Top 10 things I have learnt as a Christian, Part2!

There are very important things I have learnt since becoming a Christian just more than two years ago, and here is my top 5:

5. Some ex-Christians were sincerely born-again

It is easy for Christians to ridicule ex-Christians for losing their faith, afterall the bible gives many reasons why people leave the faith and in all cases those reasons are worthy of ridicule. The reasons range from people having had fake conversion to some being dejected due to increase in wickedness, but we as Christians seem to focus only on trying to prove that people were not Christians to begin with rather than listening to their testimonies and taking it at face value. I have learnt that there were people who were better Christians than I could ever be, but they have since lost their faith. I have learnt that even though these people knew so much about God and Christianity, and served in churches as pastors, worship team members, counselors, etc they somehow lacked in one area of their faith to their detriment. I learnt that I should really listen to them first before making any assumptions and statements, and I should deal with the issue they raise rather than go on about how wicked they are.

 This is a tough order because only a few people who call themselves ex-Christians were really Christians to begin with.

4. Christianity and politics don’t mix, especially if you are not a politician

With every presidential election in the US, I have learnt more and more that pastors and televangelists should really shut up during elections and not impose their preferred candidates on their congregation. I have learnt that there’s nothing wrong with being a Christian politician, but whenever a Christian pastor engages in debates during elections then you can be guaranteed they’ll come out of it with an egg on their face. I have learnt that Christians should vote, but don’t make too much noise about who you voted for, keep it to yourself because you might be embarrassed later when you find out that you put wicked people in power.

3. I am not persecuted, and I am possibly not going to be a martyr either

I have learnt that when atheists call me stupid, bigot, moron, waste of oxygen, extremist, etc it doesn’t mean they are persecuting me, but they are just reflecting their opinion on my low IQ. I have learnt that atheists are cool people, but they just don’t have patience for people they think have a low IQ. So they are not persecuting me, but they are just trying to oppose me.  

 Atheists may not be persecuting me, but they are definitely persecuting Dale McAlpine, Shawn Holes, Artur Pawlowski, etc.

2. I don’t know who the anti-Christ is

Jerome once said a Roman Emperor of his time was the anti-Christ the bible talks refers to, and since then every politically powerful man who disagrees with Christians has been prophetically named the anti-Christ by some who think they are good in prophecy. Even today there are political heavyweights in this world who are referred to as the anti-Christ who will rule the world in dictatorship, and this claim is made by high-profile Christians who ought to know better. Is your president an anti-Christ? Probably not! Is your church leader the false-prophet? Probably not!

 Do I know who the anti-Christ would be? No, and nobody does either!

1. Nobody believes in Theory of Evolution, but don’t debate evolutionists

Is there any person in the world who believes that nothing can create something, especially if that person is a scientist? If there is such a person, then he belongs in a mental institution. I have learnt that no atheist in the world believes anything Theory of Evolution says, but they just don’t want their belief system to be challenged hence they debate anyone who question Theory of Evolution.


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  1. mcpng said

    I think you mix up the theory of evolution with theories of the origin of the universe. evolution doesn’t say nothing created something. it’s about something changing into something else.

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