Why evolutionists won’t retract their dinosaurs theory!

I’m amazed that evolutionists refuse to retract, or at least seriously review, their theory that dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago, and there’s no way they were living 3500 years ago as the bible teaches. What’s even more shocking is the fact those who base their rejection of God on theories like this, continue to believe them unabated even though irrefutable evidence is so damning against it.

It has been 6 years since Dr. Menton, a North Carolina State University Paleontologist, shocked the world with the discovery that T-Rex, a supposedly 70 million years old dinosaur, had a soft tissue that is inconsistent with the theory that dinosaurs lived only 65 million years ago. Being perplexed by this findings, Dr. Mary Schweitzer who is amongst the world’s leading evolutionists, said she “will be continuing to study possible ways to explain this phenomenon, which was previously thought to be impossible”. I’m still amazed how evolutionists came to the conclusion that T-Rex was 70 million years ago in the first place, but given the reservations I have with the dating methods I’m not surprised we have this scandal to begin with. According to National Geographic, Dr Schweitzer showed two photographs and stated: “One of these cells is 65 million years old, and one is about 9 months old. Can anyone tell me which is which?” I don’t know Dr Schweitzer, you tell us because you believe T-Rex lived 65 million years ago.

This discovery creates lots of problems for evolutionists as “current theories about fossil preservation hold that organic molecules should not preserve beyond 100,000 years”. Dr Schweitzer gave some of us hope when she said “we may not really know as much about how fossils are preserved as we think”, but don’t hold your breath if you think she will retract the long-held (evolutionistic) conclusion that dinosaurs only lived 65 million years ago. She may have questioned our understanding and usage of dating and fossil preservation methods, but this doesn’t mean she’ll finally admit that dinosaurs possibly lived at the same time as humans or at best thousands years ago.









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  1. TheTruth said

    You really should:
    a. Stop lying for bebeh Jeebus, and
    b. stop airing opinions on subjects you clearly know nothing about.

    To anyone interested I suggest you swing by http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/dinosaur/flesh.html to see just how farcical the creationists’ angle on this particular story is.

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