Was Charles Darwin tutored by Satan?

The late Roger Morneau, who testified to have been a Satanist for a couple of months, made some startling revelations against Charles Darwin and how he was used by Satan to deceive people into rejecting God. In his book ‘A Trip into the supernatural’ (also on an interview that is available on youtube), Roger makes the following statement:

The priest went on to explain how this the plan of the master to deceive the human family, is most intriguing to his mind, as it was used by the master to launch a truly monumental deception that would literally capture the minds of millions. The priest explained that a fellow by the name of Charles Darwin, and another by the name of Thomas Henry Huxley, could be effectively used and controlled by the spirits because in their childhood, medical doctors had hypnotized them. The spirits concluded that they would be very good tools in their hands to lead large numbers of people to fall for another major deception, thus fulfilling their third policy. The third point in the plan of Lucifer and his spirit counselors was to destroy the Bible, without burning it.


It was all very interesting to hear about this, as I was informed that after the great General Counsel, it was decided that Lucifer would tutor Charles Darwin personally. So in setting up the principles of his theories of evolution, Darwin was tutored by Satan himself, the master fallen angel. And at that time it was well understood, by this mastermind and his spirit counselors that if a person were led to believe in the theory of evolution, it would in his mind and heart destroy completely any confidence in the Biblical record of creation week, as detailed in the book of Genesis. This would also effectively destroy all belief in the fall of human kind, and in God’s plan of redemption. Thus in one master stroke they could do away with all of the foundational historical realities which point to the reality of man’s rebellion against his Maker and his desperate need for salvation. Now the high priest made a unique statement, he said that according to the spirit intelligences, anyone who teaches other persons the theory of evolution is considered to be a minister of a great religious system. You see they actually understood it to be a religious system, this theory of evolution. This is because it was ingeniously devised by the master himself, as a system of schooling people to disqualify themselves – by making a spiritual choice – to reject the reality of the Creator and of Christ’s future eternal kingdom.

 And the priest explained to us that every teacher of this theory is recognized in the spirit world, as a person of great value to the master’s kingdom, and such teachers receive a very special unction from Lucifer himself who gives them great capacity and power to induce spiritual blindness, to totally convince and convert the mind. And that’s not all; the high priest said that the master considers teachers of evolution to be so valuable to him that in the sight of all the inhabitants of the galaxies, he assigns a special retinue of his bright and beautiful angels to follow that educator throughout all the remainder of his/her life. He would thus have the billions of unfallen inhabitants of the galaxies to know that he is bestowing the greatest of honors upon his chosen workers among humankind, until the great controversy between he and the Creator is finished. To say the least, this was all quite enlightening to hear.

 As a Christian, the issue of whether Satan is involved in the Theory of Evolution or not is settled in my mind. I know that everything that is meant to separate man from God is from Satan. Was Charles Darwin tutored by Satan? I don’t know, but I know that Theory of Evolution is from Satan’s kingdom, and it’s meant to deceive people and lead them to eternal condemnation that is hell. So be careful when you believe things that are meant to separate you from God, because they just might be satanically inspired to deceive you.




  1. Sabelo Nkabinde said

    After God created mankind He was pleased with him.And thats where it ends.Logically speaking it is without fault that Mr Darwin’s theory was handed over to him by the Fallen one.This was a major stunt to indocrinate Gods people.

  2. Zoe said

    Wow you are really retardid……

    • Zoe's Dad said

      no. you’re retarded. Learn to spell you inbred uneducated loser.

  3. Elder Sign said

    Darwin had a lot of strange mental and physical symptoms — really bizarre stuff like hyperflatulence, the feeling of walking on air, auditory hallucinations, etc, suicidal impulses, fear of going outside, depression and so on, so on. Too many to list. Makes you wonder if the guy was in his right mind while writing all that stuff about evolution. His family, and all the famous early followers of Darwin, are the people that gave us the modern eugenics movement… see here… Darwinism-Eugenics or go here… http://inbredscience.wordpress.com/euvolution/

  4. jean said

    Charles darwin in a way is trying to kill the belief in god, satan doesnt care who he brings down he just wants people to suffer god protect all humanity from him god bless you brother stay faithfull

  5. Linda said

    Seriously? I think you’re really out of your mind, dear people. Darwin… Satan. What are you talking about? Darwin was a brilliant scientist, that was what he was… nothing more, nothing less.

  6. ngarey said

    But the first theory of evolution was written by an agnostic who believed in GOd anywa…..and many people believe that thr theory of evolution is just a more detailed explanation of the Genesis. Are we to deny dinosaur fossils too?

  7. Spelling said

    @Zoe – it’s spelt ‘retarded’….. irony?

  8. Dr. Gaius A. Umani said

    I don’t have any real problem believing him because anyone propounding theories that are anti- God is veritably a disciple of Satan and can well be described as Satan. The cumulative effect of evolution in distorting and sometimes obliterating the knowledge of God from His creatures is really satanic. If you are opposed to this view, you have that right but the end will show that rejecting God as creator of the heavens and earth in six literal days (notice the use of the Hebrew yom) will be disastrous. This is because rejecting creationism generates other anti-God teachings, beliefs and actions.

  9. Kizve said

    You know what:those who know that idiot was possesed by satan himself and before that devil told hi things to onfort more illuminati like this:satan´s words:”Wen Yahuveh created Adam and Eve they were apelike and satan gave them fruit that made them smart and evoulate and became gods,and place enlightment on himself insted on God”.Devil always wants to place himself before God and also accuse before God,and that dragon is beeing awaited for some big punishment!First a little fun destroying earth in next “devolution” hoax in 2012 that is really mark of the beast part program for damnation of soul in hell!These were nephilim hybrid giants between fallen angels and homosapians(us) created hybrid race.You linda are a froud and spawn of satan i rebuke you and your master in the name of Yahushua ha MASHIACH!!!Dinosaurus God created before us and fallen watcher angels made hybrids then again!It was one of the reasons for big flood you synagoge of satan,shame on you leading souls to hell.I bind and break you and rebuke you in the name of Yahushua ha MASHIACH!!!Take that back you written first time you see i worned you,you are at judment!You are at judment!If you not remove.This is your last warrning you sect scumbag trash.A lot of people in that time gone to hell by doing mysticism.That dark satanic garbage peace of trash was in satanic vatican,that devil himself made too!All world and anything almost everybody was at least once poluted today also!Sect of that scum made morons and idiots practice mysticism and continue to invoke fallen angels and to make sacrafaces and to be possesed by fallen angel and later he that have fallen angel to shape shift and enter into gorila and to rape little teen girls and to give birth after 3 months to humanoid bigfoot!(THAT SECT WHAT DO STILL TODAY IS KABALH!)That is how devil creates monsters for this dark age comming,JUST AS ALSO IN SOME SIMMILAR WAYS BEFORE!You linda better run of the internet if you do not remove this you written and others too who are cultists and agree with her!!!I warned you.I am God´s warrior and this is what is neede to be done, scram from the internet if you don´t take that trash peace of garbage from here!We all fell short of God´s glory,but we must repent,turn away from sin and devil´s abomanations,and start beeing hungry and thirsty for the spiritual food like: Holy Bible(new and oldtestament) and book of enock,and books of adam and eve,book of winsdom,jashar,jublies,moses,secrets of enock,book of tobit.All that is one and only Holy Bible and there you have real science and not sect cult of illuminati kings of satan.Shut up devil i command you in the name of Yahushuaha MASHIACH!And you people worship,love and adore Abba Yahoveh,Yahushua ha MASHIACH,RUACH ha KODESH,now and forever,AMEN!!!Devil when you do something alright interupt you in ways and forms of your family also.Today who is wickedly proud is froud spown of satan.Don´t be suprised when you family is like that.God is one THE FIRST place,AMEN!!!!Stupied people are populating earth now almost 90%,that is not good!Now you sect trash peace of garbage you nasa and others and scientology sect you are satanic trash peace of garbage just!You sold your soul to devil,you are dammed!Dammed be and dammed stay if you repent not!Now that is how it works!And real scientists also made research and see that is not human skull dna,but hybrid dna,and computer with special scener confirmed that also!AHA I GOT YOU IN LIES,I GOT YOU,YOU ARE LIARS AS YOUR FATHER OF LIES SATAN,THAT IS FATHER OF ALL ABOMANATIONS AND LIES!!!

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  13. Emmanuel said

    You mentioned the interview with Roger Morneau on YouTube. The title of the video is A Trip into the Supernatural – Roger Morneau FULL MOVIE 1, and the link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0qiB2hbFwo (that link worked for me). Morneau has a French accent, and sometimes you miss a word here and there, but at the end it could very well be the best 180 minutes spent on a video you can think of. It just gets better and better as he goes on, if you could call it ‘better’…
    If you want to remain brainwashed with a lot of stuff, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!
    P.S. In the box I’ll just put one of my favorite websites if that’s ok with you.

  14. Charles Smith said

    Did Satan tutor Alfred Russell Wallace as well?

    • essygatu@yahoo.com said

      If Alfred Russell Wallace has not “confessed”, we leave that with him but we still have to bear in mind that anyone who proposes any outlandish and unbiblical proposition may have been deceived by the devil, directly or indirectly.

  15. Alexander said

    I used to be a Christian. Charles Darwin was a highly accomplished scientist that proposed and PROVED I might add that evolution existed. He was not ‘tutored by Satan’, Satan doesn’t even exist! We are not products of ‘God’s love’ we are products of apes gradually becoming more upright over millions of years. The sooner you Religious extremists realise that these theories are not ‘condemned by Satan’ the sooner this world can be released from religion. Statistics show that Christianity rates are steadily dropping, and I think I can see why from this ridiculous post!

  16. 40 said

    Most people don’t think of this but people cling to religion over Darwin’s theories because of there innate primal instinct for survival. Christianity offers immortality, Darwin’s theories offer death….Darwin’s theory teaches how organisms #1 concern is surviving so that’s why people choose to ignore logic and evidence for supposed eternal survival in heaven.

  17. Daniel rosenthal said

    Why stop at banning evolution? Ban Copernican Astronomy too. Doesn’t
    the Bible say that Joshua commanded the Sun to stand still? And stop
    teaching that the Earth is a sphere. If Jesus could see all the kingdoms
    of the Earth from the top of a mountain, then the Earth MUST be flat,
    Forget all those photographs purporting to show the Earth is a sphere.
    They a hoaxes, just like fossils. Medical science also comes from the
    Devil. Drugs and surgery are sorcery. Only anointing a sick or injured
    person with (cooking) oil and laying on of hands in the person are
    acceptable to God. Excuse me, I have to go to my snake-handling
    session now!

  18. Ray Oberhardt said

    Maybe I could tell you a story about my first weeks at university in 1962. (just the other day.)
    It was geography – about the composition of the earth, and its surface formation. The lecturer quoted the first 2 verses of the Bible, Genesis – ‘in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form and void …” Then he said: Now we know better. Scientists have proved that the earth was not created in 6 days 6000 years ago. I wondered what the evidence was.
    So a few weeks later, we had a lesson on the cave men, the missing links, the Java man, the Peking man, the Piltdown man, the Neanderthal man, Cro-Magnon etc. He drew pictures showing the perfect progression from Monkey to man. After class I went to the library to see exactly what was found. First, the Java man find was a single tooth. It turned out to be the tooth of an extinct pig. Then the Peking man was a complete skeleton. But, when someone else came to examine the skeleton, it was missing. Then the man who found it was a Jesuit priest. I could tell you a lot about the Jesuits (Roman Catholic). His burning desire was to reconcile the Bible and evolution. The Pope had exiled him to Peking. Work it out for yourself – was he an independent scientist? So it was with the rest of them. All were frauds. The evidence was there if you looked. Only my friends knew. One was failed because he challenged the professor in class. I was wise enough not to. Evolution is nonsense if you examine the detail.
    That is why I did not start on the path to atheism. Before this class, I had hardly heard of evolution, the greatest heresy of all. Most students in the class swallowed it all as has most of the people on earth, including Christians. Most Christians will argue black and blue that evolution is true but God stepped in somewhere. Whose evangelists are they?

  19. Arpad Bakaity said

    Further proof that creationists are insane and need therapy.

  20. Ray said

    The bottom line is that evolutionists believe that NOTHING created EVERYTHING out of NOTHING. How insane is that?

  21. Jman said

    I apologize in advance, but you’re not very smart. First of all Darwin was a Christian, therefore you didn’t do any research, he actually was a freaking deacon in his church. Secondly really he was taught by satan,really why does the theory of evolution pisses you off, what has made you to believe this I mean come on man ,”Oh it’s not in the bible so let’s just say that it was the devil who came up with this FACTUAL theory, and say that religion is science!” Honestly I’m Christian as well, but I know for a fact that religion isn’t science, if can be SCIENTIFICALLY tested then it’s science, and yes I do believe in evolution due to the fact that everything we do is evolution. Do you know what adaptation is,give you a hint you think satan made it and it starts with an e, when we age we evolve. And ps you’re not evolving, you’re Devolving. Sorry if I offended anyone, but this had to be done after I saw this.

    • Ray said

      No sir, no offence taken. You have to be smart to believe that NOTHING created EVERYTHING out of NOTHING..Of course, it happens every day in real life and the laboratory?
      The Bible may not be science but when it makes a statement on science, it’s correct. Just take the first few verses of Genesis – day 1. We find the 4 words Beginning, Heavens, Earth … Light. So on day 1 Time began at 00:00 Sunday. So God created Time, Space, Matter and Energy in the very sequence it would be done. There it is for any person to see.
      As for dinosaurs, read Job 41,42.
      The variations within a kind you mention is not evolution from one kind to another which has never been observed and never will. If you start with a pair of wolves, by selective breeding you could breed sausage dogs in a hundred years or so but you could never go from sausage dogs to wolves.
      Anyway, the latest findings on DNA just invalidate any possibility of evolution. All existence depends on information – where did it come from? It is all so complex that it’s impossible to have happened by chance.

      Darwin’s daughter Annie died at age 10, Darwin came to hate the God he blamed for this. This was in 1851, eight years before Darwin released Origin of Species. Around the time of Annie’s death, Darwin also wrote that if Christianity were true, then it would follow that his grandfather Erasmus Darwin and many of his closest family friends would be in hell. Darwin found this utterly unacceptable, given that these men were wise and kind and generous.
      So Darwin gave up Christianity well before “Origin of the species”. So yes, I know about Darwin. My university professors worshipped him.

      Just be careful you do not fall into the category of Romans 1:18-21 which states: “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, 21 because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened.”
      This is really saying that because of our abandoning the belief in God as Creator as written in Genesis, he has given our civilization over to all the nonsense we see today where anything goes.

      So good luck when you star in the final scene of this epic:
      I watched till the thrones were put in place and the Ancient of days was seated. His garments were white as snow, And the hair of His head was like pure wool. His throne was a fiery flame, Its wheels a burning fire; A fiery stream issued And came forth from before Him.
      The court was seated, And the books were opened. And everyone was judged according to everything that was written in the books. And another book was opened, the Book of Life of the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world. And everyone whose name was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire.

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