Solomon’s Proverbs – Adulterous women

I have always been fascinated by the wisdom of the ancient King of Israel, King Solomon, and the bible says he was the wisest man who has ever lived. I remember writing a short summary of what he studied during his life, and I declared that no man who has ever lived had a better resume that him. In an article called ‘God created science’ I said King Solomon was a “Botanist, Zoologist, Ornithologist, Herpetologist and Ichthyologist, and a song writer of 1 005 songs…..who also wrote 3000 proverbs”. And I asked if there ever has been a man with a better resume, and somebody said Leonardo Da Vinci’s resume was as impressive if not better. In this series, I would be looking at some of the most fascinating proverbs and teachings that King Solomon has ever written.  

A friend of mine told me a story of a woman at his church that was caught cheating by her husband. This woman was having an affair with her husband’s best friend, who also happened to be a member of the same church and was also married. The woman forgot to log off her Facebook account while at home, and her husband stumbled at the messages between the two adultery birds. Not only did he discover that his wife has been having an affair with his best friend, but he also found out that this has been going on before he even married her. The husband in anger told people at the church, and also told the wife of his best friend, while on the other hand the affair raised questions about the paternity of their little boy. A moment of sexual pleasure had caused two families to disintegrate, caused a scandal at church, and ruined the life of a young little boy. An adulterous woman wasn’t even apologetic, but she tried to find ways to excuse her immorality.

Solomon also encountered adulterous women in his time, given the number of times he writes about them. In one of those times, he said “This is the way of an adulteress: She eats and wipes her mouth and says, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong.’” (Proverbs 30:20). The most stupid thing any woman can do to her family is cheat on his husband, hence Solomon said “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down” (Proverbs 14:1). I have never known adulteresses to confess, and they are likely to keep an affair for years even if it killed them inside. Had the subject of our story above not been caught, then she would have kept the affair for decades and even had kids with the guy she was having an affair with. She would have let her husband continue thinking the children are his, when they were not. There are no people who are as ruthless as adulteresses, and unlike adulterers they have no sorrow whatsoever, and when questioned about their affairs then they would likely cry and then apply reverse psychology on their husbands. As Solomon said, they know how to wipe their mouths and say they have done nothing wrong, and they’ll say this with tears on their faces, hence Solomon said “the mouth of an adulteress is a deep pit” (Proverbs 22:14).

But adulteresses are slaves, and they are not even aware they are. They are slaves to wickedness, and they don’t have control over their bodies but it is sexual desires that control them. They jump from bed to bed, and in the end they sell their souls to the devil. The very bodies that are meant to be the Temple of the Holy Spirit are used to gratify the demonic desires, and are used as transmitters of sexual diseases that kill millions of people every year. Adulteresses are not aware that when they commit adultery they are not only sinning against their own bodies, but they are also sinning against God, their husbands and children. In the mind of an adulteress, she is smarter than all those women who got sexually transmitted diseases through adultery, but she doesn’t realize that God will soon give her over to her evil desires to her detriment (see Romans 1:24) . She thinks the hand of God is too short to bring her to account, and she ignores the 7th commandment that says ‘you shall not commit adultery’ (Exodus 20:14). But God “will not leave the guilty unpunished” (Nahum 1:3). Every adulteress will be brought into account for destroying the lives of her husband, children, and other people who got hurt by her adultery. But most importantly, all adulteresses will be brought into account for breaking the 7th commandment, and there will be hell to pay.



  1. Hector Suarraze said

    Hi, I know one adulteress who never confessed, even though a lot of people knew she was guilty. I even knew. When they finally get caught they always try blame someone else. The one behind getting her caught, like a family member of the hubby or the hubby himself. Even after they cheated they can still say what they don’t really mean. Oh please don’t leave me .. I love you, I didn’t mean to hurt you, It isn’t what you think, I just made a (legitimate?) mistake. It isn’t a mistake when they know right from wrong and they know they are married. I didn’t mean to hurt you really means – You wasn’t supposed to find out / I wasn’t supposed to get caught. I’m telling you the truth, please believe me – boo hoo. What that really means is – Don’t believe your eyes, anyone else or evidence.

    I got a distant cousin who did as you mentioned above. I don’t know what was going in their lives at time, but they started going to church. This went on for awhile and then he got in with another man’s wife (who he met a church) and they shacked up together. Sad! My Ex_Wife was cheating with her Boss and she never admitted it. The Boss destroyed 3 or more marriages, including his own. It is hard to believe he has such little regard for other people’s lives. He couldn’t have slept with any of those wives if they hadn’t let him.

    I read in Daily Mail UK, that women cheat far more then men and they are much better at lying / covering it up. I think it has always been that way.

    “Think men are the unfaithful sex? A study shows WOMEN are the biggest cheats – they’re just better at lying about it.”

    The link is below. Thank You for the (your) good read. It contains a lot of truth!–theyre-just-better-lying-it.html

  2. Shane Hensen said

    How do you confront your wife when you believe she is having an affair but aren’t sure? I suspect my wife is having an affair, but then I convince myself I am wrong? My wife is no longer intimate with me. She talks about a coworker often. The relationship seems to go beyond what a reasonable person would consider a working relationship. I am struggling with this; it is starting to affect my ability to function. When I ask her if something is wrong she says there is nothing wrong, but a marriage without intimacy that once existed is a sign of a problem to state the obvious.

  3. Betrayed Wife said

    My husband repeatedly lied to me about his relationship with an engaged female coworker. He created a secret email account so they could talk without my getting upset. I was the crazy one according to them… for when I tried to tell her fiance about their private email, she and my husband threw me under the bus and explained I was getting upset over a trashy email from many, many years ago that was nothing and they also told her fiance that I was jealous of her being “friends” with my husband. The fiance, bought this story and with his fiance, went around the office calling me “Crazy (my name)” and my husband allowed it!!!! Finally my husband admitted to an emotional affair and said he was ending it and felt awful for his mistake. Sadly, his relationship only progressed into a sexual relationship. All the while, he was lying to me and telling me it was over. Then, I caught him in a hotel with her. I could see under the door and saw his shoes and her run across the room in only her panties. She felt NO REMORSE for hurting a wife, young children, or her own fiance. She claims to be a christian woman and wears a cross around her neck. My husband told me, she feels she has the right to do what she did w/o feeling bad, bc I tried to break up her engagement?!?!?

  4. SavedbyGraceAlone said

    Our society trivializes affairs. In reality, they destroy people like a nuclear bomb to the soul. In addition, affairs ruin people financially (proverbs 5:10). If we want to rebuild our society, we should preach hard and long against adultery-and make wise decisions on whom you should maryy! If your fiancé seems a little shaky now, they will destroy you later on-guaranteed.

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