Why do we have sin?

As we approach Easter, I’m reminded of the question that people always ask – ‘why did God allow sin in the first place’? I have never found a complete answer to this question, and atheists are aware that this is an answer that no Christian can answer to their satisfaction. But what we are failing to acknowledge though is the fact that there was a time when no human had his sin laid on him, and nobody was accountable for their sin. When Jesus was crucified on that ‘first Easter’, the bible says “the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all”. It goes further and says Jesus “bore the sin of many” (Isaiah 59). What does all this mean?

Jesus dying on the cross meant we had no sin whatsoever in us, since all our sins were placed on Him. It was a moment in time when all humans in the world were free from sin, and every human in the world was righteous in God’s eyes, except for Jesus. Prophets Isaiah said: “your iniquities have separated you from God; your sins have hidden His face from you” (Isaiah 59:2). If the only thing standing between us and God is sin, and sin is what makes us filth in the eyes of God, then it clearly means that when all our sins were placed on Jesus, then there was nothing standing between us and God, as such we were righteous in His eyes. We can conclude that at that particular time sin didn’t have any hold on humans, and the world was literally sin-free, as all sins in the world was on Jesus. However it clearly means that Jesus at that particular moment in time was rejected by God, as He was a sinner through carrying all our sins on Him. That’s why He cried out to God and said “my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46). If Jesus took all our sins as His when He died on the cross, then why do we still have sin?

The reason we have sin, even though Jesus had died on the cross for those same sins, is because we took our sins back from Jesus. When Jesus died, He took our sins and made them His, but we have been going to His cross and taking them back. Our sins were meant to be left on the cross and never to be seen again, but we went to the cross and asked Jesus to give us our sins back. Every little sin we have ever done, or are still to do, has been atoned for in the cross of Jesus Christ, but by taking them back from Jesus then we are telling Him that we don’t care about what He did, and He should have never took our sins as His in the first place. It’s impossible for us to sin without going through the cross first and taking back our sins from Jesus. None of our future sins are freely available to us, but they are all still placed on Jesus in the cross, and we first have to go to Jesus and fight Him for them before they can be available to us.

We sin not because God has allowed sin in the world, but we sin because we fight God for our sins back even though He has taken them away from us and placed them on Jesus. By asking for our sins back from the cross of Jesus Christ, then we are making sins available in the world, and we are the causes of sin.

Even though we foolishly go the cross to take back our sins from Jesus, we are infact compelled to go to the cross and show appreciation to Jesus for taking our sins away from us, and making it possible for us to live a sin-free life and be reunited with God. We should kneel at the cross, with tears in our faces and a broken heart, and say ‘thank you Jesus for taking away our sins forever and reuniting us with God’. We should thank God for making possible the possibility of sin-free world, because that’s what He did when He took all sins and placed them on Jesus.

Reality is, whether we believe it or not, we have all been to the cross of Jesus. At one point in our time, we went to the cross of Jesus and spit on Him and told Him to give us back our sins. That’s why we managed to do all kinds of sins, even though nobody taught them to us. But fortunately for some, we have managed to go back to the cross of Jesus, and said sorry for spitting the last time we were there and asking for our sins back. We managed to give our sins back to Jesus, and promising Him never to take them back again, and we have since lived sin-free lives. We have since understood that sin is not a problem if left to Jesus, and as such we live lives that are free from bondage to sin.

When are you taking back the sins you have taken from the cross of Jesus?


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