The notebook: Be tender with sinners

I have a notebook that I used to carry everywhere with me, and I would write whatever God has laid on my heart after reading his Word. Nowadays I carry my laptop and 3G with me everywhere, to my wife’s irritation, so I can write whatever revelations God reveals in me. Here is what I wrote on the 27th Oct 2008, titled ‘Be tender with sinners’:

Jude 22-23 “Go easy on those who hesitate in their faith. Be tender with sinners, but not soft on sin” (The message).


As I’m about to start a website (blog), it’s very important for me to realize that this would not be a forum, but a ministry that God has revealed to me. It becomes very important that I avoid attacking sinners at all costs. I have to be easy on backsliders as the Word suggests, since I also was a backslider at one point. I should remember that love is greater than faith and hope, while more important than all other ‘fruits of the spirit’. This doesn’t mean I shouldn’t talk against sin, which I should, but I should be able to differentiate between sin and sinners. Remember that God doesn’t rejoice in the death of sinners (Ezekiel 33:11), so whatever I say on that website (blog) may lead to (spiritual) death of a sinner, which is not pleasing to God. People rebel against God because they were born sinners, as such it’s my duty to ensure that people move away from being sinners, but that would take a long time for some.


Having read this today, I wonder if I have been able to demonstrate love to all sinners, even those who have even attacked my persona. I wonder if at times I failed to differentiate between sinners and sin, and attacked sinners instead of sin.


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