Worst Christian generation of all time!

Having read Foxe’s Book of Martyr and Eusebius’ History of the Church, I have come to the conclusion that this Christian generation, of which I am part of, is the worst Christian generation that ever lived. Yes we’ll be in heaven, due to the free gift of salvation, but we should be ashamed because we’ll be receiving the same inheritance as those Christians who went before us.

Having read of Christians like Polycarp, Justin and many others who stood their ground for the faith, even unto most cruel deaths in stadiums full of people, then I’m convinced that even though God loves us the same way He loved those Christians, reality is He should be ashamed of us, and He probably is. But then again I think about those Christians in Muslim and Communist countries, and how they lay their lives off for the Gospel, and I think they also are ashamed to see the attitude of Christians in Western and other democratic countries. Reality is today’s Christians are the biggest cry babies the world has ever seen, especially those in America, even though no one is persecuting them. I get irritated every time Christian leaders in America cry about the fall of the dollar, and try to make it look like the world is coming to an end. Reality is we as Christians of today are as much worried about the affairs of this world and our bank balances as the sinners are, while we should be worried about the spiritual bank balance of the world. Why should we care if the value of the dollar falls, when it means all the other world’s currencies goes up? That’s hypocritical!

Whenever I read about our predecessors in the faith, I’m reminded time and time again about how they craved martyrdom so they can have their share in the sufferings of Jesus Christ. They had Jesus Christ as their role model, and their aim was to do everything Jesus did, as disciples should. They knew Jesus had suffered death on the cross, and that made them conscious of the fact that they themselves will also suffer martyrdom if they walk in the same precepts that Jesus did. This is the same attitude today of believers in the Muslims and Communist countries, but we (in democratic countries) know nothing about this hence we worry about the oil price.

Eusebius giving an introduction to his account of those who suffered martyrdom for the faith said: “But our narrative of the government of God will record in ineffaceable letters the most peaceful wars waged in behalf of the peace of the soul, and will tell of men doing brave deeds for truth rather than country, and for piety rather than dearest friends. It will hand down to imperishable remembrance the discipline and the much-tried fortitude of the athletes of religion, the trophies won from demons, the victories over invisible enemies, and the crowns placed upon all their heads” (History of the church, Eusebius, Book V).

The reason Christians of today don’t even know about heavenly crowns available is because we don’t expect to get any, not because God is a liar when He mentioned crowns that will be given to believers, but because our service to God doesn’t warrant us getting any crown whatsoever. If ever the New Testament believers are part of the ‘cloud of witnesses’ as mentioned in Hebrews 12, then they should be wondering if we have an idea about the persecution people went through so we can hear the Gospel, lest we perish for eternity. They must be thinking we are the most arrogant people they have ever seen, as prophesied in the letter to the church in Laodicea. We think we are spiritually rich, yet the bible says we are “wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked”.

Those who came ahead of us should make us conscious of the high standard Christianity stands for. As for myself, I’m forever reminded by the high standard set by my grandmother, and I know that it’s either I meet that high standard or else I’m busy raising three future atheists in my own house at my own cost. Kids are not stupid and they know whether their parents are genuine or not, and their analysis always determines if they’ll grow up to be the best Christians they can be or they’ll stagger to atheism. Isn’t it surprising that more and more teenagers raised in Christian homes think Christianity is a myth, and they lose all faith in Christianity as soon as they go to Universities? This is a reflection to the low standard of today’s Christians.

Let me go back to reading about Photinus, who was entrusted with the Bishopric of Lyons, the city that produced this year’s UEFA Champions League Semifinalists.



  1. Freddie B said

    So why didn’t you live up to your grandmother’s high standards? How did you turn into an abuser of women? I, in all of my atheistic way, would never have treated women the way you did. Perhaps your children will inherit your ways. Sad.

    I raised 2 beautiful, wonderful atheists. There is nothing wrong with raising atheists. At least they have minds of their own instead of being controlled by the dismal beliefs of people of 2000 years ago.

    You would do well to study the following Web site:


    • Using women for sexual pleasure is what sinners do, and I did that very well in my sinful days, yet Jesus changed all that. How do you explain the transformation my life has taken from an atheistic point of view?

      I’m not raising my kids to be good, intelligent, rich men one day who will spend eternity in hell, but I’m raising them to be good, intelligent and rich men who’ll fear God and spend eternity with Him forever. There’s huge difference!

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