Top 10 things I have learnt as a Christian!

There are very important things I have learnt since becoming  a Christian just more than two years ago, and here is my countdown of the top 10, beginning with the bottom 5:

10. Atheists are not a threat to Christianity

With the help from my friend Deon, I realized that atheists are not a threat to Christianity as they would like to think, infact they spur Christians on. The rise of atheism in the western world has given Christians a wake-up call they needed. Atheism has separated real Christians from intellectually-believing Christians, and this has given unbelievers an opportunity to really see what Christianity is all about and understand that not all who say they are Christians are actually Christian. The court cases promoting separation of state and religion have opened the eyes of Christians, and they have made us grateful for the opportunity to evangelize, to the detriment of atheism.

Thanks to atheists for reminding Christians of who they are and what they should be.

9. Real science and the bible never contradict each other

Galileo, Newton, and many other scientists who were Christian have shown me that Christianity can live happily ever after with science. Contrary to popular belief, God has created science and He intended for Christians to take science seriously. I learnt that religious leaders who question science are fools, and they are only doing so out of their own pride, to their detrimental. Through Galileo’s Heliocentric theory, I learnt that the bible can never contradict science.


8. My denomination is not better than yours

Being raised in the church, I was used to hearing people from my denomination saying our denomination is the best in the world, while the other denominations compromise and they are probably going to hell if they don’t repent. This had caused people from my denomination to refrain from socializing with believers from other denomination. But when I got born-again and visited other denominations then I started realizing that denominationalism is the biggest rubbish that needs to be ridiculed. I learnt that all denominations, regardless of their background, have compromised in one or more biblical commands, yet most of them are not even aware. I realized that those who are aware of their compromise are willing to twist the scriptures and claim misinterpretation, so they can deceive their congregation.

I learnt that denominationalism is the biggest threat to Christianity, and it’s Satan’s ploy to lead people away from Christ and into the arms of their sin-ridden pastors. But shhh, don’t tell anyone I said that. But most importantly, I have learnt that God has His people in almost every denomination (yes, even in that denomination, you know which one), and nobody can be forbidden entry to heaven because of their denomination, and in consequence no denomination can shield any person from hell.

7. Never defend corrupt and vile ‘Christians’

My atheist friends were shocked when I joined them in ridiculing pastors of a certain church because of their scandals. I quoted Psalm 82:2 to them, and I told them that it’s my duty as a Christian to expose and condemn sin in the church, and not cover it up. I have learnt that people who defend wicked Christians always end up with an egg on their face, to their shame.

Did wicked Christians persecute Galileo? Yes! Did wicked Christians conduct crusades killing hundreds of thousands? Yes! Are wicked Christians guilty of sexually assaulting children and committing tax frauds? Yes!


6. Fornication is the biggest threat to marriage, with adultery second and homosexuality a distant third

I have learnt that Christians are hypocritical in their condemnation of homosexuality. Yes homosexuality is an abomination to God, but so is fornication and adultery. Infact the Law required homosexuals, fornicators and adulterers to all be sentenced to death, but Christians only mention homosexuality. Perhaps Christians’ hypocrisy towards homosexuals is because adulterers and fornicators can be found in almost every home in the world, while homosexuals are rare.



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  1. valerie said

    thank u!!! i cant stand christians who get all high and mighty w/ homosexuality but are fornicating left and right!

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