Lack of comprehension of the Law

Every country in the world has laws, and every citizen and visitors of that country are expected to obey those laws. The President of that country signs those laws into effect, while the police, persecutors and judges apply the same laws to everyone who is suspected of breaking them. All those who break the laws of that country are arrested, prosecuted and brought into swift justice. Those found guilty of breaking the laws are sentenced to prison, fine, house arrest or forced to make restitution for their transgression. In this country, nobody is above the law, and everybody can be brought into swift justice regardless of who he is or how sorry he is for breaking the laws. In South Africa, a former police chief, has just been convicted of corruption. He was charged with the crime while he was still in his position of power, and the long hand of justice finally caught up with him. A high court judge who presided over many high profile cases was also convicted of drunk driving, and his position wasn’t taken into account when the presiding judge handed the judgment to him. The law took effect!

If this world is God’s, which all evidence point to Him being the Creator, then why do we expect the difference in how His Law should be applied? Just like the President of the country signs laws into effect, God also wrote and ‘signed’ His universal Law into effect. His Law is called the Ten Commandments, and He expects everybody who lives in His universe to obey this Law. Everybody who breaks His Law will face the swiftness of justice, and nobody regardless of his position will escape the long hand of His justice. Every Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Buddhist, Agnostic, etc who breaks His Law will be sentenced to God’s jail, and His jail is called hell.

The only way for anybody to escape the swiftness of God’s justice, is through Jesus Christ. The bible says He’s a mediator; He stands between us and God the Judge, and pleads the case on our behalf (see 1 Timothy 2:5). He wins 100% of all cases He handles, and if He’s not your Lawyer then there’s no way you can avoid conviction, and hell awaits you.


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