Do we know when we are wrong?

Today while debating atheist friends of mine, I realized I had the wrong end of the stick and I was way off the mark it wasn’t even funny. We were discussing if the earth does move, and in my ignorance I confused oceanic crust with continental crust and ended up concluding that the ground is not the crust of the earth. Even now I still can’t reconcile oceanic and continental crust, especially on whether oceanic crust works the same way as continental. Anyway, the good part is I realized my mistake and I apologized for it.

This made me wonder though, and I asked myself if other people do realize when they are wrong, and if they are willing to reconsider their stances, especially on issues that have to do with God. Since my friends are atheists and they don’t believe in the existence of God, then I wondered if they really truly believe that nothing can create everything. Do these people really believe that there was absolutely nothing in the universe, yet somehow we suddenly had the universe, even though it’s scientifically impossible? Do you really think nothing can create something, even though observed facts tell us otherwise?

The conclusion I came with is that other people are not interested in the truth, and their rebellion against God is not based on any reason but strictly on their reluctance to allow God to control their lives.



  1. Katoblephas said

    hey, it’s me again… well… I believe it’s possible… as possible as a powefull know-it-all God comming from nothing…

    well, I mean, God came from nothing? or it came from something that was there? Don’t hit me if the old BS of “oh, he is infinite” because that is just an excuse… I could say that the universe is infinite too, so it didn’t came from nothing, because it’s infinite…

    If God came from nothing, then it’s possible that everything came from nothing too,right?
    If God came from something, what was it? where is it? when is it?

  2. inchtalla said

    If your recent foot-in-mouth episode on is anything to go by, Sello, you have serious problems knowing when you are wrong.

    • I am a Christian and you are an atheist. You think evil is good, and I think evil is evil and should be exposed and ridiculed. That’s what I did with regards to the rubbish that Bob R wrote, but of course you thought otherwise. I have no shame and i could have done the same thing given other chance.

      Btw, what do you think of their censorship, you still think they don’t ban people who disagree with them?

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