Unconverted men: The curious case of Pastor Ssempa

In my previous article (https://burden4souls.wordpress.com/2009/12/10/ugandan-government-and-christians-are-hypocritical/ ) I wrote about my disgust over the proposed death penalty bill for homosexuals, but what I’m more disgusted at is when the people proposing this barbaric bill claim to be Christian and they say they base this bill on Christian values. One of the men who are behind this barbaric bill is Pastor Martin Ssempa, who showed a gay porn movie in his church so people can know “the behavior that will be regulated”. He even boasted by adding that “we are not going to stop there, but will move to parliament to show the same film”.

Jesus said “you must be born-again”, and I don’t think Pastor Ssempa is born-again. Being born-again is being converted from being a hateful person who strives for vengeance, to a person who strives for peace with all men. This Pastor doesn’t have any sign of conversion, that’s why he makes children watch people having sex just because he thinks it’s for their own good. I wondered in my little mind, did women in the church become horny? Because that’s what happens when you watch porn featuring opposite sex, and it doesn’t matter whether you are born-again or not, that’s why the bible says ‘flee from temptations’. I used to be a child, and I know that children get horny when they see even some small evidence of nudity, so were they also horny? Let’s assume the men were not horny, including the pastor, since its man-on-man action, unless of course it was a lesbian porn movie. How could any person who’s converted ever even think about doing such a thing? He made those women and children commit adultery in their hearts by making them watch a movie straight from hell. Is this what his calling is all about, to make people commit adultery in their hearts so he can prove a point?

Where did this Pastor even get a porn movie? Did he visit an adult movie shop, or did he send a church member? Or maybe he has gay friends who borrowed him this movie, which is weird since he hates gays, and not the sin itself. Or is the pastor himself having a collection of gay porn movies? Regardless of where he got the movie, this is one devious pastor. Is he even a law abiding citizen as required by Romans 13?

Let me make it clear that this is the kind of behavior you get when people who are not converted are pastors. The reason why thousands of people were persecuted over many centuries during the Roman Empire, is because of unconverted men of the cloth. It’s the same reason why scientists like Galileo were put in jail and censored, because the preachers were never converted.

Christians shouldn’t keep quiet when these wolves are out amongst the sheep, and I’m saying it unequivocally that this Pastor is straight from the gates of hell, and his propaganda is meant to tarnish the Christian name. I hope his flock on the day of the sermon (sex show), will wake up and see that this man is not who he says he is and will seek a church where the Gospel is preached.


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