Atheists stand for intelligence and logic! Oooh really now?

I can count the number of times I have heard atheists say “we stand for logic, intelligence, science, and facts based on evidence”, and they use this statement to give themselves credence which many people seem to have fallen for. They even boldly accuse Christianity of being against logic and facts. Social Psychology Quarterly (March 2010 issue) even published a study called “Why liberals and atheists are more intelligent”, and there’s no need to wonder if the study was conducted by atheists or theists. Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics and Political Science, who is the man responsible for the study, said “Young adults who identify themselves as “not at all religious” have an average IQ of 103 during adolescence, while those who identify themselves as “very religious” have an average IQ of 97 during adolescence”. Dear atheist reading this, you are smarter than I am, according to an atheist called Satoshi Kanazawa. If you are in University or College, don’t be surprised if you get better marks than all theists in the class. If they get better results than you, but you are atheist, then I can give you Satoshi Kanazawa’s email address so you can ask him the cause. Did I tell you Isaac Newton was Christian, and Albert Einstein considered himself a theist? But then Satoshi Kanazawa used the word ‘average’, so you are probably not part of the ‘average’ if theists get better results than you.

 But is atheism really based on logic and intelligence, and are atheists capable of engaging in debates on an intellectual level without resorting to name calling? I don’t think so; in fact I have used the words ‘atheism’ and ‘censor’ in the same sentence more than 10 times this month alone, and we still have 12 days to go and I have just used it again! Atheists are very good in challenging Christians to debates, hoping they won’t have responses to their statements, but as soon as they find that all their questions and statements are refuted then they go to plan B. Plan B is the ridicule stage. This is where atheists insult Christians in the hope that they will get hurt emotionally by their insults and then disappear. Well most Christians usually disappear, but some laugh them away and still continue engaging in a respectful and gentle manner as required by the bible in 1 Peter 3:15. This gives atheists problems, and they are then forced to resort to Plan C which is barely used but also effective. Plan C is deleting Christians’ comments, or in some extreme cases ban their IP address. This has happened to me so many times that it doesn’t even bother me anymore. But I didn’t know atheists have Plan D, and it really shocked me.

Let me tell you about Plan D. If a Christian refute all your claims, and you have tried to ridicule him and censor him before, but he still refute your claims, then you have no choice but to do the following:

  • Go after his wife

All you need to do is go to his facebook page and look for the name of his wife. Then go to the page of his wife, get information and write horrible stuff about her. Mind you, the wife has nothing to do with debates. I guess that’s why people use nicknames, what was I thinking?

  • Threaten to flood his blog with spam

If a Christian still refute your claims and he doesn’t back down even after you have visited his facebook page and his wives page, then all you need to do is threaten to go to his blog and post vulgar comments. This will teach him a lesson!

  • Threaten him with legal action

If he still doesn’t get the point, then you have to threaten him with legal action. Tell him that you are going to send him legal notices to stop refuting claims written by atheists.

  • Send guys with black suits and sunglasses

If he still continues, then tell him you will send guys who will come and sort him out.

Plan D should work, right?

Well, this is what happened to me this week. An atheist called Carl S (whom I respect very much) wrote an article and he said: “atheists generally know far more about the bible and the history of Christianity than its believers, a lot more, and they take it seriously, which makes them dangerous people”. Well being a Christian who has made it his business to read anything related to the bible, and make sure that I know the bible more than atheists, I refuted that statement based on my knowledge of the bible and the biblical knowledge of the atheists I have come across, including Carl S. All I did was question the biblical knowledge of the author and other atheists who commented on the article, and I based my argument on the previous debates we had on the issue, and I didn’t insult anyone. The other thing I said is ‘being an ex-Christian is not a sign of credibility’, which is a fair statement and it’s a statement that is widely made by the Christian community hence ex-Christians are called backsliders or return-soldiers.

Did I deserve Plan D?

 Let me say that my purpose is not to insult people and make them angry but to lead them to Christ. I just feel that it’s wrong for people to ridicule Christianity when they can’t give arguments that are refutation-proof. If a person does this then he’s misleading other people who don’t know much about the subject matter. As a Christian I stand for free-speech that doesn’t include any insults, and I don’t mind if people hear the arguments from both sides, hence I have published the links to an atheist website. And everybody is free to post comments on this blog, as long as they don’t include any kind of vulgar language even if it’s abbreviated.

And I will continue writing ‘ Exposed’ series, not because I dislike the people and have malicious intent but to give its readers the other side of the story. They write from an ex-Christian point of view, and I write from a Christian point of view. Isn’t that what democracy is all about, both in South Africa and USA?

You can read the whole encounter on this link: 

For background, read the following as well:



  1. Freddie B said

    Hello, Sello (nice rhyming!)

    I happen to be an atheist who doesn’t resort to “name calling” and insult. I don’t “ridicule” Christianity, as everyone has the choice to believe in whatever gets them through life in a responsible, fulfilling and peaceful manner.

    As the father of 2 daughters, I am pleased that you gave up your sordid life of visiting prostitutes. That is so demeaning to women in general and as an atheist I have never resorted to visiting prostitutes, having always had the greatest respect for women. I am sad that you ever found it necessary to do those things and in doing so you supported a nasty industry hell-bent on making profits from those with an uncontrollable sexual urge, supporting drug habits of the women who provide the services, providing luxury and wealth for the pimps who prey on the women. I can see why you looked for something that would restore your dignity as a human being and free you from the grossest insult to women in general. Paying for their body. I don’t care what took you away, as long as something did. I commend you for leaving your depraved life.

    If anyone needed some sort of release from a depraved way of life, then it is people such as yourself. I get angry, not at Christians(that is a superfluous sideline in life), but at men who exploit women at the base level. If Christianity dragged you away from that life, then I applaud it. I have never personally known an atheist who visited prostitutes. Not to say that they don’t exist, but atheists in general have a very high moral standard, knowing that they can’t “repent” or “confess” and be forgiven.

    My entire family, 4 sisters, a brother, my wife, 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren, countless nephews, nieces, etc., are all atheists. We are a highly moral(no one has ever visited prostitutes, taken drugs or been to jail), we are all happy, well-adjusted, great contributors to charities, lovers of our fellow humans, high achievers, all well above average IQ, all highly logical, practical, and down to a person have no need for a belief in mythical characters invented 2000 years ago by sub-intelligent donkey nomads.

    We have schoolteachers, lecturers in Oncology, a midwife, IT experts, graphic designers, nurses, mechanics, whew! Where do I stop? Top intelligence. All non-believers in a faith of any sort.

    We are all nature lovers, respect all forms of life as having equal total relevance on this planet. We think it is total rubbish that a creator gave humans a soul and the right to enter “heaven” when all other forms of life(and every form of life on planet earth shares original DNA) were denied this and will burn in “hell”(whatever that is).

    Christians only comprise 30%(and falling fast) of the planet’s population and personally I perceive that it is improbable that only Christians can be considered for “heaven”. 60% of the World’s population can’t all be wrong!

    With due respect for your belief(whatever my personal view is), I respect you as a human being and respect your belief system. It’s not important in the scheme of things as we all end up dead, a pile of rotting flesh, food for other life forms.

    If you can value your life and that of your wife, respect others(particularly women), raise any resultant children from your union not in the Christian faith, but with the freedom and ability to evaluate for themselves what belief(or non-belief) system they choose to get them through life, then you will become a successful human being. That is what we all surely seek?

    Love and peace to you, Sello. we could become friends for life if you so choose.

  2. Freddie B said

    Please don’t forget Australia!

    We are a multi-cultural nation, accepting of all.

    Our demographic as far as religion goes is 40% declaring that they are Christian, but only 9% of the population goes to church.

    Our Christianity is falling fast. We are losing churches by the score. My hometown is down to a Roman Catholic Church which has a monthly attendance of 8 people. Within a very short distance of my town are towns where both churches have closed and are now private homes.

    Australia is a progressive country with a very high level of education for all people and the higher the education level of a country, the lower the Christianity level. It’s a fact. Countries that have a low level of education have a high level of Christianity.

    That doesn’t make them “immoral”, it’s just a fact. The highest levels of Christianity are in countries such as Africa, Indonesia, The Philippines. Wherever there is a high level of education, there is a low level of belief in invisible deities.

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