Greatest Human Challenge

What do you think is the greatest challenge facing the world today? The answer should be easy enough. Let me give you clues:

  • Aids – according to Nelson Mandela
  • Global Warming – according to Al Gore
  • Terrorism – according to George W Bush
  • Poverty – according to various Aid Groups

You still don’t get it? The answer is death! Death is the biggest challenge facing humanity, and there’s nothing humans can do about it. The latest statistics on death is that 100% of all humans die. This is the only statistic in the world that doesn’t need auditing, yet many people are not shocked by death anymore.

But the most interesting statistic on death is that 2 people die every second, according to CIA World Fact Book. By the time you count to 60 seconds, more than 100 people would have died. Every hour that number would increase to 6 250 people dead. Every day that passes, 150 000 people die over the world. reports that 25 000 people die of hunger related causes every day, while USAID reports that 5 500 people die of AIDS every day, UN reports that around 420 people die every day (150 000 every year) from Global Warming effects, and Wiki says 87 people die of terrorism every year. While great men like Mandela, Al Gore, Bush, Ban Ki Moon, and many others are doing all they can, there are still 80% of people who die every day without being victims of Aids, Poverty, Terrorism or Global Warming. Unfortunately or fortunately for you, you are likely to fall under this 80%, of which 53% will die in their sleep. But why should you care? A wise man that lived 3500 years ago once looked at the issue of death and he is credited with these quotes:

  • death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart (Ecclesiastes 7:2)
  • no one has power over the day of his death (Ecclesiastes 8:8)

 I am not an activist, but shouldn’t we try and find out what happens to a person after he dies seeing that death is the greatest tragedy that has befallen humankind? Do you know what will happen to you after you die? If you know, then how do you know, and what makes you so certain? People like Bill Wiese, Ian Cormack, Earthquake Kelly, and many others are said to have seen heaven and hell having been on the other side of life. They are certain that heaven and hell are two options that are available to people after they die. There is not a person who has had an experience of reincarnation, so there’s no reason to believe that people get reincarnated after they die and live again as a new different person. If heaven and hell are all there is, then are you good enough to go to heaven? Are you a good person?

If ever there was a ‘good person test’ to determine entry into heaven, then the Ten Commandments will be the test. Let’s look at half of the Ten Commandments:

  • The 10th commandment says you shall not covet. Have you ever jealously wanted something that belongs to another person?
  • The 9th commandment says you shall not lie. Have you ever told a lie, regardless of the reasons?
  • The 8th commandment says you shall not steal. Have you ever stolen anything regardless of its value?
  • The 7th commandment says you shall not commit adultery. Jesus said “anyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:28). Have you ever looked at a woman with lust, and undressed her with your eyes? Have you as a woman ever looked at a man with lust?
  • The 6th commandment says you shall not murder. “Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer” (1 John 3:15). Have you ever hated anyone?

 Are you still confident that you will go to heaven, even after you have broken the Ten Commandments? Or do you think God will not punish you because He’s a good God? The bible says God “will not leave the guilty unpunished” (Nahum 1:3). Every Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, and Agnostic who breaks the Ten Commandments will be sentenced to hell. Revelation 20:15 says hell is a lake of fire. Psalm 11:6 says it’s a horrible tempest. Psalm 18:5 says it’s a place of sorrows. Matthew 13:42 says it’s a place of wailing, a furnace of fire. Luke 16:23 says it’s a place of torments. Matthew 8:12 says it’s a place of outer darkness. Revelation 14:11 says it’s a place of unrest. Luke 16:24 says it’s a place where people scream for mercy. Matthew 25:46 says it’s a place of everlasting punishment.

The only way for the guilty Ten Commandments breakers like us to get a pardon from God is through Jesus Christ. The bible says Jesus is a mediator; He stands between us and God, and pleads our case (see 1 Timothy 2:5). Through His death on the cross, Jesus took the punishment that we deserved for breaking Ten Commandments, and He was punished on our behalf, so we can get pardoned. It was a gift that we didn’t deserve. All we need to do is stop breaking Ten Commandments (repent from our sins), apologize to God, and trust in Jesus Christ. You trust in Jesus Christ by reading the bible and doing what it says.


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