Careless words of Kelly O’Connor

I have never been saddened by the words of another human being as I was saddened by the words of Kelly O’Connor. During ABC News Nightline 2007 debate titled ‘Does God Exist’ between Way of the Master (Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron) and Rational Response (Kelly O’Connor and Brian Sapient), Kelly and Brian were asked a question from the TV audience.

Since both Kelly and Brien were debating fiercely against the existence of God, they were asked a question by a person from Nebraska and about five or six other people, the question was ‘what if you are wrong and God actually exists’. The first response from Brian was ‘which God’, and having been assumed that the question was referring to the Christian God then Brian answered and said ‘then we go to hell’. Kelly just simply said “my response to that would be that I would rather go to hell, than go to heaven and worship a megelow maniac tyrant”. Wow, I wondered if she knew what she meant by that, and I wondered if she understood what hell is and what happens in hell. The problem is that many atheists have a misconception of what hell is, and that misconception makes them think hell is a better option than to be with God in heaven.

I have a suggestion to Kelly O’Connor, if she really wants to experience what hell is all about and then make an informed decision on it. Here is a way to find what hell is:

  • Dig a 12 feet hole that you can’t get out of without outside help (Revelations 9:1-2)
  • Fill the hole with countless worms that can’t die, if possible (Isaiah 66:24, Mark 9:44-48)
  • Pour loads of oil into the hole and burn it until the fire is unstoppable(Matthew 13:42)
  • At midnight, take a three layer black cloth and blindfold yourself  (Matthew 8:12)
  • Then throw yourself into the hole, without anybody present who can hear your screams and offer help (Revelations 20:15)
  • Remain in the hole for an hour (Matthew 25:46)
  • Then enjoy yourself! (Matthew 25:30)

After you have experienced this, then you would know for certain what hell is, but instead of an hour in a 12 foot hole, hell would be for eternity (trillions of years made up of 365 24-hour-days).

Note: Don’t try this at home!

I don’t think Kelly O’Connor referred to this kind of hell, because this is the hell that is referred to in the bible, but she probably has her own version of hell where people would be having fun. And as she probably knows, that hell doesn’t exist, but she would be hoping that the biblical hell doesn’t exist as well.

What worried me the most about Kelly O’Connor’s careless words is the fact the bible says “but I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned” (Matthew 12:36-37). It also says God will judge people “of all the harsh words ungodly sinners have spoken against him” (Jude 15). It may be cool to blaspheme God and say all kind of things that will get a person applauds from her peers, but I wish she would stop and think about what she is doing.

Kelly, I wish God could have mercy on you as He did to me and many others, hell is no joke.




  1. Tyler Bell said

    “The problem is that many atheists have a misconception of what hell is, and that misconception makes them think hell is a better option than to be with God in heaven.”
    Perhaps you were just making a point about the severity of the bible’s description of hell but I think you have a misconception of what it means to be atheist. For an atheist, there is no hell. For most atheists, there is no afterlife at all. Death is simply the end of consciousness or being. So “I would rather go to hell” is really exactly the same as “I would rather not be.” which is exactly what an atheist expects anyway.

  2. eric said

    Religions are Stupid
    !!!! Throw Poo At Them!!!

  3. John said

    You have misrepresented the biblical description of hell, which is essentially a place without God’s intervention. A God who is powerless to intervene in the suffering of children in a cancer ward, or powerful enough, but doesn’t care because not enough people have prayed and praised him to earn his mercy for those children. Yeah, I’d rather be in ANY hell than hang around with that Dick.

    • Sharon said

      You response is vulgar. Try God for a year, you will understand the answers to your questions of why…and you will not only not be vulgar but you will not want to be vulgar…God’s Love is eternal and is perfect, educate yourself and see…He Loves you, no matter what vulgar you say, that’s how powerful God is…Can you do that, do you have that ability, reading your comments, you already answered that question. God is amazing Love and knowledge and wisdom, I will say a Prayer for you right now…Amen and God Bless you and your family and have a wonderful sunny week in God’s beautiful light!

      • Hal said

        Sharon you are vulgar. I could easily try god. He won’t save my daughter from that cancer. So therefore he’s a murderer. Why would I want to hang around with him. Or be at his mercy. He sounds like a psychopath. You sound like a cult follower. Get a grip.

    • Sharon you obviously have not read the entire description of hell in the bible. You should do that before you say such stupid things. Hell is described in many places in the bible and it is not used as a threat. It is a warning to try to keep people from going there. But you seem determined to stay on the fast track to get there. You foolishly blame God for cancer when it is the sin of humans that brought about cancer in the first place! God had a good reason for every rule He put into place. He did not make those rules in the hopes that we would break them. He made them in order to prevent things like cancer, HIV, abortion, children growing up in abusive homes and without fathers. But He is loving enough to give us free will which means we have a choice. We are not forced to serve Him. WE brought those things on ourselves when we made the WRONG choices. So try taking some responsibility for the part YOU have played in it instead of conveniently blaming God. You’re probably one of those people who is foolish enough to ask, “Where was God” when bad things happen. Where do you think He was?? He was right where you pushed Him…away from you.

      • Sharon I apologize…my reply was for John and Hal. Not you.

  4. Oriana said

    God have mercy of them!

  5. Igor Defyindsky said

    Does anyone even question the kind of entity who would create a place like that described in the blog? Salvation is not free, so long as it requires you to do something to receive it. A truly free gift is one that is given, regardless of whether you believe in it or not.

    • Oh like God is asking sooo much from all of you! He already did ALL of the hard parts. All He is asking for is our acceptance and our love after He gave His life for us. You all complain about what God is NOT doing for you. What have you done for Him? How dare you call him names and then wonder why He is not giving you everything you want?!
      If any of you had any idea what you’re even talking about then you would know that hell was NOT created for people. It was created for satan and his followers. You would also know that it is a place that you do NOT want to end up in. When faced with it, everyone of you will cower and change your attitude. If someone totally disrespected you, called you names and even refused to believe in you, would you invite them to come and live with you? There can be no sin and evil in Heaven. Therefore if you refuse to accept the FREE forgiveness of your sins (free because Jesus already paid the price for them) then YOU have refused to go to Heaven. So when you die…where else can you go? There are only 2 places that you can go when you leave this world. Your foolish refusal to accept the FREE forgiveness offered to you is YOUR choice. It is NOT God’s choice for you. He already did all of the work. He has made it so easy to be saved but you guys would rather sit here and gripe and complain about what you think He has not done for you. Stop acting like a bunch of selfish spoiled brats and thinking only of what you THINK God should do for you and try doing something for Him instead! How about thanking Him for all that He has already done for you! And if you dont know what He has already done for you then pick up a Bible and find out. When you die, if you go to hell it will ONLY be because you sent yourself there.

  6. Reignfyre said

    Atheists do not have a misperception of hell. Atheist don’t believe in hell. Atheists don’t believe in any religious mythology. You are so indoctrinated into your particular religion Brian’s response doesn’t even make sense to you. When he asks, “Which god” he is pointing out how ridiculous the question is. Yes, the person asking was probably referring to a the xian god of the bible since the debate was held in the U.S.. They could just have easily been asking about any of the other tens of thousands of gods believed in around the world or in history. Xians assume that “god” refers to their god because they know so little about religion. There isn’t just 1,2 or 3 religions. There are thousands!!! Threatening an atheist with hell is like threatening you with a killer unicorn. Would you consider that a credible threat? I certainly hope not. We think your god is make-believe. A bad fairy-tale for the indoctrinated & the foolish. It is easy to convert us. Bring us your evidence. If your evidence sucks then it won’t convert us. If your god actually exists & yet you provide bad evidence for his existence (like feelings) then really you are to blame for being a bad rep for your god. Fallen souls are on you.

    • No YOU are responsible for yourself. God has already given you more evidence than you deserve so dont try to blame Christians for your bad judgement. Its very simple. ANYONE who truly wants to know if God exists…and by that I mean the one true God of the Bible…can simply ask Him. He WILL answer. If you do not do what you can to find out then that’s on YOU. Perhaps you dont really want to know. But on the day that you stand ALONE before God you will have nobody to blame but yourself.

      • drpressure said

        How are you not getting this? Arguing that god will do this or god will do that is a waste of your energy- atheists do not have a belief in gods in general (including your god)

        It’s so circular. Christians just say you need to read the bible or ask god. But if you don’t believe in god then the bible is meaningless and there is no-one to ask…

  7. Polly Shore said

    To Sharon and Robin. As a man, I invoke Timothy 2:12

    I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man;[a] she must be quiet.

    It’s in your ‘good book’ so you must follow it.

  8. Rahul said

    All…the only think I ask and is the order of the day is that no one should judge each other as that’s not our duty. Everyone is answerable for his/her decision. Being vulgar against ones belief is uncalled for. Me, I am a believer and I would only say try Jesus. But that’s entirely upto the individual and not a force. Above all mis-interpreting the bible also is not the right way to go. I believe you should not debate nor argue about what you believe or not. It is your thing and it will take you where you want to go. To all believing Christians – love and compassion is top. Why do you feel you have defend God and specially when no one is attacking? The bible says “to be ready to give an answer when asked about the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear (of God)…” In all humility not by lashing back.

  9. Jon Sayna said

    Your a fucking idiot.

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