Your Charge Sheet

You are at home at night, watching your favorite show on TV, when suddenly you hear a knock on the door. A shout from your door says “its police, open the door”. You are wondering what the police want from your house, because as far as you know you are a good person and have not broken the law. You open the door with confidence; confidence in the fact that you are not a criminal, as such you have nothing to worry about. You greet the police officers with a smile and ask them what you can do for them, when suddenly they shove you down to the ground, hold your hands against your back and put chains on you. Screaming and crying, you ask them what you have done, and remind them of your rights and how they are infringing them. You threaten them with a lawsuit, and tell them you want your lawyer and you want him now. And they reply and say you are under arrest, for 250 000 criminal acts, ranging from conspiracy to murder, corruption, and theft. At this point, you scream your innocence, because you know full well that you have never conspired to kill anybody, nor have you committed corruption or theft. You are certain that this is just a great misunderstanding, and as soon as you get to the police station then all of this will be sorted, and the police will see that they have the wrong person. But the police officers reply and say “we have video recordings of all your 250 000 crimes, and you are going away for a very long time, you are going to spend your whole life in jail”. You think to yourself and wonder what these people are talking about, and you tell them that this is not a joke anymore, but they drag you out of the house against your will to the back of the police van.

You get to the police station, and the first thing they do is hand you a charge sheet, and indeed they are charging you with 250 000 criminal acts, and to make things worse they refuse to grant you bail. You ask to call your lawyer and they throw you the phone. Your lawyer comes to the police station and he comforts you and tells you not to worry because he’ll sort everything out, and you have a sigh of relief, afterall he’s an incredible lawyer and he’ll convince them that they have the wrong person. He speaks to the investigating officer in a sarcastic way, and ask him if he knows what he’s doing because it’s crazy for anybody to be charged with 250 000 criminal acts. The investigating officer, anticipating the lawyers’ response to the charge sheet, just smiles and shows the lawyer the rest of the docket and the overwhelming video evidence for all those 250 000 crimes.  The lawyer watches 2 of those videos in the police archive, and there’s no doubt that indeed the charges are valid and can be proven in court without a shadow of doubt. Seeing this overwhelming evidence, the lawyer immediately contact the prosecuting team and try to see if there can be a guilty plea deal that he can negotiate for you. But the prosecuting team tells him plainly that they are not negotiating, and they are pushing for conviction and the maximum sentence for your crimes. The lawyer comes back to tell you the bad news, and suddenly what you thought was a bad nightmare becomes a reality. The lawyer tells you that there’s no way you can win the case, so it’s better you plead guilty right away and hope for the judge to have mercy on you. You can’t believe your lawyer can say such a thing even though your life is hanging by a thread and you don’t even remember committing the crimes, which makes you fire him on the spot and start calling around for a new lawyer, but no lawyer in town wants to take your case.

You then ask the investigating officer to clarify the charges to you and how they came up with the evidence. The investigating officer then says “we have been recording all your thoughts and deeds for the last 70 years of your life; and your thoughts are enough for us to charge you with conspiracy to commit thousands of crimes, while your deeds testify that you are the criminal of the highest order, and we have video evidence to prove all the crimes on the charge sheet”. You think about the things that used to occupy your mind, and you know you are guilty. You once thought about how nice it would be to rob a bank and live off the proceeds of your crime, and the police have all this on video. You now remember that you once wished your distant relative could die and leave all his money to you. All of a sudden, you realize just how evil your thoughts are.

I admit it, it’s just a story, and there’s no truth in it, so you can relax now. But then again perhaps you have a lot more to worry about, because there is indeed a video camera that is recording every thought and actions you have ever committed.  This video camera, with thousands of GBs in memory space, is called the Book of Life, and it records everything you have ever done, thought about or intended to do. One day you will stand trial on thousands of sins you have ever committed against God, and this video camera will be used to convict you, and you will stand guilty in front of the most righteous and just Judge of all, God Almighty. As a good judge does, He won’t have mercy on you and your tears won’t blackmail Him, but He’ll throw the book on you and He’ll make sure that you get the maximum sentence for your thousands sins. The bible says “there is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy” (James 4:12). It also says “God will judge men’s secrets” (Romans 2:16), and He will “judge everyone, and to convict all the ungodly of all the ungodly acts they have done in an ungodly way, and of all the harsh words ungodly sinners have spoken against him (Jude 14-15).

Almost every person in the world sin against God more than ten times each day, and that number totals 250 000 in 70 years, and here’s how you can know how many times you have sinned against God today:

  • The 10th commandment says you shall not covet. Have you ever jealously wanted something that belongs to another person?
  • The 9th commandment says you shall not lie. Have you ever told a lie, regardless of the reasons?
  • The 8th commandment says you shall not steal. Have you ever stolen anything regardless of its value?
  • Jesus said “anyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:28). Have you ever looked at a woman with lust, and undressed her with your eyes? Have you as a woman ever looked at a man with lust?
  • “Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer” (1 John 3:15). Have you ever hated anyone?

 Are you guilty of sinning against God? The bible says God “will not leave the guilty unpunished” (Nahum 1:3). Every Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, and Agnostic who sins against God will be sentenced to His jail, and God’s jail is called hell. Revelation 20:15 says hell is a lake of fire. Psalm 11:6 says it’s a horrible tempest. Psalm 18:5 says it’s a place of sorrows. Matthew 13:42 says it’s a place of wailing, a furnace of fire. Luke 16:23 says it’s a place of torments. Matthew 8:12 says it’s a place of outer darkness. Revelation 14:11 says it’s a place of unrest. Luke 16:24 says it’s a place where people scream for mercy. Matthew 25:46 says it’s a place of everlasting punishment.

The only way for the guilty sinners like us to get a pardon from God is through Jesus Christ. The bible says Jesus is a mediator; He stands between us and God, and pleads our case (see 1 Timothy 2:5). Through His death on the cross, Jesus took the punishment that we deserved for sinning against God, and He was punished on our behalf, so we can get pardoned. It was a gift that we didn’t deserve! All we need to do is stop sinning against God (repent from our sins), apologize to God, and trust in Jesus Christ. You trust in Jesus Christ by reading the bible and doing what it says.


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