How do I know Christianity works?

People always ask how I know that Christianity is the one and the only true religion. Some who are atheist go a step further and ask what makes me certain that Christianity is not a fallacy. Infact I have just read an article written by an ex-Christian, and he said “You see Christianity was the most convenient system of control ever devised in history. No matter how vile god acts, he is always right. No matter what science and research show, the Bible trumps it. If you dare question the Lord, than he has a place for you to go.”

So how do I remain certain that I made a good decision by choosing Christianity, and trusting Jesus with all of my life? What bible verse can I use as my evidence that Christianity is not a fallacy?

There is one verse in the bible that whenever I read it I’m reminded that Christianity is not a fallacy, and it’s the probably the only verse that I can use against anybody who knew me before I got saved, and they would never dispute its implications and justification of Christianity. It says “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” (2 Corinthians 5:17). You read that? It says the proof that a person is Christian, and that Christianity does work, is found in the transformation that person goes through after they become Christian. This is the most undisputable fact for Christianity, and no amount of evidence can dispute it.

I was a sinner who was capable of engaging in all kinds of sins, and there was no end to the lengths I would go to get my way. I was proud of the fact that I could sleep with lots of women in a year, and I go even get a woman to bed within a couple of hours after meeting her. Yet one day I decided to accept Jesus as my Lord and savior, and I was prepared to be this new creation that the bible promises. A doubting mind in me told me that it’s impossible to get over the lifestyle I was living, yet I read Romans 7 and 8 and it told me that Jesus can set me free from all kinds of sins, and here I am a new creation. I took Christianity on its word, and I trusted it to change my life, and when I make a commitment to Jesus it was like my life made a 180 degree turn, and I was suddenly a person nobody could recognize. I went from ‘blogging’ about football and women, to blogging about morals and the highest form of living only possible with Christianity.

Can a person be a new creation? Can you be set free from a life of drugs, and be as clean as an infant? Can you spend years without having sex, and wait until your wedding day? Is it possible to ignore pornography on your computer, even though you have it saved on your drives? The bible says yes, it says you can be a new creation. Take up its challenge by accepting Jesus as your Lord and savior.


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