Jesus – Hollywood’s most hated name

Is there any other name in the universe that is hated as much as the name of Jesus is? Many will be surprised that I could even suggest that the name of Jesus is hated, when it’s clearly the most famous name in the world. But reality is that no other name in the world is as hated as the name of Jesus, and you only have to look at Hollywood movies for evidence.

The reason I hate Hollywood movies is because of its constant abuse of the name of Jesus, by using it to show disgust and substituting cuss words with the name of Jesus and God. How many times have you watched movies where actors said ‘O my G….”, or “Je..” to show disgust and curse? The movie had nothing to do with God or Jesus, but somehow the actors chose the name of Jesus to show their disgust. Have you ever seen a movie where the name of Hitler and Stalin were used to show disgust? In all the thousands of movies, drama series, documentaries and reality shows I have ever watched, there has never been a moment where an actor used the names of Hitler and Stalin as cuss words. This is surprising considering an overwhelming majority of Hollywood actors think Hitler and Stalin were evil men. If they were evil, as Hollywood agrees considering the movies on World War 2 and the indignation that Hitler and Stalin are subjected to, then surely it would make sense to use their names in vain. But none of the hundreds of movie directors and actors have ever used these men’s names as cuss words, but almost all of them have used Jesus and God’s names in vain.

Can you watch a movie where your mother’s name is used as a cuss word repeatedly? Would you continue to watch that movie even after you have repeatedly seen the disgust your mother’s name is subjected to? Reality is that none of us will watch any movie, regardless of the cast and how good the storyline is, if dishonor is going to be shown to our parents. Yet we drool over movies where our heavenly Father is dishonored and treated with contempt and disgust. It’s even worse when believers, who thank Jesus for their salvation, are the ones who watch these movies and see nothing wrong with them.

The third commandment says “you shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God” (Exodus 20:7), yet we see nothing with doing so, and we are convinced that it’s normal and acceptable to do so. Regardless of how acceptable it is for Hollywood to misuse the name of the Lord, it will forever be a sin in the eyes of God. Misusing God’s name is called blasphemy or slandering, and the bible says all slanderers will not inherit the kingdom of God (see 1 Corinthians 6:9-10).

Jesus, on the other hand gave a reason for the hatred and indignation that people are subjecting Him to. He said: “the world cannot hate you, but it hates me because I testify that what it does is evil” (John 7:7). The reason Hollywood hates Jesus and does everything possible to insult his name, is because Jesus stood against everything Hollywood stands for. He stood against looking with lust (see Matthew 5:28), while Hollywood encourages looking with lust, and produces movies that are aiming to encourage lust. Jesus stood against divorce and called it adultery (see Matthew 5:31-32), while more than half of the Hollywood’s elite actors and directors have divorced and remarried. Jesus stood against adultery (see John 8:1-11), while Hollywood feast on adultery and its movies encourages others to commit adultery. Jesus stood against religious hypocrisy (see Matthew 23:28), while Hollywood’s actors claim to be religious when there are no fruits to back their religion. Jesus said He was the only way to God (see John 14:6), while Hollywood says every way leads to God.

No wonder Hollywood hates Jesus, and does everything in its power to insult His name at every opportunity, because Jesus’ life and teachings contradicts the teachings and the way of life in Hollywood.

I will walk out of every movie that insults the name of Jesus and God.



  1. Balstrome said

    I will walk out of every movie that insults the name of Jesus and God.

    At leasts the movie house will have got your coin, grin.

    • I don’t want to come here and say movies are evil, because they are not, but I won’t advice anybody to watch a movie where the name of God is blasphemed because that might mean you are approving of the act. I like movies and I do watch them on cinemas, but I take care to look at the language ratings before I watch them. Of course there are some movies where blasphemy happens unexpectedly, and it’s in those movies where I’ll walk out, whether I paid or not.

      • Corb said

        Mybe not all movies are evil just about 90% of them.

    • sam said

      I never go to movies and if I for some reason need to see some flick I go to a tracker to get it. Mainly because I hate every value the entertainment business promotes

  2. Balstrome said

    Serious, I do not know why you getting upset about this, because the plain fact is that there are no gods. Really gods do not exist. Even your god, is just a made up copy from older gods.

  3. Sojam said

    When you pass out of this world, you will know whether God exist or not.
    No movie that blasphemy’s the name of God is worth watching.

  4. Kobus said

    Balstrome: And what if you are wrong?
    How sure can you be? Have you got any prove that there is no God?
    If I am wrong, well, when I die I’m just dead. Like sleeping. But if the Bible is right, what then. Is it worth the risk?

    • TheTruth said

      Pascal’s wager sucks donkey nads.

      You have a far higher chance of having picked the wrong god than I do to have erroneously come to the conclusion that there is no god.

  5. Michael said

    Athiests try to sound so new, original, and progressive with their worn out statements. They parrot the likes of Dawkins and Hitchins. (yawwwn, same ol, same ol) My belief is simple. There’s a purpose for this keyboard, that has a purpose for this computer, that has a purpose for our eyes, that serves a purpose for our brains, that serves a purpose for our directions, that serves a purpose for our lives. Then the question is asked, “was there an ultimate purpose giver behind all of the purposes before us?” the athiest then replies, “no.” LOLOLOL You guys call us irrational? Cmon. Lame!! – Mike the Believer in Jesus.

  6. Myk said

    I know this blog post is more than two years old so I doubt I’ll get any kind of a reply, or you’ll ever even read this, but as I’m such a pedantic know-it-all, I feel compelled to answer.
    It seems to me that your feelings on this matter come (at least partly) from paranoia. I understand perfectly how offended you must feel to see and hear God’s and Jesus’ names thrown around so casually, but to say that it’s done out of hatred is a pretty serious accusation.
    I’d argue that when it happens, it’s more because the speaker/scriptwriter just doesn’t respect those names the way you do. To really *hate* something, or someone, it or they must have a pretty important place in your life, but most people who use the names of God or Jesus in such a casual manner do so because they just don’t think the words are that important.
    I’m guessing that you’ll find this concept just as offensive as if the names really were being used out of hatred, out of deliberate intent to insult and blaspheme, but I really, honestly don’t think that such motives are really there.
    I don’t think that it’s really accurate either, to say that the names are used to show disgust or as any kind of curse… A few examples: Movie-Hero saves Movie-Damsel-in-Distress from falling into Movie-Villain’s shark pit, so she says, “OMG – Thankyouthankyouthankyou” or “OMG – I nearly died.” She uses the phrase ‘cos it’s such a deadly serious situation and emphasise how grateful she is, or how scared she was. “Thankyou” or “I nearly died” on their own just aren’t as meaningful. Taken completely literally, she’s basically saying, “In the name of God, thankyou for saving my life.
    TV-SitCom-Mum grounds TV-SitCom-Daughter for skipping school and TV-SC-D yells “OMG, you’re so mean to me! JC!”
    Much, much closer to a curse, but still only used to emphasise how angry and hurt she feels at being treated so (in her opinion) unfairly, and definitely not out of any desire to insult God.
    Those names aren’t used because they’re hated, but because they’re such *important* names and an easy (if disrespectful) way to show the strength of one’s feelings.
    If you do actually ever read this could you give some examples of times when you really think that somebody is deliberately using those names out of hatred? I’d be interested in debating the issue further.
    I’m curious about where the line is drawn between taking God’s name in vain, and otherwise? For example, if an astronaut landed on Mars, planted a flag and said, “In the Name Of God, and Jesus Christ, I claim this planet for my people,” would that be offensive to you? If not, where is the point where it does start to offend?
    One more quick point: I can’t think of any film I’ve ever seen that encourages and/or promotes adultery or divorce as good things… Yeah, such things are often seen in films or on TV, but as far as I’ve ever seen, always as bad things – the causes of misery and pain and as actions that bring negative consequences.

    I hope I managed to get my point across – my brain isn’t working properly today and I’m not completely sure that all of that made any sense…


  7. Myk, I don’t censor people’s comments, even if they disagree with me and put my religion in a bad light, I believe that every religion should be scrutinised and fairly criticised, and all world ideals should be put against one another and the best one should prevail. So I will never censor you on my blog.

    My problem with blasphemy is that it is only done against Jesus and God, but it is never done against Muhammad, Allah, Bhudda, Zeus, Satan, Obama, etc. Another problem is that blasphemy is meant to demean not to praise. You’ll find that people who are atheists and don’t even believe in the existence of God see nothing wrong with using the name of God and Jesus as cuss words, which clearly shows that it is not done as a means of praise. If we are trying to praise God and Jesus by using their names, why is it that we never hear people from Muslim countries doing the same thing with Allah’s name?

    I share an office with three Hindu colleagues, and they cuss Jesus’ name every day, and they don’t even believe in Him. So this shows that they are blaspheming and not praising.

    I have no problem with people praising God for their achievements, and that’s laudable, but not to use God’s name as a cuss word.

  8. cornepotch said

    Nothing is more upsetting! It is also very sad that the christian community is not doing much about it.

  9. If you look up a film at, you can know if it insults God before you pay to see it.

    Re. the atheist fanatics who troll Christian blogs to try to make us as miserable as they are (studies show religious people are happier than atheists), they really, really want us to believe their fairy tales.
    Yes, fairy tales.
    “Life spontaneously emerged from non-living chemicals” (violating the law of biogenesis).
    Not to mention:
    “Everything we see came about because nothing exploded for no reason a long, long time ago” (Dawkins in particular likes to tell this fantasy).

  10. Joel said

    Hollywood Jews use Jesus name in vain and the f word to corrupt Christians !! Plain and simple !!

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