Franklin Graham is my hero!

I remember watching Franklin Graham’s interview on Al Jazeera just after the International Criminal Court announced the arrest warrant for Sudan’s President, Omar Al Bashir, and I was so encouraged to see a Christian minister in our days who is not willing to compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of his audience.

For a couple of days now, there has been so much pressure towards Franklin in the build up to the US national prayer day. As the honorary chairman of this year’s prayer day, he has been targeted by Muslims who have even managed to convince Pentagon to exclude him from their prayer day event, even though he was previously invited to attend. Franklin in his interviews with Fox news amazed me when he failed to back down from his statements that Islam is an evil religion. For most of us we would have tried to be diplomatic to a point of apologizing, but Franklin stood with the bible on the matter and risked further exclusion and repulsion by his critics. Franklin amazed me even more when he called the judge who ruled that prayer day is unconstitutional as a wicked and unjust judge. The reality is that the bible does call such judges as wicked (Luke 18), and Franklin is not saying anything that is not in the bible. Let me add my voice as well and call that judge, Barbara Crabb, one of the most wicked judges I have ever heard of, if not the most wicked.

Barbara Crabb’s wicked judgment reminds us of how close Christianity is to being censored. Commenting on the dangerous signs we see regarding the treatment of Christianity at government levels across the world, Franklin said:

I believe that a time is fast approaching—I think it will be in my lifetime—when the preaching of the Gospel is referred to as hate speech. The public proclamation of biblical injunctions against homosexuality, abortion, and other moral issues will be banned by our politically correct cultures. Preachers of the Gospel could be imprisoned and jailed for adhering to the Bible. It is already happening in some countries.

However Franklin is steadfast in his convictions:

I am not afraid or ashamed of the Gospel. We will proclaim the Gospel of Christ’s sacrificial death for sin and His triumphant resurrection as long as we have breath.

It is people like Franklin Graham that I try to imitate (1 Corinthians 4:16), as they themselves imitate Jesus Christ who is the author of their faith. They know the high standard that Christians should hold, and they are not willing to compromise. They are not willing to spit in the faces of those Christians in Muslims and Communist countries that have been denied basic human rights due to their faith, so they can appease Muslims who have ran away from their own countries looking for liberty elsewhere. I remember Franklin writing about how a Christian minister suggested to him that sin should not be preached against as it offends people, but Franklin told him where to get off. He is one of the preachers I know who is still prepared to preach against all sins, regardless of the offense people might take. It is this reason I pray for God to give Franklin strength and wisdom to continue upholding the uncompromising Word of God in the highest esteem.


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