that Christianity is a heavy burden that needs a man to sacrifice his life first before undertaking. But the good part is a Christian is never carrying this burden alone, because God is always there to lift the part that we can’t bear. So we pretty much carry the burden that we can bear based on our strength. So there’s no reason to shy away from this burden, but it needs dedication and lots of it.

I’ll have to disagree with you when you say Christianity is boring. Unfortunately that’s the impression that is given by most Christian’s gloomy faces. Let me just show you that Christianity can’t be boring. When you have access to God and can speak to Him and ask Him anything and He responds to most of those questions, then you can’t be having a boring life. When the same God outlines His purpose for your life, and show you what will happen to you decades from now, then you can’t be having a boring life. When you pray for people to be healed and they are, then your life can’t be boring. When God wakes you up at night and reveals things to you that you can’t even comprehend, then boring is the last word you would use to explain that experience. Most importantly, when you know that you will supernaturally go to heaven one day, then you live everyday as if you are high on something. Think about it, the bible says Christians will travel billions trillions of miles into space in 1/100 second (blink of an eye), then surely Christianity can’t be associated with boring. So no, Christianity can’t be boring; but Christians can be boring sometimes.

You say your mind is not made up yet, but I hope I had made a claim for Christianity and God. If you decide to consider Christianity, which I hope you will, then pray this prayer as a sign of your commitment to God:

Jesus, I confess with my mouth that you are Lord, and I believe in my heart that God raised You from the dead, and I trust you for my salvation, forgive my sins and create in me a new heart, Amen. (Romans 10:9, Psalm 51:8-10).

Then start reading your bible, so you can learn the standard that God expect you to keep.


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