An atheist in a Titanic

In his work, The Evidence Bible, Ray Comfort compares God’s plan of salvation to the Titanic. He says “many more (people) on board could have been saved, but they refused to believe that the great unsinkable ship was sinking” (emphasis added) (1).

I also think an atheist is very similar to the people who were aboard the Titanic and refused to jump onto the lifeboats until it was too late. They held on to the theory that the Titanic was unsinkable and they ignored every warning that was given to them. I’m certain there were even those who were laughing when others were scrambling for lifeboats so they can save their lives. Their faith in the theory that the Titanic was unsinkable blinded their mind to the reality they were facing. Before they went aboard the ship, they were told many times by the engineers and other Titanic staff about how unsinkable the ship was. But they ignored the fact that the ship had never hit the iceberg before, so all they had was a theory that had never been tested.

So it is with an atheist today! A modern atheist is smart enough not to trust bold statements and theories by engineers, after all he has the Titanic as proof that engineers can really mess up, but he’s foolish enough to believe all statements and theories made by evolutionary biologists. These evolutionary biologists tell him that a human is not accountable to God, since he was not created by Him, so all he needs to do is enjoy life and while at it laugh at those who are scrambling for lifeboats. But this atheist doesn’t understand that all he has is a theory, and he is fast approaching an iceberg that will sink him and bring him to his death. And when death comes he will need a lifeboat that is Jesus Christ, but it won’t be available then, and he will perish like those who perished with the Titanic because they refused to jump onto lifeboats when there was still time.

A Christian on the other hand is like those who went for the lifeboats as soon as the ship hit the iceberg. All they relied on was the warning that the ship has hit the iceberg, even before they were any overwhelming evidence that the ship will indeed sink. They knew the theory that the ship was unsinkable, but they also knew that the iceberg can sink a ship, so they went for the lifeboats. They left the Titanic in empty lifeboats amid jeers from their friends and family, but they feared for their lives and they were prepared to face the sea in a lifeboat than in a proclaimed unsinkable ship that just hit the iceberg. It took some time, but the Titanic did indeed sink, and those on lifeboats survived, while the ship sank with many aboard.

A Christian today also knows all the theories that say God won’t destroy the earth because He doesn’t exist. But a Christian is smart enough to jump into a lifeboat that is Jesus Christ, amid jeers from friends and family. He knows that an iceberg is ahead, and all who are on the Titanic will perish.


  1. The Evidence Bible. Springboard for preaching and witnessing, Hebrews 2:10.

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