Is God taking revenge against heretics?

I couldn’t help but wonder if God is finally bringing into account the mega pastors who are but wolves in sheep’s skin. For the last decade we have seen an increased number of these mega pastors being exposed as frauds that they are, and I’m inclined to believe that God is finally taking his revenge against them, because they have desecrated His word and trampled upon it and encouraged others to do so.

The accusations that Eddie Long is facing, which I no doubt believe based on his theology and lifestyle, couldn’t come at a better time. It’s about time God cleans up this mess created by this money extorting so-called pastors. Personally, I hope we see more of these frauds being exposed, so the real church of God can be separated from this heresy and hypocrisy that is called Evangelical Christianity. But also it’s a warning to some of us that we need to hold strongly to what we believe, otherwise we’ll fall into the same sins they have fallen in.

I couldn’t believe my eyes (I was spiritually hurt) when I recently learned that John Hagee is in an adulterous marriage and for decades. I knew about his widely condemned salary of well over a million dollars a year, and I tried to excuse it by saying the majority of it is made up of royalties from his books sales. But when you add his heresy that Jews don’t need to be saved, and that Jesus was rich, then you clearly see the man for what he is. Then you have people like Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen and many others who are the main core on my favorite Christian network, GodTv. To say that these people are Christian pastors is to spit in the face of Him who died for the sins of the world, and I get embarrassed whenever I see these men on a Christian network that I donate to when I could. Why can’t we take a stand against these frauds, and stop referring to them as brothers and sisters when all they do is ravage the flock?

I’m thankful for preachers who still hold the word of God in the highest esteem. They are the reason I still watch networks such as TBN, GodTV, DayStar, etc. For their sake and the sake of the Gospel I wish prosperity to these networks, but God knows these networks are killing more souls than anything else on earth. God knows that it is these networks that have created homosexuals such as Eddie Long and Haggard, adulterers such as Hagee and McCauley, and heretics such as Meyer and Osteen.

Thank God for preachers like Jack Van Impe, David Jeremiah, Grant Jeffrey, Greg Laurie, Joe Piper, John McArthur, Ray Comfort, Franklin Graham, Angus Buchan and many others who preach the Word just as Jesus preached it. I couldn’t care less about what the heretics are going through, and I wish for their downfall. Those who pray for them are wasting their time, because God has rejected them (see 1 Samuel 16:1, Jeremiah 15:1).


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