Are you dying?

People who are on the verge of death are faced with lots of questions about the mystery of life and the after-life. It doesn’t matter who you are but when you are lying in a deathbed, then fear of death causes you to analyze the way you lived your life and if it would be to your credit in the after-life. Atheists tells us that there is no after-life, and this life is all there is. But I can assure you that all atheists think about the after-life as much as Christians do, and only their pride makes them ignore the reality of after-life.

My grandfather before he died ‘he spoke to himself’, and it’s like somebody was asking him to come so they can go somewhere but he said he doesn’t have a car. As far as I can remember those were the last words he spoke, and minutes later he was dead. I wasn’t there when my grandmother died but those who were say she said to them ‘farewell, I am going now’ and seconds later she died. There are lots of similar stories, and all we can learn from them is that people who are about to die always refer to going somewhere. But the question is where are they going if there’s no place to go to since atheists tell us that this life is all there is? Well, the bible tells us that there are two places where people go to when they die; Hades or Paradise.

What is Hades? Hades is a place where all people who died being separated from God (not being born-again) are situated, and they are waiting for Judgement day so they can be sent to hell for all eternity. Even though your body would be in a grave, your soul (which is the real you) will be incarcerated in Hades until the day when your body would be resurrected so it can be re-united with your soul. A Paradise is the opposite of Hades, in that it’s a place where all souls of people who have died while they were at peace with God (born-again) are situated. At the resurrection of the believers, these souls would be reunited with their body and they would forever be situated in heaven in the presence of God. The end result is that everybody who dies would either be in Hades or Paradise seconds after they die, and ultimately they would be in Hell or Heaven after the resurrection. So when you are in a deathbed pondering all these things, remember that there’s a choice that needs to be made, Hades or Paradise.

God has invited everybody into Paradise; He said “Come! And let him who hears say, Come! Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life” (Revelations 22:17). The best moment of everybody’s life, especially those who are nearing their death, is to accept this invitation to spend eternity with Jesus. It only takes a few seconds to accept this invitation, and you can accept it by saying a sinner’s prayer on the sidebar.

For testimonies on Hades and Paradise, visit the following website:


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