Atheism is not new

Many young atheists actually think that they have more evidence and intellectual ability to prove Christianity as an occult religion that is based on fiction meant to deceive people. (I’m referring to young atheists because old atheists thought so too at one stage, but they still couldn’t explain why people’s lives change when they receive Jesus as their Lord and saviour). Problem with young atheists is that they think they are smarter than their predecessors, because they have internet which gives them easy and fast access to researches against Christianity. They think all they need to do is click a search button on Google, and Christianity will finally be proven to be fiction.

It seems to young people atheism is considered to be an intellectual thing to do, and definitely very fashionable. To them including Jesus in any conversation is a taboo that will cost you friends and intellectual standing. I agree with them! Before I got saved I was considered to be an intellectual when it comes to sports and of course very famous on sports forums. I messed all that up when I said Jesus changed my life. All people who knew me can’t argue against the fact that my life changed, but they argue on whether it was changed by Jesus or not. Perhaps people are afraid to see their lives changed; I know I was myself because I knew Jesus will make me give up all my girlfriends. Well He did, and most of them hate me with a passion.

To a young atheist out there, you are not the first of intellectual atheist’s bunch; they were more atheists previously who considered themselves to be too intellectual for Jesus. Here are some of them:

In the 1700’s there were two young intellectuals by the names of Lord Littleton and Gilbert West. Both were lawyers and both rejected the claims of Christ. One day in a conversation it was concluded that Christianity stood on two foundations: the resurrection of Jesus and the conversion of the apostle Paul. Should these two stories be disproved, the rest of Christianity would fall with them. Gilbert West agreed to write a book disproving Jesus’ resurrection and Lord Littleton agreed to write a book disproving that Paul was converted by hearing a voice from heaven. No problem, they thought. But when they got together to share their progress reports, they each had to confess that the evidence was winning them over to the other side. In fact, when it was all over, there were two books: Lord Lyttleton’s The Conversion of St. Paul and Gilbert West’s book, The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, arguing that the resurrection is a fact of history.

In this world we consider atheists as intellectuals, look at Richard Dawkins for instance, but the bible calls atheists fools: “the fool says in his heart, “There is no God” (Psalm 14:1). We also consider people who say there is God as fools, even though the bible says: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding” (Psalm 111:10).

In whose eyes are you wise, God or friends?


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