A hypocrite’s question

There are people who ask why God doesn’t prevent evil from happening. They say philosophically that if God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient then He should be able to prevent evil from happening, especially since He’s the God of love. But I put it to you that there are no people who are as hypocritical as those who question God’s attitude towards evil. Reality is that such people have a twisted idea of what evil is. They think evil is only evil when it affects them negatively, but they consider evil to be good when they are the ones who do it or benefit from it.

 A man thinks it would be evil for anyone to put a camcorder in the bedroom that he shares with his wife. But the same man watches movies where a video camera records sexual acts between men and women. Even though he would be offended if someone were to record his private moments with his wife, he somehow finds it entertaining when other people’s private moments are recorded and played on a cinema screen for his enjoyment. He doesn’t call for God to stop the evil that is played in our cinemas because he enjoys it, but he would cry out to God if his private moments were the ones showed on cinema, and he would be prepared to call God’s deity into question. The same man uses God’s (Jesus) name as a cuss word, and find that to be the best way to express himself, but he would be offended if his mother’s name was used as a cuss word. Any person who would misuse the name of his mother would be evil to him, but he considers himself a good person when he does the same thing to God’s name. To him evil is only evil when it offends him. How about a man that look with lust and undresses women he sees on the streets, thereby committing adultery (or rape) with them in his heart? Would he approve if men were doing the same to his wife, in his presence? He wouldn’t approve, in fact he would punch the perpetrator in the face and give him a hiding he won’t forget! Evil is subjective to such a man, in fact there is evil that he wouldn’t mind if God were to overlook as long as he’s not at the receiving end.

A hypocrite – a person who questions God’s attitude towards evil, has chosen a side that he is comfortable with and He expects God to follow suit. Because God doesn’t choose a side, then a hypocrite is left with no choice but to insult God and call Him immoral. To a hypocrite, he is the moral authority and God should listen to him, but God doesn’t get instructed by any man, He’s the one who do the instructing.



  1. The Truth Seeker said

    Why don’t you answer your own question instead of aimlessly answereing questions not even asked?

  2. Balstrome said

    Assumption (1): God exists.
    Assumption (1a): God is all-knowing.
    Assumption (1b): God is all-powerful.
    Assumption (1c): God is perfectly loving.
    Assumption (1d): Any being that did not possess all three of the above properties would not be God.
    Premise (2): Evil exists.
    Premise (3): An all knowing being would be aware of the existence of evil.
    Premise (4): An all-powerful being would be able to eliminate evil.
    Premise (5): A perfectly loving being would desire to eliminate evil.
    Conclusion (6): Evil does not exist. (from (1),(3),(4),(5))
    Contradiction: But evil does exist. (from (2))
    Conclusion (7): There is no being that is all-knowing, and perfectly loving. (from (2),(3),(4),(5))
    Conclusion (8): God does not exist. (from (7),(1d))

    • Assumption 1c is wrong, no wonder you came up with the premises and conclusions that you did. God is not perfectly loving, He is loving, merciful, gracious, righteous, just and judgemental. The god you mentioned in your posts doesn’t exist, and I’m glad you realised that. What you did is called idolatry, and it’s breaking the second commandment. You need to repent from idolatry, then you’ll see the God of the bible.

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