ExChristian.Net Exposed – Part 1

A website called exchristian.net is dedicated to ridiculing God, and they use every little misinformation they can get to mislead people into thinking Christianity is fiction and the bible is contradictory. As it is the case with websites that publish misleading information, they censor everybody who post comments that refute their claims. I have unfortunately been one of those censored. As such I would be writing a series of articles called ‘ExChristian.net Exposed’, to respond to the claims published on that website, and try to help some of the Ex-Christians who had real concerns and questions that lead to their rejection of Christianity and God.

On this series, we’ll be responding to an article called ‘Does Christianity Deserve the Respect it Demands?’, written by Bret P, published on 31st January 2010.

Bret starts first by saying Christians whine and claim to be persecuted and ridiculed by the media, especially in the US. He thinks it’s an absolutely laughable claim, just because Christians have a great amount of influence. According to Bret, only non-influential people can lay claim to persecution and ridicule. So let’s evaluate his analysis of the situation. Are Christians in America really cry-babies? As a person who lives thousands of miles away from the US, South Africa, I was puzzled to hear that there are people in America who think Christians are not persecuted, and they are fairly treated by the media. So how could I live so far away from America, yet be aware of the persecution that Christians in America are being subjected to, while Bret P can’t?

Let’s look at some very high profile cases of Christian persecution:

  • Giving away Bibles to school children is unconstitutional.


  • Bible study banned on playgrounds


  • Calif. college sued over prayer at group events


  • Nebraska school district sued over graduation prayer


  • Florida Principal and Athletic Director sued over prayer



  • Darwinists want to burn anniversary book


I don’t know about Bret, but those links all seem to suggest that there is a widespread persecution of Christians. Perhaps Bret doesn’t read a lot of newspapers reports, or he is just not interested in any news related to Christians. But somehow I can’t believe Bret would have missed the furore that was caused by the Florida Principal and Athletic Director case brought by ACLU, a leading atheistic organization in America. Or was Bret really unaware of the tension that was caused by Ray Comfort’s special introduction of the ‘Origin of Species’. Didn’t Bret watch a video of the leading atheist professor, Richard Dawkins, encouraging atheists all over American Universities to burn the book? Wasn’t Bret in America when Secular Students Alliance threatened Ray Comfort over his book distribution, to the point where Ray Comfort had to distribute the book on a different day for fear of his life?

Unless Bret’s aim was to mislead people with his statement, we’ll have to assume he is not very well informed on current affairs around the US. Remember, I live in South Africa and I was very aware of all this.

Bret goes a step further and list 10 reasons why he thinks Christianity shouldn’t be given the respect it demands (and in many cases, should be ridiculed). Remember Bret is not informed on current affairs, so what are his chances of being informed in Christianity, since he’s an atheist? Let’s put him to the test:

1.       Suspension of Critical Thought – Have “faith like a child” and “lean not on your own understanding”. Basically, don’t think for yourself, and if you question any logical fallacy, your pastor and fellow flock members can give you plenty of explanations. – Bret 

Bret quoted Matthew 18:3 that says ‘’I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’ He also quoted Proverbs 3:5-6 that says ‘trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.’ Does the bible say a Christian shouldn’t use critical thinking when it comes to the bible? No. Infact the bible encourages Christians to study the bible, and be able to defend it intellectually. The marker (highlighter) I’m using for my bible has a verse engraved on it, it says ‘study to show thyself approved unto God’ (2 Timothy 2:15 KJV). This proves that God doesn’t have time for people who don’t have intentions of studying the bible intellectually, if the person is capable.  In 1 Peter 3:15, the bible unequivocally indicates that Christians are meant to be intellectually capable of answering all concerns and questions people might have, and always be ready to engage in debates if required.  It says ‘always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have’. What more proof does a person need to have, to know that God doesn’t want people to idiots? The reason God gave people a ministry in ‘apologetics’ was to prove that He is no enemy to intellect. That’s why the bible say God ‘devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from him’ (2 Samuel 14:14).

2.       Promotion of Scientific Illiteracy – Evolutionary biology in its entirety is as much a fact as the earth’s orbit around the sun. It’s not a matter of opinion, and there is no “alternative” explanation. The bible is not by default correct, nor does it have the authority to trump scientific evidence. Humans were not “created”, and it’s unlikely that some unseen intelligence put everything into motion (and if you have some tangible evidence to the contrary that is testable, replicable, and not from scripture, I’d love to see it). – Bret

Earth’s orbit around the sun is a scientific fact that even the bible doesn’t deny. From a terrestrial point of view though, the opposite is also true, which is the fact the bible made in Psalm 93:1, Psalm 96:10, and 1 Chronicles 16:30. Even Galileo agreed with the bible, if you were trying to ridicule it. But why do you compare Heliocentrism to this Evolutionary Biology, only you know. Or perhaps you are trying to give Evolutionary Biology credibility? You say the bible is incorrect for suggesting that humans were created, but you don’t give an opposing view. Do you think dinosaurs are still living as birds right now? Because that’s what Evolutionary Biology says. Do you believe a hermaphrodite had sex with itself, and through it all animals, reptiles, birds, and humans descend? You don’t mention your clear position, so I’ll let it pass. And neither did you indicate your tangible evidence to support the view that humans were not created.

3.       Willful Ignorance and Mistrust of the Scientific Community – When I’ve asked Christians to define the theories they oppose (evolution, abiogenesis, and universe origins), it’s clear that they don’t understand them (or the scientific method for that matter). When I offer resources to clarify the theories (with evidence), the usual response is “I’m too busy”, or an outright “I don’t care to know, and wouldn’t believe it if I did see it”. – Bret

Let me refer you to this article I wrote called ‘God created Science’, I think it will clear some of your misconceptions. And they are misconceptions. (Here’s the link: https://burden4souls.wordpress.com/2010/01/28/god-created-science/ ).

4.       Intricate Maneuvering of Tough Questions – Ask a Christian the tough questions about contradictions, the suspicious origins, historical inaccuracies, and downright absurdities of the bible, the nature of god, and so on. Most likely you’ll get a wide range of parroted responses that are rather elaborate, and in turn create more questions than answers. If it were all true, wouldn’t it be pretty simple and straightforward? – Bret

I once was challenged by one of your colleagues (Deborah) on exchristian.net to answer the ‘contradictions’ that are found in the bible. They referred me to a webpage that contained 50 of such ‘contradictions’. I think ‘contradictions’ 1 and 2 said something like ‘Try Praying and Statistically analyze prayer’, and I remember answering those, and that was the last time I was allowed to post onto your website. Since then my comments were deleted with immediate effect, and my IP address was later banned. Anyway, you’ll be glad to know that there are Christians who have taken time to write books to address those ‘contradictions’ and historical ‘inaccuracies’. One of those guys is Matthew Elton, and he wrote responses to ‘101 Contradictions in the bible’ that Shabir Ally came up with. (Here’s the link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/8986/101-Contradictions-In-The-Bible ). If Matthew didn’t address all your concerns, inaccuracies, contradictions, suspicious origins, absurdities, nature of God, etc then give me a shout and I’m sure somebody else has already addressed them before.

I suggest you get yourself ‘History of the Church’ by Eusebius, it was written during the 4th century and it addresses all concerns anybody can have around Christianity.

5.       Blatant Dishonesty – Creationist propaganda alone is enough to prove the point. There’s no way around it; creation apologists blatantly lie without excuse. What does the scientific community have to gain by lying about its evidence and theories? Nothing! A better understanding of our world helps us make progress, and it improves our quality of life. What do creationists (and subsequently churches) have to lose? A whole lot of tithing, that’s what. There’s also blatant political propaganda on which party you should vote for (ever so subtle), that gays and lesbians are detrimental to family values, and that our wars are justified because we have god on our side to help us eradicate evil. – Bret

I don’t know what Bret means by ‘creation apologists lie without excuse’. I thought peer review is meant to be just that, a review of scientific findings by fellow scientists who were not involved in the research. So creation apologists are not meant to review and refute their colleagues’ scientific findings?

The scientific community is very honest and their findings are based on the evidence at hand, even though there are few scientists who are questionable, as it is the case in every other profession. The few scientists who are not honest shouldn’t be used to generalize the scientific community, and make them look in a negative light. And I don’t understand why Bret keeps insinuating that Christianity is against science, because that doesn’t make sense at all. Why would Christianity be against science, when science is meant to help us understand the world better and improve our healthcare? Did any Christians object to NASA sending astronauts to the moon back in the 60s? No! Are any Christians objecting to NASA’s planned search for life in space?  No! Are Christian scientists not allowed to engage in peer reviews and disagree with their counterparts, even if it means coming up with a different theory themselves? They are allowed to, and that’s not a sign of being an enemy of science.

And the last time I checked, Christian churches preach the bible and they are meant to preach the bible and nothing else but the bible. So how do peer reviews affect tithes?

People are not discriminated based on political affiliation, and nobody is banned from promoting a particular political party, even churches or pastors. So why do you have a problem when they make their political affiliation public?

I can’t believe you find nothing wrong with raising your opinion against Christianity, to a point where you claim it doesn’t deserve respect, but you are against other people raising their opinion against homosexuality. Where does freedom of speech end? Does it end when a person is hurt by another’s comments? If it does, then how many people are hurt by your claim that Christianity doesn’t deserve respect? Do you still think you had a right to write what you did and get it published as well?

Do you think World War 2 was justified?

6.       Extraordinary Claims – Do I really have to present the long list of absurdity? To believe in any of it, your critical thought process has to pretty much be eliminated. Christianity claims to factually know the origins of the universe, the earth, life on the planet, and ultimately the future of humankind without sufficient tangible evidence. Christianity also rejects any reasonable argument and tangible evidence against their claims, while demanding respect. And apologists say non-believers are arrogant and closed minded? – Bret

I don’t think believing that God created the whole universe is a sign that a person’s critical thought has been eliminated. I think it’s more reasonable than suggestions that something fell from the sky to the ground and created the sky, ground, and the whole universe. You would have to be a ‘genius’ to believe that nothing can create everything, because that’s what people believe when they reject the fact that God created the whole universe. Do you believe nothing created everything? I have never seen any evidence supporting the theory that nothing created everything, so if you don’t mind please refer me to it.

7.       Repulsive Attitudes – What is god’s obsession with blood? For millennia he required blood sacrifices for atonement of sin. Of course the ultimate blood sacrifice of Jesus was a human one (and it changed all the rules!). How is a bloodthirsty god who accepts human sacrifice (if you look in the old testament, there are plenty of other human sacrifices) better than any other god? And why does god need to sacrifice Jesus (who is also himself) to appease himself when he created humanity fallible in the first place? Also checkout the long list of atrocities (rape, genocide, slavery) that are condoned (no matter which testament you read). – Bret

What do you think of American Association of Blood Banks? Do you think they are obsessed with blood? For decades they have required blood donations as a sign of selflessness and concern for other’s life. Do you think they are out of order with their blood donations requests? How could they accept other people’s blood as a channel to save the life of others? Are there plenty of means to save people’s lives, without the need for blood? No, there are no other means, infact millions of people have died because of lack of blood that was donated to save their lives!

We learn a good lesson: ‘life is in the blood’. This is why God made a big deal about blood, and this is why Jesus needed to die so His blood can save millions of lives. Had he not died, then millions of people would have died when all that was needed was the blood of Jesus. The same blood is what you need to save your life, so you can have life everlasting.

Are the rapes in the DRC, Sudan, Sierra Leone, etc caused by God? Is it God who encouraged those rapists to go out and rape those women? Was the slavery that Africans were subjected to in America caused by God? Is God to blame when the same Africans are still subjected to racism? When Hitler killed 6 million Jews, was God responsible, and did He cheer Hitler on?

You sure give God a lot of credit, which makes me wonder if you give Him credit for your writing abilities.

8.       Cherry Picking Theology – As we become more civilized, the bible becomes less palatable, but apologists will continue to preach the divinely inspired universal truth of the bible, frequently claiming the new testament trumps the old. The good things Jesus said (like the Beatitudes) are highlighted, but you forget that Jesus is also god (and the same god of the old testament). As mentioned above, that old testament god condoned slavery, rape, and genocide (and within any context is repulsive). Even Jesus condoned (not condemned) slavery. Yes, Jesus was passionate about his ideals (that were well ahead of his time), but he also had a lot of crackpot ideas that most modern Christians don’t follow (like abandoning your family, killing people who deny Christ, selling your home and all worldly possessions to give to the poor). – Bret

The bible is the only book that has become relevant for centuries after centuries, and it has never ceased to be relevant. The fact that you wrote this article is a clear sign that the bible is relevant enough to make you take time to write about it. Have you written the same article on Harry Potter, Quotations from Chairman Mao, Koran, A Tale of Two Cities, and Scouting for Boys: A Handbook for Instruction in Good Citizenship? The above mentioned books are some of the all-time best sellers, yet you chose to write about the bible. So it’s not like you were out of options, and you had to write about the bible. So how do you explain the fact that you choose to write about the bible ahead of these great contemporary books, when the bible is less palatable?

I think you find the bible more palatable that any of those books, that’s why you found it more worthy to write about it.

By the way, Jesus never said we should abandon our family, kill people who disagree with us, and sell our homes so we can be homeless. For an ex-Christian, you don’t know your bible, otherwise I would have accused you of misquoting the bible.

9.       Atonement – God created humans, knowing that they weren’t going to be perfect. When the first humans sin, all subsequent generations are cursed because of this. So basically you’re born a rotten human being, repulsive in god’s eyes, but he loves you so much, you just have to believe in Jesus so that he won’t have to torment you in hell for all eternity. That really can’t be good for anyone’s self esteem. – Bret

God’s love for humans through Jesus Christ has been very good for my self-esteem, and it’s been very good for millions of people’s self-esteem. How does the fact that you are loved by God, and He wants you to spend eternity with Him affect your self esteem negatively? This is a weird logic you have here Bret, and I hope you didn’t study psychology. I thought love contributes positively to a person’s self-esteem? So you would have preferred God not to have shown His love for you, and that would have been good for your esteem? This is getting even weirder, so I’ll leave it here.

You are scared of being shown love, and that makes you uncomfortable enough to rip your self-esteem into pieces? Wow.

10.   Absurd Worldview – Christians are apparently not citizens of this world, as it’s just a temporary place to prepare for the afterlife. Why bother making this world a better place for humanity when it’s all going to be destroyed soon once the rapture happens and the apocalypse destroys the planet? I know from personal experience that most evangelical Christians view a global economy and government as a sign of the antichrist appearing. It explains why so many Americans (dominated by Christian ideals) are notoriously opposed to globalization (although you’d think they’d be all for it, if it would speed up Christ’s return). Personally, I’d like to see the evidence for an afterlife. Modern science shows us that there’s no reason to believe that consciousness continues after our brains die (because the mind is the function of the brain). – Bret

You missed the point altogether! Yes the bible says Christians’ permanent home is heaven, and Christians have been prepared ‘mansions’ in heaven as their eternal residence. That’s why Christians look forward to heaven so much, and through the rapture, Christians would be able to access their ‘mansions’ in heaven. But that’s not the end of the story. The bible also says Christians would be getting resurrected bodies when the rapture occurs, the same body that Jesus had before He descended into heaven. That body would enable Christians to travel throughout the universe in a matter of seconds, and they can be in any place within seconds. Why would Christians need this resurrected body? Because the bible says Christians would reign with Jesus on earth, with Jerusalem as the capital of the world. So to travel from their ‘mansions’ in heaven to their ‘positions’ on earth, Christians would need to be super mobile so they can take care of the matters on earth. So you are wrong when you say Christians don’t have interests on matters of this world.

So you need to understand that the world is not coming to an end, but only the age will be coming to the end. So there would be life on this planet even after the tribulation period, with Christians as a major part of it. So how could we not care about the world we’ll be ruling alongside Jesus Christ? It just doesn’t make sense.

There are many people who have had near life experience, and they all testify that there is life after death. So why do you choose not to believe them? Is your fear for death making it impossible for you to think there is a soul in every person, and that soul lives forever?

Whether we like it or not, we will live forever, and we have a right to choose where we’ll spend eternity in. Right now, we have made decisions on our eternity, yet we still have time to change them for god or worse. When you decide to ignore God’s warnings, you won’t have anybody to blame for the misery that will befall you when you die. Physical death is only a beginning of eternal life or death, so don’t be fooled into thinking physical death has the last laugh on our lives, because it doesn’t. Unfortunately there won’t be a choir cheering you when you die a sinner, as everybody would be having their misery to deal with. So you shouldn’t consider what your friends think, rather whether death will bring you closer to God or it will lead to eternal separation from Him.  

Make a right decision; choose God, even if it means rejection from friends.



  1. lisa said

    Dude, I’ve got one thing to say. Separation of church and state.

  2. Parse said

    I don’t have the time to give a full deconstruction of your post, but I do want to correct some misconceptions you have. I do give you kudos for both linking to the source material, and giving all quotes in context. That alone sets you above many notes apologists such as Hovind or Comfort.
    A website called exchristian.net is dedicated to ridiculing God… Actually, it “exists for the express purpose of encouraging those who have decided to leave religion behind.” Though some posts and reply freely ridicule your God, it’s not the sole purpose for the site. It’s roughly equivalent to claiming that your blog is dedicated to refuting ex-Christian.net
    … and they use every little misinformation they can get to mislead people into thinking Christianity is fiction and the bible is contradictory. No misinformation is necessary to refute Christianity or to show the Bible is contradictory. To view what is written as misinformation takes viewing things through an strongly fundamentalist lens. Can you try walking a mile in my shoes, and view what was written through the eyes of a doubter? At least can you give us the benefit of the doubt, as you want us to give you?

    As it is the case with websites that publish misleading information, they censor everybody who post comments that refute their claims. I have unfortunately been one of those censored. Flat out incorrect. Your post was held in moderation, because you have not registered with Disqus. It has since been released, and in fact is how I reached this post. If you had registered, and not posted as a guest, you would have seen your comment appear immediately after you wrote it. A recent drive-by copy-and-paster who goes by the tag “davejesus” posted 11 times in the thread “Good vs. Evil: There’s No Such Thing,” and each showed up immediately – because he had registered – in spite of the fact that he blatantly plagiarized from a Southern Baptist website. In the same thread, “JesustheKingofkings” posted 7 times in defense of your God and of davejesus, each of which appeared immediately. All 18 of these posts are still there. We may ridicule and respond rudely, but it takes a lot of dedicated trolling to get your posts censored.

    Since you’re in South Africa, it’s entirely understandable that you don’t know American law. One principle, enshrined in the First Amendment, is the freedom of religion. The relevant text is, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” When the government, or people representing the government, explicitly favor or endorse one specific religion, this violates the establishment clause. The first five articles you link to all have government figures – school administrators and principles – explicitly favoring Christianity over all other religions. The last two are not examples of Christian persecution, but are instead reactions to Ray Comfort’s perversion of Darwin’s Origin of Species. Would you be irate if an atheist group and I bought and distributed copies of Lee Strobel’s A Case For Christ, with a special introduction, written by Richard Dawkins and printed in larger type, glued inside each one? Once you or any other Christians received an adulterated copy, should I have any say over what you do with it? In any case, I would strongly recommend you read gwenmead’s “Open Letter to ‘Persecuted’ American Christians” – it was linked to in a reply to your comment.

    If I had more time, I would respond to the remainder, point by point, but I have higher priorities in my life. I wish you the best of luck, and hope that you will be able to see life through our skeptical eyes, even if you do not agree with our point of view.

  3. inchtalla said

    I like exchristian.net. The regular people there are witty and clever, by and large. Oddly, the most vicious contributors tend to be the christians who, despite the very visible statement of the site’s purpose, seem to consider it a fishing ground. Often beginning in a courteous manner, these visitors more often than not leave the site in a gloating manner having told their detractors that they will think of them when they have attained eternal bliss and the extians are in hell.
    Such loving attitudes seem to have increased in frequency of late. It must be because of some new gospel that has been discovered and the churches are preaching.
    I notice you have actually never been censored on that site. I do notice that the regulars are often very rude to you. I also notice that you always bring it on yourself, as you refuse to answer questions put to you, unless there is an obvious, biblical, apologetic answer. Now that you have registered and your posts appear as you submit them, would it not be fair to amend your rant here to reflect the truth of the situation and to apologize for the lies you have toald about the site?

  4. Neal Stone said

    Well first off I am a regular poster at exchristian.net. First off saying the Christians are are censored is a total lie. I have seen plenty of Christian posts added to exchrisitian and have also seen a few if my posts not make it online. The site gets many additions each day so now and then someone doesn’t get added. Some of these posts from Christians have been well written and respectful while others have just been plain mean rants against us.

    I find the people at exchristian to be very supportive and have provided me more insight and direction that Christians have. Or do you really think that “God has his reasons” is really a good answer to hard questions?

    Why is it so important for everyone to believe as you? I am quite happy, in fact much happier, since walking away from Christianity. I have been able to turn my life around and release a lot of fear and confusion.

    Do you really think you have the corner on THE truth? What makes you so special that everyone is wrong but you?

    I have never felt so happy and free until I walked away.

    Oh and thanks for drawing attention to our site. 🙂

    • thefruitfullife said

      Walking away from the faith just simply goes to show how the ignorant choose to believe the lie over the Truth. The truth is this culture is based off of a bunch of lies. It is spineless people like yourself that give up without a fight. There have been many times that I just wanted to throw in the towel and give up but I realize that this world will never satisfy me. My happiness doesn’t matter. The Truth matters. That’s why I keep the faith and I don’t pay attention to internet myths that intentionally want to destroy your faith. It’s really unfortunate that people just walk away when the reality of the Christian life hits them in the face, then expect people to be sympathetic. I’m sorry if this sounds bitter, but it’s the truth. I got saved at 12 years old. Looking back on it, I barely understood what I professed to believe. So, for the first 5 years of my walk, I was lukewarm. I never prayed. I never read the Bible. I only went to youth group on Wednesday nights. I professed Christ with my mouth, but not with my actions. This is what my ‘faith’ consisted of. My faith was not the Biblical definition of it. The ‘faith’ that I had was fake. This went on up until my freshman year of college. I started reading the Bible, started praying, started getting involved with the church. I started reading more books on spiritual matters. I’m now a sophomore and I have grown a lot in my faith but I have some work to do and I’m okay with that. I have let go of the passions of my former ignorance and I am understanding what it means to be a disciple and I have reasonable arguments and explanations on why I believe Christianity is true. I find most ‘ex-christians’ to be extremely bitter, unreasonable, and hateful towards believers, which is mainly why I don’t give them any credit because they spew the same refuted arguments from outrage over and over again. I’m sorry you abandoned the faith and that you find so much satisfaction in the unsatisfying things of the world. I pray that you realize this and that Christ himself leads you back to the Truth.

      • Lord John Eldridge said

        Please could you just SHUT THE FUCK UP and leave them alone

      • Lord John Eldridge said

        dear thefruitfullife
        I sincerely hope that the day would come when you die because I will be dancing on your fucking grave, singing about a Christian fuck who thinks he knows the “truth”. Hate to break in to you pal but I talk with the head honcho and he said he hates your guts

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  6. Lord John Eldridge said

    You people are a bunch of fucking idiots. First of all, Bret never said that you were not being ridiculed, he just said you should shut your fucking mouth and stop complaining about it. You have a large “fanbase” what are you afraid of anyway? If anything you still have an advantage over them so stop whining. Next, you said that God wants you to be able to defend the Bible intellectually, so that’s all your intellectual is good for? Defending the “good book”? And don’t you still have to have that absurd faith in order to defend it? He’s not saying that you’re stupid, he just saying that you are unable to think for yourselves and just follows whatever the book said without question. Did God give you intellect just so you can defend his “words”? If then wow you need to rethink. Next stop, and I love this one, you disprove the evolutionary biology. Well in that case i can dispute your stupid “theory” that the world was created in 7 days. Better yet, you said that it is impossible for nothing to created everything, well then where the fuck did your God came from then? Did someone created him or did he just magically appear out of thin air? And don’t give me that bullshit that he is God so he is an exception, you just said everything and don’t even get me started on the whole Adam and Eve thing, with the ribs and stuff. Next stop, the whole thing about blood sacrifice? Yeah you can justify it all you want but no. It’s bad and no one should be doing it, especially not God if he is so loving and caring, and he may not be responsible for all the atrocities but he sure as shit ain’t doing anything about it as far as I’m concern. You also said “God loves human through JC” yet you forgot the part where he said God created humans knowing that they are going to fucked up anyway. And when they did he not only curse them but all of their subsequent generations. I mean what is this? A North Korea concentration camp? And we all have to believed in the big man lest we are condemned to hell, even though we are pretty much born rotten in his eyes? Now you may be raised to believe him, but not all of us share your idea here, so what? The rest of us are going to be boot down to the fire and brimstone? Wow you’re right, I can feel the love already. And lastly do you even listen to yourself about the whole afterlife thingy? I mean where do you even get that? You don’t know twat about what’s on the other side once you died. And besides if you have a home in the fluffy cloud heaven why the fuck would you come back down anyway? What’s left there if you already have the dream of your life come true? What would you do in your “positions”? And besides I go to a Christian school so i know for a fact that you people dream of heaven all the time and coudnt careless about Earth. That we’re all gonna die and go to judgement and eternity and whatnot but I haven’t heard a single mention about Earth. And are you saying you are only going to do something only after Rapture have happened? Well then i hope that it will never come for you, you selfish bastards. You don’t deserve to rule, you deserve to ceased to be. You people blindly follow a book that, mind you, is written not by god but by Man, Man with faults and shortcomings, Man who always seems to think he knows everything but in fact know nothing. The fact that you consider this book to be the word of God, the only truth, that it must be revered and treasured at all cost, and those that don’t follow it will be face consequences. It sickens me to the very core of my bone. You simply disgust me

    • charles moore said

      it is obvious that this guy or any he or she hangs with does not know the HEAD HONCHO as he called him, but they can know HIM get on your knees as ask forgiveness and then ask Jesus to save you from your stupidity

      • charles moore said

        and the truth is you will never die, eternal really does mean forever

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