What’s the point to being a Christian?

There’s a colleague of mine who’s a Muslim, and one day I was amazed by his gentleness and love towards all people at work. I don’t how he would react if somebody were to question his faith, but his attitude generally impressed me. I also know this couple who have been married for decades, and whenever I see them I marvel at the love they have for each other. To me they are a model couple which I use as a yardstick for my marriage, even though they are not born-again and don’t have intentions to be. This had led me to conclude that holding the highest moral ground might be a huge part of being a Christian, and in most occasions it comes naturally for Christians, but a moral code is not the foundation of the Christian faith. This has led me to ask this question: ‘What’s the point to being a Christian’?

If people can hold a moral high ground without Jesus, then why should anybody be born-again? (I’m not in any way suggesting that there are people who keep God’s Law fully, because there are none, but there are those whom like the ‘rich young ruler’ can say with all confidence that they have kept most of God’s Law).  What is it that Christianity offers that can’t be found anywhere else? The bible says a Christian faith is ‘resting on the hope of eternal life’ (Titus 1:2). One thing that Christianity offers that can’t be found anywhere else is eternal life in the presence of God. Christianity is based on the fact that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and ascended into heaven where He lives forever, and because of His resurrection then all Christians are promised to also be resurrected from the dead so they can live forever.

You can live a good moral life, and observe all religious laws the world has to offer, and if you are lucky you can be up for a Nobel Peace Prize, but you can never guarantee eternal life for yourself or anybody else. Only when you come to Christ through faith can you be guaranteed eternal life. Until you can be certain of eternal life, then everything you regard as valuable is in vain and your moral high ground is worthless and will soon vanish.


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  1. lol amazing stuff man.

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