Christianity is not for the fainthearted!

Jesus once said ‘everyone who wants to be my disciple, my take up his cross and follow me’. In those days, a cross must have weighted around 20kg. Basically Jesus was saying people who desire to be Christians should know that Christianity is like carrying around a 20kg wood everywhere you go, for decades. That’s a tough ask, that not even contestants in the World’s Strongest Man 2009 can manage to handle, over a period of decades. No wonder many people leave Christianity after a couple of months or few years. What amazes me is the fact that most of them are actually proud to have left Christianity. In some Christian circles, those kinds of people are called ‘return soldiers’. They entered the war without being prepared to make it last. They think it’s an achievement to renounce Christianity, when the real achievement was to stick it out till the end.

Jesus also said a man must count the real cost of being a Christian first, before he converts to Christianity. This is where many Christian preachers and Christian converts go wrong! Any preacher who tells you that Christianity is smooth sailing, he’s a liar. And any Christian convert who thinks his troubles are now over, is fooling himself. The book of Job is a clear example of what can happen to any Christian. Job lost all his wealth, lost all his children, he got skin cancer in the process, his wife ridiculed his faith in God, while two of his best friends called him a sinner who needed to repent. Jesus was saying ‘if you convert to Christianity, all these things might happen to you, so bear them in mind before you convert’. 

It’s easy to be an atheist, afterall if you are an atheist everything goes, there’s no limit to what you can do or say. There are no rules to abide by, and there’s no book that you need to read and strive to follow its commands. Maybe that’s why most, if not all, Christian return-soldiers (backsliders) adopt atheism. The fact remains that most ex-christians adopted atheism because they couldn’t deal with the pressure that comes with being a Christian. They couldn’t handle the thought of losing their friends if they tell them they are Christian. Of course they are right, since I have never met a Christian that hasn’t lost a couple of friends for being Christian. Most importantly, atheists dread the thought of being rejected and laughed at. During my university years, we used to laugh at this Christian guy whom we were sharing a couple of classes together. He was always carrying a bible and talking about God, and we made sure he knew he was a fool and actually feel like a fool. (I just apologised to him while writing this). Atheists don’t want that, they want to be admired and respected amongst their peers, that’s why they stay away from Christianity even if their convictions are very strong towards Christianity.

Reality is majority of atheists are ex-christians, and they have seen throughout the years the treatment that is given to Christians. Some of them have seen their parents being rejected by their peers, and called names just for being Christians. They have scars to show that they used to be Christians, and they hate God for those scars. They are not men enough to take up the cross willingly and follow Jesus. They value their friends and their appreciation more than they value their convictions. I respect every little Christians on this forum, because they took a decision that went against their friends’ approval, and they are men and women who have testimonies to tell.

But you my dear atheist friend, I think you are a coward for choosing atheism over Christianity. You chose the easy way out, instead of taking up the 20kg cross up the steep hill of Calvary. I hear you say but science is on my side. Well I challenge you to get a worm and keep it for decades, and see if it will evolve into anything more than a worm. If it doesn’t, then be a man and choose Jesus after evaluating every cost associated with following Jesus.


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