My frustration towards an atheist’s God.

This is what I wrote in reply to a discussion called ‘Does God exist – A Philosophical issue’ in one of the forums:

Most of what people call ‘God’ is what they make up in their minds, and then they try to make this thingie they created to exist. When they struggle to reconcile it with anything in this world, then they come to the conclusion that there is no ‘God’. Because this thingie they created had a sticker called ‘God’, they try to associate it with God and to their folly they conclude God doesn’t exist. Ask anybody who they think God is, and they’ll give you an answer that comes to their mind.

The sad part is there are people who debate the merits of God everyday, yet they don’t know who God is, and these same people are expected to know if God exists or not. We should ask them a basic question first: ‘Who is God or who is He supposed to be’?

I try to teach you guys who God is, the One mentioned in the bible, yet you still have no clue who He is. Yet you jump into philosophical debates on whether He exists or not. Look at porchrat’s ‘God’ for instance, his ‘God’ doesn’t allow people to be soldiers. Look at homosexuals’ ‘God’, their ‘God’ doesn’t judge people. Look at an atheist ‘God’, his ‘God’ should have a creator.

In conclusion we are debating the merits of God with people we should be teaching who God is first, to our frustration.


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