Teaching of hell should be illegal

An athiest friend wrote an article calling for the ban on hell preaching, and I was shocked and decided to write him and email. This is how it went:

> On 10 August 2010 05:56, <sello.rasephei@webmail.co.za> wrote:

> > F,

> >

> > Long time. I just read your article, and I see that you are calling for

> > teaching of hell to be banned. Didn’t you tell me that you fought for

> > democracy in South Africa, of which I appreciate, but what is democracy

> if

> > people are not allowed freedom of speech? Or is freedom of speech not

> part

> > of your definition of democracy?

> >

> > I find it weird that you spend your time saying all bad things against

> > Christianity, and no one denies you the right to say them, yet you are

> > looking to deny Christians their right to practice their religion. I

> think

> > that’s hypocritical, what do you think? My guess is that you are worried

> > abour children’s exposure to the teachings of hell, but you yourselves

> are

> > offended by any mention of hell. I think your conscience is troubling

> you,

> > and you are taking it out on the teachings of hell.

> >

> > I’ll leave you with this quote from Charles Spurgeon:

> > “the only real argument against the Bible is an unholy life. When a man

> > argues against the Word of God, follow him home, and see if you cannot

> > discover the reason of his enmity to the Word of the Lord. It lies in

> some

> > sort of sin”

> >

> > I advice you not to go the same route as apartheid government, by using

> > political hardship to silence your critics.

> >

> > Regards

> > Sello Rasephei

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> Subject: Re: Teaching of hell should be illegal

> From:    “F

> Date:    Tue, August 10, 2010 03:48

> To:      sello.rasephei@webmail.co.za

> ————————————————————————–

> Hello, Sello

> Thanks for the e-mail. I don’t deny the right of anyone to believe what

> they

> choose, as long as that belief is not harming anyone. There are many things

> I don’t like about Christianity and one of them is the teaching of hell. I

> would deny anyone the teaching of anything that would harm, especially

> children, and I have seen many adults who have suffered greatly since

> childhood because of their fear of hell. Yes, I did fight for democracy in

> South Africa and I was proud to have done so.

> I don’t deny freedom of speech as long as the speech does no harm. I

> condemn

> free speech when the speakers speak hatred, violence or abuse. UNICEF has

> areas in which it travails to protect children; physical abuse, sexual

> abuse

> and mental abuse. To me and many others, the teaching of burning for all

> eternity is mental abuse, however you look at it, and I am saying that

> unless those who teach it can prove that it really exists then they should

> not be allowed to teach it.

> Hell only exists in the mind, like heaven(unless someone can prove that

> either really exists) and I object strongly to the teaching of fear in

> children, especially fear of something that probably doesn’t exist.

> The burning hell of which some Christian sects teach(not all of them do,

> thank goodness!) is a later construct in Christianity. The OT teaches of

> Hades, which is a place of eternal sleep, not a horrific, burning place.

> When the Romans designed their Christianity, fear was a great part of the

> teaching in order to control people. Most modern people don’t accept

> control

> by fear, and neither should anyone, let alone children.

> If Christianity is to survive, then it will need to modify its teachings as

> people become better educated, especially when it comes to areas of

> teaching

> fear, fire and brimstone, hatred against minorities, etc.

> There are many writings about the concept of hell. I particularly like the

> following:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Problem_of_Hell

> I’m not trying to silence anyone except those who fill children’s minds

> with

> fear. Modern life is difficult enough for children and young people without

> filling their heads with nonsense about writhing in fiery agony for all

> eternity unless they obey the teachings of someone who most probably

> doesn’t

> exist.

> Please give my regards to your wife and I hope your children are well.

> F

On 10 August 2010 20:09, <sello.rasephei@webmail.co.za> wrote:

> Hi,

> The kids and the family are well, I hope your family is doing well.

> I don’t think you are correct, because in places like South Africa and the

> US for instance, 80% of the population has heard about hell and have been

> preached to about hell and it’s existence. Yet with all this fire and

> brimstone preaching people are still mentally sound. In fact if hell

> preaching was a danger to society, then the majority of US population

> would have been in mental institutions, but the opposite is the case. So

> there is no psychological evidence whatsoever that hell preaching is

> mental abuse of anybody. Unless of course you will provide a sound

> research with statistics that prove that people who were indoctrinated on

> hell have mental problems.

> By the way, hell is mentioned in the Old Testament as a place of

> suffering. Read Isaiah 66:24 for instance. I’m glad you recognise the Old

> Testament because it was written many centuries before Romans ever took

> control of the world. So I hope yo won’t continue claiming that hell is a

> New Testament teaching that got added into the bible by Romans.

> There’s nothing that can stop Christianity, not even the AK-47s of

> Islamists as it is the case in Muslim countries or the court cases of

> atheists in the US. Christianity is based on the resurrection of Jesus

> Christ, and if He didn’t get resurrected then it will vanish. So we can

> preach anything in the bible and still be relevant in any society, and the

> church will continue to grow. The survival of Christianity doesn’t depend

> on Christians, it depends on the sovereignity of God.

> Regards

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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: Teaching of hell should be illegal]

From:    “F

Date:    Wed, August 11, 2010 03:19

To:      sello.rasephei@webmail.co.za


Hi, Sello

80% of the Christian population may have heard of hell, but it hasn’t

necessarily been preached at them. I came through the Christian system(a

Protestant) and I’d never been taught about hell.

You also need to understand that only 30% of the World’s population is

Christian, so 70% of people are not interested in Christianity or what

Christians preach. There are many ex-Christians on the ExChristian.net site

who have been terribly affected by the teaching of a dreadful hell. This is

why I started my mission in the first place.

Catholics, Protestants, Seventh Day Adventists, Christian Scientists,

Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Unity Church don’t teach that hell is a fiery

place. Some of them reject hell entirely, some says it’s eternal, some say

it isn’t.

The Old Testament was written in the Bronze Age by zealous priests or

scribes and most of it is total nonsense. Really, how much of it have you

read? Read Leviticus without having a good laugh.

Christianity will die when the last of the people with susceptible minds

become fully educated. With education, people soon realise that gods are

invented and exist only in people’s imaginations.

If you were not so over-enthusiastic about your belief you’d be able to

research with an open mind and you’d discover where the Christian god

originated, where the invention came from. Research El(or Eli or Il), you’ll

see that Yahweh was one of El’s 70 sons and was assigned to the Israelites

as one of their gods(and they had many). Research Horus and Mithras.

My Pentacostal pastor friend fears for my soul because I’m an atheist. I

fear for his sanity because he isn’t. He swears that god has sat alongside

him in his truck.

If people choose to believe, that is their prerogative, if it gets them

through life, that’s fine, but my life is clearer because I don’t need the

crutch that Christianity provides.



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Subject: [ Re: Teaching of hell should be illegal]

From:    sello.rasephei@webmail.co.za

Date:    Wed, August 11, 2010 12:30

To:      f



Many people have had hell preached to them and they are sane. And anyone

who can write an article about hell is even more sane, which is what the

people at ex-Christians.net are doing. They are not only capable of

writing articles against God, but they declare themselves to be

intellectually superior to Christians and they mock Christians on that

basis. Those are not signs of mental abuse, but signs of arrogance that is

able to survive any indoctrination. By the way, you know I spent a lot of

time on that site and I debated almost everybody, and I can tell you that

the people in there are not suffering from mental abuse from hell

indoctrination, but they are suffering from a need to gratify and justify

their sinful desires. This is what’s at the core of atheism, they were

tired of obeying ‘bronze age’ commandments, so they had to be relieved

from them so they can do as they please.

By the way, who do you know who has suffered mental abuse from hell fire

indoctrination, and as a result had to undergo psychological evaluation?

I know people who classify the denominations you have mentioned as cultic,

but I won’t do that. All I can say is that if Jesus preached about hell

more than anybody in the bible, then why do they see a need not to preach

about it? It’s either they are liars about hell not being a literal place,

or Jesus is a liar. If Jesus is a liar then they are stupid for basing

their whole lives on a liar and by calling themselves by His name. Any

Christ-ian who thinks Jesus is a liar and a freak for preaching about hell

should denounce Christ-ianity, and should want nothing to do with Jesus

Christ. But they won’t denounce Jesus Christ and Christ-ianity because

they know that they are the ones who are liars, and not Christ.

Before there was creation, there was God. Creation would have never

existed had there been no God who created it. Nothing can create anything,

and it’s foolish to believe so.

I’m glad there’s a person who’s concerned about your salvation, because

you are on a downward spiral that leads to doom. I’m more worried and I

hope I’m wrong and God hasn’t given up on you, because that would be the

most heartbreaking situation anybody can find themselves in. The bible

says “A man who remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be

destroyed—without remedy” (Proverbs 29:1). I hope you are still within a

remedial confounds of God’s care.

I hope you won’t be surprised, but what you are doing is actually a

fulfillment of a 2000 year old prophecy (talk about bronze age). The bible

talks about a time when Christians world-wide will be killed because of

their testimony of preaching the bible as it is (See Revelations 6:9,

20:4). Many prophetic teachers and evangelists are convinced by this, and

they believe that it’s only a matter of few years because governments

start clamping down on this. It’s no wonder countries like the UK are

clamping down on street peachers and telling them that they are preaching

hate speech, and the US is considering such bill as well. Reality is that

your efforts will succeed, but it will succeed because prophecy will have

to be fulfilled. I wish you will take heed and not be part of prophecy,

but have nothing to do with it. The more you continue with this drive of

yours then it’s the more you over step the thin line of God’s providence

and mercy, and you’ll be cut off from God’s grace forever.

The length of my reply is consistent with the love and care I have for

you, not because I’m scared you will succeed and the UN will clamp down on

Christians. Before I became a Christian, I counted the cost of following

Jesus, and I’m willing to take my cross to the end, so I’m not worried

about any censorship and it won’t stop me from preaching the bible as it

is. You don’t believe there’s God, I on the otherhand not only believe but

know there is God. So I’m hoping you will never ever have to fall into the

hands of this living God. The bible says “It is a dreadful thing to fall

into the hands of the living God” (Hebrews 10:31).

I hope you will reevaluate your life, and see the need for a savior.



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