The notebook: Young man being pure

I have a notebook that I used to carry everywhere with me, and I would write whatever God has laid on my heart after reading his Word. Nowadays I carry my laptop and 3G with me everywhere, to my wife’s irritation, so I can write whatever revelations God reveals in me. Here is what I wrote on the 03th Mar 2009, titled ‘Young man being pure’:

Psalm 119:9 says: “How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word”

God’s word is a light to a Christian’s path, without it a Christian is walking in darkness. With the devil knowing this amazing truth, he ensures that a Christians ignores the Word of God, so he can walk in darkness. One of the devil’s most successful strategies is to make Christians too busy to dwell on God’s Word. He knows that it doesn’t matter how strong a Christian is, but without the Word of God he/she will soon fall into sin. King David said “I kept your word in my heart, so I may not sin against you”. He knew that without God’s Word it’s inevitable to sin. Do I want to sin against God? Then why do I ignore His Word? I should keep God’s Word in my heart at all times, and I should meditate on it day and night, then my path will become straight and brighter. Young man, do you want to be pure? Then the Word of God should be your bread day and night. Don’t get the devil to dim your light and lead you into sin. Keep God’s Word in your heart!



  1. nwosu obinna. said

    i’v bn a christain 4 a long time.but i’v bin hving prblem in doing a real study on God’s spirit yearns so much 4 his word but each time i pray n plan 4hw i’m goin 2study God’s word,i liv each moment without studying but doing som mins reading which i hate.also hw can i avoid d issue of worldly desire like club fanatic bcos it steals my much time 4God.plz help me.i’m waiting desperately.Obinna.thks

    • Hi,

      You need to set up time every day to study the Word, and all the motivation you need is to remember that your salvation depended on it. I can assure you that without studying the Word then you will soon be tempted to sin, and unless you intend to sin then you have motivation to study the Word.

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