Heaven should be more than milk and honey – Response to Charles Mogale

Charles Mogale, a Sowetan newspaper columnist in South Africa, wrote an article called ‘Heaven should be more than milk and honey’ published on the 8th April 2010, and in it he questions if there’s more to heaven that just singing, taking milk and honey breaks and then back to singing. (here’s the link: http://www.sowetan.co.za/News/Article.aspx?id=1130072)

But firstly Charles Mogale makes an analysis that it’s justifiable not to believe in God, and God shouldn’t be mad at us if we think He doesn’t exist. In his own words he says “God would be mean if He gave us the mental capacity to question stuff such as His existence, and when we come to conclusions that cast doubts on the very fact that He exists, get mad with us”. This is confusing to me because if God doesn’t exist, then you don’t have to worry about a non-existing being getting mad at you because you think He doesn’t exist. But it seems Charles is so worried about the prospects of God being ‘vengeful’ against those who ridicule His existence, that he’s willing to quote Desmond Tutu but he ignores what the bible teaches about rejecting God. The bible, which is the only book that has authority on Christianity which Desmond Tutu professes, says people are without excuse for not believing in God as creation testifies to the very existence of God (Read Romans 1:18-23). But it seems Charles prefer the authority of the Arch Bishop emeritus than that of the bible. Unless bra Charles believes ‘nothing created everything’, which is a scientific impossibility, as evolutionists believe, then he has no excuse to think God doesn’t exist. So bra Charles do you believe that ‘nothing created everything’ as evolutionists like Richard Dawkins teaches?

Is God vengeful? No He’s not; infact the bible addresses the same question. God speaking to prophet Ezekiel says “Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? declares the Sovereign Lord. Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live?” (Ezekiel 18:23). You see bra Charles, God doesn’t want to send you to hell, but He wants you to turn from your futile thinking that says He doesn’t exist. Are you willing to look at all of creation and credit God with it, or would you insist that all this creation was created by nothing?

Bra Charles, I’m sad that you never got to finish reading the bible, otherwise you could have read about the wonder that is heaven and your attitude towards it would have changed for the better. Of course there is singing in heaven, but don’t ever think that the singing we do in our churches is the kind of singing that would be happening in heaven. You see we go to churches because we think we are doing God a favour, and while there we go through motions and singing is one of those motions we go through. But in heaven we won’t be going through motions, we’ll be in the presence of God, so the whole worshipping sessions would be dedicated to the God we can see and touch not the one we think doesn’t exist. So next time you are bored by the singing in your church, remember that you are bored because you are singing to a being that you think doesn’t exist. Compare that to the singing that will happen in heaven and there’s a huge difference.

But singing is not all that people would be doing in heaven. The bible says there would be mansions (homes) in heaven, so that means we would not be singing the whole day and night as is the misconception about heaven (John 14:2-4). What do people do in their own mansions? They eat, drink, rest, sleep, relax, etc, so the whole idea about singing the whole day and night is just a fallacy. The bible also mentions something very interesting; it says those who are in heaven would be rulers with Jesus on earth. So people would be having administrative jobs to do as co-rulers with Jesus Christ. So how could we have administrative jobs and still sing the whole day and night, unless our misconception about heaven got the better of us?

As a big fan of science, especially astronomy, I’m excited about heaven as the bible teaches that it would enable us to travel to every part of space instantly, just as Jesus managed to do after He was resurrected (John 20). Could you imagine taking a trip to the moon and all billions of galaxies and stars? Well that’s what people would be doing in heaven, and all that for trillions of years.

It doesn’t sound so boring now isn’t it! Bra Charles, I urge you to finish reading that book you have started to read when you were still a young boy but never got to finish, and in it you will find just how wonderful heaven is.


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