Solomon Proverbs – Who does what is right?

If there is any book in the bible that should be read by every atheist, is the book of Ecclesiastes. I find it to be the most apologetic book found in the bible. It deals with all excuses people have that keep them from recognizing their sins and repenting from them.

Solomon makes a statement and says “there is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins” (Ecclesiastes 7:20). Ask any person in the world if he is a good person, and he will say yes. I once witnessed to a photographer, and I asked him if he was a good person. He said he was a good person, but quickly tried to find excuses when I asked him if he was still a good person when using the bible as a standard. Just yesterday, before the FIFA World Cup game between Cameron and Denmark at Pretoria, I asked another guy if he was a good person and he said yes. He admitted to being a liar, but he thought only murderers are not to be considered good people, but liars are good. He changed his tune as soon as I showed him that lying is breaking God’s Law just as murdering is also breaking God’s Law.

One of the excuses that atheists have for rejecting God is their conclusion that He is unfair for sending good people to hell, just because they were not born-again. They will tell you about people in far countries who have never heard the Gospel, and how they will unjustly go to hell even though they do all the good they can. And of course, all atheists consider themselves to be good people. They treat people fairly, and they don’t break the laws of their country, but they are not willing to be measured against the ‘good person standard’ mentioned in the bible. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons they disregard the bible, and convince themselves and others that the bible is not as divine as it claims to be. They know they would be found wanting when the bible is used to measure their perceived righteousness, so it’s proper for them to discredit the bible.

Solomon came to his conclusion about man’s unrighteousness by reading the Law of God (10 commandments), and he realized that there’s not a person in the world who has never broken the Law. He concluded that there is “not a righteousness man on earth” who does not break the Law, and all people sin. Having witnessed to a person and showed him how he has broken God’s Law, he asked me if I’m innocent of breaking the Law (7th commandment), while hoping to prove that I’m a hypocrite. I told him that yes I have also broken God’s Law, but the difference between me and him was that I recognized my sin and repented of it, and I’m trusting in Jesus for my salvation. I encouraged him to do the same, and he promised to do so the same night.

Are you a good person? Solomon says there’s no good person on earth, who never sins! You want to challenge Solomon’s conclusion and prove him wrong, even though he was the wisest person who ever lived? You can do so by answering these questions honestly:

• Have you ever lied? • Have you ever stolen anything, regardless of its value?

• Have you ever looked at a person with lust?

• Have you ever hated anyone?

• Have you ever jealously wanted something that belongs to another?

If your answer to one of these questions is yes, then Solomon has already been proven right. You have sinned, not only against people, but also against God. Breaking God’s Law comes with judgment, just as breaking the Law of your country comes with judgment. But you can find forgiveness from God, by repenting from your sins and trusting Jesus for your salvation.


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  1. Balstrome said

    Have you rza ever judge a person.

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