Global Warming: A Theory by the Anti-Christ?

Global Warming: A Theory by the Anti-Christ?

In my article “Global Warming: From a Biblical Perspective”, I showed that the bible is in agreement with many scientists’ view that Global Warming effects are a reality and will probably happen in our lifetime. But the bible disagrees with our scientists on the causes of Global Warming. While scientists say human activity through excessive carbon emissions would be a cause for Global Warming effects, the bible says human activity through sinning would be a cause for Global Warming effects. With the bible having preached Global Warming for more than 1900 years before any scientist could pick up on it, and with hundreds of prophecies which have been fulfilled with precision through history, then you would have to be brave, if not insanely stupid, to think the bible knows nothing about Global Warming and its effects.

When I first learned about the effects of Global Warming, I was convinced that the people who first ‘discovered’ Global Warming effects did so while reading the bible. But reality is they studied the temperatures and climate for decades, and they looked at the worst case scenario to come to the likely effects of Global Warming. This reminded me of another scientist who studied different species for decades, and afterwards came up with a theory that was later called, in scientific terms, ‘The tree of life’. This (Tree of life) theory has similarities to the Global Warming theory (as per scientists), in that they are dealing with issues that are important to the bible and humankind, yet they disagree with the bible on both accounts. Somebody would say, is it wrong to disagree with the bible and why shouldn’t new scientific research proves the bible wrong?  We’ll deal with this question later on the article.

Just how important are these two issues, Origin of Species and Global Warming? Well for starters, Origin of Species deal with the beginning of the human age, how humans came into being and why they came into being. Global Warming on the other hand deal with the end of the age, and whether or not humans will cease to exist if Global Warming effects do occur. It’s no wonder that they are no issues in the history of the world which have divided people’s opinion as much as these two. But are people the only beings concerned about where these debates are taking us, and the ramifications thereof?

Reality is the debate on Origin of Species has its origin on the premise that God doesn’t exist, and if He does then He wasn’t responsible for creating humans beings as it is mentioned in the book of Genesis. Likewise, Global Warming debate is hanging on the premise that humans and not God are responsible for changing the climate. Both these viewpoints try to exclude God from the equation as much as possible, and at the same time give humans a false sense of security that they and not God are responsible for the future of the earth. It is an attempt to make God obsolete, while elevating humankind. Coincidentally, a being called Lucifer (aka Satan) tried to do the same thing. He tried to launch a coup d’état against God, so he take over as the ultimate Authority of the universe. But God couldn’t allow that, and He kicked him out of heaven. The problem is since Lucifer was kicked out of heaven, he has been introducing every kind of theory in order to counterattack every plan God has for the world. With every teaching the bible has, Lucifer comes up with a counter-theory that tries to discredit God and His authority through the bible. That is why we have theories like the Theory of Evolution, and more recently Global Warming through carbon emissions. They all have the same source, Lucifer, and they all have the same purpose, to discredit God and the bible.

By discrediting God and His Authority, people are made to think they won’t have to give account for their actions. Eternity, as real as it is, is made to look fiction. When people think they won’t live beyond this life, they think there’s no value to how they live and somehow death is meaningless. The severity of sin, which the bible proclaims will be the real cause for Global Warming effects, is made to look far-fetched and really no cause for concern. By engaging in good-intended efforts to environmentally influence the climate, we are made to overlook the fact that our intentions should be channelled on seeking God’s forgiveness. Through this cold wave we are experiencing since the end of 2009, God is proving to us that He and He alone is still in control of the universe and everything else. Yet as human as we are, we are likely to ignore the God-directed cold wave we are experiencing and continue proclaiming ourselves as having sovereignty over the climate. The conclusion is we don’t like God and we want nothing to do with Him, and we will do everything in our power to divert attention away from Him as much as possible. And we’ll come up with every theory, regardless how absurd it is, just to discredit the idea of a God while proclaiming our sovereignty. Somehow we are not different from Lucifer, and we have inherited his rebellion against God. Not only have we rebelled against God, but we are prepared to partner with Lucifer to ensure total elimination of God.

The bible teaches of a time when Lucifer would literally reveal himself to the world, and he would do so by incarnating a political leader of the time. At that time he would be known as the antichrist, and his mission would be to deceive the people of the world so they can overlook the coming judgement upon the world and ultimately God’s Kingdom. The bible confirms this by describing the antichrist as the one ‘who leads the whole world astray’ (Revelations 12:9). Not only would he lead the whole world astray, but the whole world would join up with him to carry out his ancient mission of trying to make God obsolete. That is why the bible says “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44).

By continually believing every absurd theory that comes along, people are selling their souls to antichrist, and they would get to a point of no return when the antichrist is introduced to this world. The bible says people would receive a mark (666) on both their foreheads and right hand as a sign of their loyalty and commitment to the antichrist (Revelations 13:16). And by so doing they would be cut off from God altogether forever and ever. Not only would God’s anger be upon everybody who has received that mark, but God would ultimately throw all such people into the lake of fire as He would to the antichrist. By receiving this mark, it would be impossible for people to find compassion from God or even have their strained relationship with God restored. It would be a beginning of eternal separation between man and God, and no human should ever find himself in that position. And all this would be because of deception that has already started in the world.

If you believe that Global Warming is human controlled or the Theory of Evolution then you are deceived by the spirit of the antichrist, and he’s preparing you for the biggest deception the world will ever see. The bible says the antichrist will claim that he is God, and you won’t have a problem believing that because you already believe some of his claims (2 Thessalonians 2:4). So it’s important to really understand what you believe in, and the repercussions thereof. Nobody dedicates their life, time and effort to a cause unless they believe it has a greater bearing to the future, and its success and failure will influence how the society views life in general. So every theory that exists today is meant to influence your future decisions in relation to life and your relationship with God. So don’t ever think theories are innocent, and whether or not you believe them is of less importance. Your future decisions are at stake, so guard yourself against theories that will separate you from God forever and ever.

Somebody would say what’s wrong with believing any theory as long as I also believe in God? The bible says it’s impossible to believe theories that are contrary to God and His word and still keep one’s faith in God. Apostle Paul discussing the same issue with young Timothy, he said: “in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons” (1 Timothy 4:1). So it’s impossible to believe theories that are contrary to the word of God and still keep faith in God. The reason Paul called these theories ‘deceiving spirits’ it’s because these theories have supernatural power to lead you astray and away from God for eternity. Have you ever seen people involved in cults? If you have then you have clearly seen what Paul talks about when he says these theories are ‘deceiving spirits’. People who are involved in cults have limited usage of their minds, and it’s like somebody is controlling them through a remote control. You can’t talk sense into their heads regardless of how hard you try, and they are made to be sensitive to anything that is against what they are taught. That is how you would be if you continually reject God’s opinion on issues, while believing theories that are not endorsed in the bible.

Guard yourself against the antichrist; stop believing in theories that ridicule God.

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