The Bible: The enemy of self-esteem!

An ex-Christian once said he was happy to have left Christianity, because it wasn’t good for his self-esteem. I wanted to disagree with him, but I found no biblical reason to, so I ended up agreeing with him. If somebody said you are a blind, lost, wretched, pitiful, poor, naked, lying, fornicator and murderer whose destiny is hell for eternity, how would that affect your self-esteem? Your self-esteem would most probably be torn into pieces, and you would want to get your hands on the person who says these horrible things to you. But that’s what the bible says about you, and it doesn’t pull no punches.

Reality is you most probably can’t realize your need for Jesus until your self-esteem is shot down and put in its place. In our pride, we can never realize the pity of our souls, that’s why the bible doesn’t’ soothe our pride but crush it. The bible is offensive to everything we stand for, that’s why atheists work very hard to censor it in every way possible. It’s the only book in the world that tells us that we are not as good as we think we are, and we hate it for that. It is the bible that said no man can go to heaven unless they are born-again, and many people who call themselves Christians skip the verses that testify to that fact. They want to go to heaven through their good works and praises they get from people, with their pride and self-esteem intact, but the bible says you can only go to heaven by kneeling at a cross of Jesus Christ and confessing that you are a sinner. The most difficult thing to all humans is admitting that we are sinners, and we’ll do everything possible to convince ourselves otherwise. But the bible says all of us we’ll have to admit to our sins, confess them, and ask for forgiveness. But we want nothing to do with that, for fear of losing our pride and having our self-esteem crushed. But the bible doesn’t back down, hence we distort it sometimes so it can suit our need for a healthy self-esteem.

The reason atheists ridicule the bible is not because it’s full of contradictions or it’s immoral, as some are in the habit of labeling it as such, but it’s because it says things that make them uncomfortable. Today’s atheism amongst young people is supposedly based on intelligence, reason and education, so how could atheists not hate the bible when it says “the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight”. It even goes a step further and says “the fool says in his heart, there is no God”, and call atheists corrupt, vile and morally deficient. No wonder they hate the bible and they will do anything possible to face it out of existence.

More importantly, you can never come to God in your wisdom, and that will probably make you angry as you are educated and amongst some of the intelligent people you know. But the bible says you can only come to God through faith, which is something atheists despise as faith is usually accustomed to lack of evidence. But the bible still insists that it’s impossible to please God without faith, and intelligence is not necessary. It even says you’ll have to believe that God exists and He raised Jesus from the dead, but reality is you probably can’t prove this intellectually, but the bible says believe anyway. Surely this is against everything our society stands for – believing in something you don’t have proof of. But the bible says believe anyway even if it means you’ll look like a fool trying to make sense of all this, otherwise you can’t come to God.

Would you come to God at the expense of your intellectual ability, pride and self-esteem?


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