The death of Edwin Valero

Everywhere I read about the death of one of the most exciting boxer in the world, the word ‘demons’ keep referred to. Carl Moretti of Top Rank, Edwin Valero’s promotional firm, summed it up nicely when he said “when you have someone who’s dealing with demons, it keeps going until something like this eventually happens.” The question that came to mind is what these demons are, and which demons drove Valero to killing his wife and himself? Associated Press reports that Valero, 28, had problems with alcohol and cocaine addiction and struggled with depression. Are these the demons, alcohol, cocaine and depression?

Biblically, we are told that demons are fallen angels (living beings) that can disguise themselves into anything in this world, and they have the ability to have a hold on a person’s life through means such as alcohol, cocaine and depression. So biblically, every person that has addictions that have a hold in their life is demon-possessed.  But what is more startling is the fact that the bible tells us that the primary purpose of these demons is not merely to have a hold on a person’s life, but to kill those who are under their control. Are you then surprised when alcohol kills hundred thousands of people every year in the world? Are you surprised when more and more celebrities die of drug abuse every year? Are you surprised when depression halts more lives every year? This is no coincidence, and we may try to rationalize these deaths in an intelligent way, but the bible is clear that demons are there to kill people.

A couple of months ago I was excited when I heard about the conversion of Lex Luger, who was also addicted to alcohol, cocaine and depression. He was one of the blessed few who managed to escape these death traps set by demons, and God rescued him. But unfortunately there are those who think alcohol is a means of entertainment, and cocaine is just a source of adrenalin. They are not aware that they are exposing themselves to the most dangerous demons in the world, which are looking for an opportunity to kill them as soon as possible. These demons are so powerful that not even our richest celebrities could even defeat them. You can count the number of celebrities who died due to these demons. Even our strong wrestlers and boxers couldn’t stand up to them. So what are your chances of defeating these demons?

Let me tell you my friend, if you are indulging in alcohol, sex outside marriage and drugs then you have exposed yourselves to some of the world’s most powerful beings. And sooner or later, these same demons would be looking to take your life, just like they did with Valero.

Only Jesus Christ can stand up to these demons, as Lex Luger would testify.



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