Nobody likes the idea of eternity in hell!

One of the biggest reasons atheists reject Christianity is because they can’t stand the idea of living forever beyond this realm, especially if they’ll be spending their eternity in hell. By rejecting God they believe they can program their minds from thinking of any possibility of eternity, hence they convince themselves that this life is all there is. A recently de-converted Christian said with regards to hell: “it would be better if nothing would exist at all, than a single living being experience suffering forever without a possibility of relief. Because I thought I had to believe it, it almost drove me mad”.

Reality is atheists are not the only ones who struggle with the possibility of eternity in hell, even Christians struggle to comprehend the horror that hell would be, especially if people would have to spend eternity there. It is this horror called hell that drives me to wake up every morning with the purpose to tell somebody about the escape that is found in Jesus, while hoping they will listen. So far 99.99% of people I warn never heed my warnings for many reasons, but one of them being that Satan has fooled them into thinking hell doesn’t exist. They ignore all compelling evidence from people who have had out-of-body experience with hell, and told of the horror that awaits people beyond the grave. Sites like ‘Heaven Testimonies’ offer more than enough compelling evidence for anybody to know for certain that hell exists, so don’t ignore them.

Today, I just heard that a friend of mine has departed from this world. I wish I could go to where her body is and pray for God to bring her back, so she can be rescued from what she is going through at the moment. It’s a sorrowful time and my heart bleeds for her.

This is not an intelligent argument to convince you about the merits of Christianity, I’m pleading with you to be reconciled with God through Jesus Christ. I’m asking you to accept Jesus as your Lord and savior, even if it’s the last thing you do before you die. When you are in a death-ridden bed one day, think about Jesus and ask Him to forgive you of your sins. It only takes a couple of seconds, but it’s worth a lifetime of sorrow or peace.



  1. inchtalla said

    OK, let us assume that hell exists, just for moment.

    There are, therefore, two destinations for the remnants of the person after death:

    Heaven or Hell.

    Now, one has a choice, and my argument must be as follows –

    Would I rather spend my time with a being that is true to its principles, trustworthy, predictable and consistent OR

    Would I rather spend eternity with a being that is jealous, creates evil, murders children, drowns babies by the thousand, breaks his own laws and blames his creation for their inherent defects, inserted by the creator at creation?

    Suddenly, hell seems much more attractive, as the god you seem to wish me to kowtow to is the sort of person I would cross the street to avoid.

  2. Aaron said

    Out of body experiences are most likely hallucinations brought on by endorphins, drugs, anoxia, etc. Like dreams, hallucinations can be either good or bad. It’s easy for a Christian person (or even a person who grew up in a Christian society and understands the concepts of heaven and hell) to attribute a bad hallucination to hell or a good hallucination to heaven. Buddhists may attribute it to nirvana or rebirth. You can’t logically conclude that these experiences give more than enough evidence for the certain existence of hell, much like a Buddhist culture can’t logically conclude that similar experiences their people have had provide evidence for the certain existence of the Buddhist version of the afterlife. Whatever a person experiences during one of these episodes, it is most likely contingent on the memories and ideas drawn upon from their own psyche.

    Like most things, initial perception is deceiving and people often jump to conclusions based on that perception, i.e. the conclusion that their out of body experience allowed them to see hell, rebirth, or whatever. Instead of jumping to these conclusions, the experiences should instead be studied objectively. The easiest or first found conclusion isn’t necessarily the correct one, no matter how strong your belief that it’s true. Think of how people thought the earth was at the center of the universe until Copernicus came along. Their initial perception allowed them to easily come to that incorrect conclusion, a conclusion that most believed very strongly.

    You say atheists ignore the compelling evidence for hell found in these experiences. I say many religious or spiritual people ignore the possible scientific knowledge about the brain that these experiences could provide if studied objectively. I’ll admit it’s interesting to ponder the spiritual possibilities, but it’s far, far more practical and productive to set these ponderings aside when the goal is to discover actual truth.

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