Atheistic misconceptions about hell!

Inchtalla said:

Would I rather spend my time with a being that is true to its principles, trustworthy, predictable and consistent OR

Would I rather spend eternity with a being that is jealous, creates evil, murders children, drowns babies by the thousand, breaks his own laws and blames his creation for their inherent defects, inserted by the creator at creation?

Suddenly, hell seems much more attractive, as the god you seem to wish me to kowtow to is the sort of person I would cross the street to avoid.


Let me tell you what the bible says about hell, because I think you have been deluded into thinking hell is a fun-filled place full of hot chicks. Hell is a:

  • Lake of fire

Revelations 20:15 says hell is a very deep lake all consumed by fire. How big is this lake? CIA World Factbook tells us that 155000 people die every day on average, so if half of those goes to hell then it means 80000 people enters this lake everyday without any chance of ever coming back. That’s more than 28 million people every year, and over 2000 years that’s 56 billion people. So if you think you’ll be having fun in a lake full of over 56 billion people, then you are in denial.

  • Place of weeping and gnashing of teeth

Congested place + non-stop burning sulphurs = weeping and gnashing of teeth. People would be battling to leave this lake but they wouldn’t be able to, as such they would be trampling on top of each other in distress. There would be no compassion one for the other, and everybody would be looking out for themselves to the detrimental of everybody.

  • Place of torment

Every little word about the Gospel of Jesus Christ you have ever heard will be re-winded over and over again in your mind, and you’ll be reminded about how you rejected the opportunity to escape hell but you thought it was fiction or in your case you thought it was more fun than heaven. It would be better for those who have never heard the Gospel, because they won’t be tormented by the reminder of their rejection of salvation. You’ll be wishing to forget every little detail of your life in this world, but you won’t be able to, and the reminders would hurt as much as the fire would.

  • Place of outer darkness

Where there’s fire there’s smoke, and where there’s smoke there’s darkness. And in hell’s case since the fire would be eternal and burning people’s flesh, the smoke would be different from anything smoke we have ever seen. 56 billion people being burned by fire, while encamped in a lake, would lead to outer darkness due to the amount of smoke there would be. (Matthew 8:12)

  • Place of unrest and eternal punishment

Revelations 14:11 gives us a fact that all of us fail to comprehend, it says: “and the smoke of their torment rises forever and ever. There is no rest day or night”. Matthew 25:46 says hell is “eternal punishment”. If you think hell will be a temporary place of punishment, then you are so wrong because hell will last for trillions times trillions of years, and there would be no forgiveness for anybody who will be found to be there. Forgiveness only applies in this world, but as soon as you die then you are subjected to eternal condemnation, without any option whatsoever to repent. If you die without Jesus Christ as your personal savior, then you are guaranteed to spend eternity in hell. Are you scared? You better be, because that’s the intention of hell, it’s not only supposed to scare you but to make you repent while you still have time. (This is where atheists stop reading).

  • Place where people scream for mercy

If you have never screamed for help, and no one came to your rescue, then brace yourself because you are still going to scream for help without any hope of help coming. You don’t believe me? In Luke 16:24-25, a man who was in hell screamed for help, but the person who was supposed to help him said: “son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, but now……you are in agony”. If you are rejecting God because you are busy enjoying life, as atheism teaches, then you can be sure to be reminded one day while in hell about how you had no time for God and how your chance for repentance has been forfeited. Currently you have two options, enjoy life without God or put God first in your life even if it means not enjoying life. Your decision in this regard has great eternal effects, so make sure you are prepared for the consequences, and think carefully about your decision.

So Inchtalla my friend, don’t you ever think you’ll be having a good time in hell, because it would be the opposite, Satan is deceiving you so you can join him in hell since he’s guaranteed to be there, as hell was made for him and his angels and not people. And don’t patronize God by thinking you can judge Him, it would be opposite. You are not even good enough to be above the Justice system of your own country, so don’t ever think you can be above God’s ultimate Justice System. Whether you believe it or not, one day you will give account to God, and there would be no lawyer in the world that can represent you as they would be standing trial themselves. These flimsy reasons you have just won’t work, so stop playing games with your life.

Give your life to Jesus Christ today, and pray the sinner’s prayer on the sidebar. Hell is no joke!



  1. inchtalla said

    All you have done is to describe hell. You have not touched upon the fact that your god, having come up with a faulty design for humanity, consigns them to hell for being what he made them.
    The god that loves us infinitely, yet drowns innocent babies by the thousand should not be worshipped, but rather vilified and expunged from history as an entity with no morals.
    Hell is a joke, except insofar as it is used by preachers like yourself to scare people into providing money to allow you to escape the need for honest toil, which the rest of us have to undertake.

  2. At least you now have a correct idea of what hell is all about, and you now have a chance to make your decision to accept or reject God based on correct information.

    Do you think calling God immoral is gonna make Him less omnipotent as He is right now? It’s like calling the highest judge of your country immoral before you appear in front in him. It will make you feel better, but it wont make him less of a judge who have the roght to send you to jail. It’s the same with God. Whether you think He’s immoral or not it doesn’t matter, the reality is that you will appear in front of Him one day and He would send you to hell if you don’t repent.

    You can continue calling Him immoral even though you’ll appear in front of Him at Judgement day, or you can be humble and hope He’ll spare your life. God is a Just Judge, and you better believe it.

    • inchtalla said

      Sello, I have more principles and morality than to wish to spend any time with the beingyou call god. An eternity with that self-righteous hypocrite would be worse than an eternity in the hell you describe. To enter your heaven it is necessary for me to accept that drowning thousands of innocent babies, gashing innocent babies against rocks, ripping innocent babies from their mothers’ wombs are decent acts of a loving god.

      I cannot do that and would rather scream for mercy yet retain some self-respect than make obeisance to an entity that believes they are acceptable behaviour from an infinitely moral god.

      Fortunately for me, the god you worship does not exist.

    • inchtalla said

      I asked you a question recently in response to you telling us that you smack your children occasionally.
      I asked you whether, like your supposed heavenly father and magic saviour, you you would condemn them to everlasting hell for committing the smallest of sins, or whether you would treat them better than your heavenly father and magic saviour intend to.

      You did not reply.

      Nor did you reply to my suggestion that you address the lies you have been telling about, who have never censored your posts.

      You did not reply.

      I charge you as guilty of the offence of false witness.

      Is this standard behaviour for a missionary pastor?

      • If our smacking of our children doesn’t mean we don’t love them, then why do you assume God doesn’t love us because He smacks us?
        I don’t have hell to send anybody to, so it’s not a comparison we should enter into.

        Read comment 3 (from Parse) on Exposed – Part 1, and judge for yourself if I wasn’t censored. You’ll be glad to know that I don’t say that about them anymmore, since they decided not to censor me.

      • inchtalla said

        There is a slight difference between smacking and eternal damnation. Especially worrying as this “loving” god is your example of moral behaviour.

  3. It looks like you missed the point. One of the many huge problems with the idea that God is going to torture billions of people for all eternity is that it makes Heaven impossible! So, if for some reason you were to be correct, then NO ONE has any hope of salvation.

    I’ve actually written an entire book on this topic–Hell? No! Why You Can Be Certain There’s No Such Place As Hell, (for anyone interested, you can get a free ecopy of Did Jesus Believe in Hell?, one of the most compelling chapters in my book at, but if I may, I’d like to share with you one of the many points I make in it to explain why.

    Let’s say you end up in Heaven trying to sing endless praises to a God who is, simultaneously, torturing billions of others. Unless you are given a de facto lobotomy (in which case, YOU would no longer be YOU, so you might as well have not had a soul to begin with), you would have to begin wondering, “When am I next?” and the joy of Heaven would be lost, replaced by gloom and foreboding! Why? Because you could never rely on a God who is so mean to be honest about making any exceptions.

    After all, which is more difficult? For God to actively cause so much immense pain, for so many, for so long, or to go back on whatever promises he made to a few others that he would not put them in Hell too at some point?

    It would be like accepting an invitation to live as a guest with one of these maniacal men we’ve been hearing about lately who kidnap, imprison, rape and torture young girls in secret basements. Can you imagine such a guy, simultaneously, having some other young lady as his dinner date, and treating her with respect and care? And even if he did for a while, wouldn’t his true nature unleash itself upon her at some point in time, as it has on so many others? Of course!

    So you see, there would be no such thing as “good news” if Hell were to to exist.

    Thankfully, there is real good news after all–God has no intention of ever hurting anyone, assuming that the type of God Jesus believed in is the correct.

    If one is willing to look, there’s substantial evidence contained in the gospels to show that Jesus opposed the idea of Hell. For example, in Luke 9:51-56, is a story about his great disappointment with his disciples when they actually suggested imploring God to rain FIRE on a village just because they had rejected him. His response: “You don’t know what spirit is inspiring this kind of talk!” Presumably, it was NOT the Holy Spirit. He went on, trying to explain how he had come to save, heal and relieve suffering, not be the CAUSE of it.

    So it only stands to reason that this same Jesus, who was appalled at the very idea of burning a few people, for a few horrific minutes until they were dead, could never, ever burn BILLIONS of people for an ETERNITY!

    True, there are a few statements that made their way into the copies of copies of copies of the gospel texts which place “Hell” on Jesus’ lips, but these adulterations came along many decades after his death, most likely due to the Church filling up with Greeks who imported their belief in Hades with them when they converted.

    • Rick, you would be suprised to know that Jesus preached about hell more than anybody else, because I see that this point is the main point of your book. I’ll prove to you that Jesus was a hell and brimstone preacher.

  4. Freddie B said

    Poor, deluded Sello. There is no such thing as hell (unless you have been there and have some evidence to offer).

    • Many people have been to hell and comeback to earth. Here’s some of their testimonies:
      What’s your evidence to support your claim that hell doesn’t exist?

      • Freddie B said

        If hell exists, then it is only in the minds of those that believe it exists.

        I don’t need any evidence of the non-existence of heaven or hell. They don’t exist. I know they don’t. They were inventions of humans, just like gods and demons and the devil and angels.

        Judaism doesn’t/didn’t have hell. It was an invention of the NT scribes. Even so, many Christian sects don’t have the same understanding of hell.

        Seventh Day Adventist, Christian Scientists, Unity Church, Latter Day Saints, Jehovah’s Witnesses,

        The Unity Church considers the concept of everlasting physical Hell to be false doctrine and contradictory to that reported by John the Evangelist.
        “ The word Hell is not translated with clearness sufficient to represent the various meanings of the word in the original language. There are three words from which “Hell” is derived: Sheol, “the unseen state”; Hades, “the unseen world”; and Gehenna, “Valley of Hinnom.” These are used in various relations, nearly all of them allegorical. In a sermon Archdeacon Farrar said: “There would be the proper teaching about Hell if we calmly and deliberately erased from our English Bibles the three words, ‘damnation,’ ‘Hell,’ and ‘everlasting.’ I say – unhesitatingly I say, claiming the fullest right to speak with the authority of knowledge – that not one of those words ought to stand any longer in our English Bible, for, in our present acceptation of them, they are simply mistranslations.” This corroborates the metaphysical interpretation of Scripture, and sustains the truth that Hell is a figure of speech that represents a corrective state of mind. When error has reached its limit, the retroactive law asserts itself, and judgment, being part of that law, brings the penalty upon the transgressor. This penalty is not punishment, but discipline, and if the transgressor is truly repentant and obedient, he is forgiven in Truth.” – Charles Fillmore

        The hell in your bible was allegorical, even the word “forever” was a mistranslation. The early scribes talked about “forever” as a period of time that was not definite, but somewhere in the not too distant future.

      • What more evidence do you need than that of eye-witnesses?

  5. Freddie B said

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