Does Satan exist?

Many people, especially those who are atheist, refute the existence of Satan. Since they believe in the non-existence of God, they are compelled to refute any existence of a being that is different from them especially if that being is said to exist in the spiritual realm. To them they are the supreme beings, and nobody else is in control of the world system except them. They think Satan was created by religious people as a way to excuse the failures of religion, and to instil fear in the hearts of non-believers so they can realize their need for religion. But does Satan really exist or he’s just a myth created by religion?

We may not be able to physically pinpoint Satan, or lead you to his place of residence so you can see him, but we are certain of his existence because of the consequences that result from his character. The bible describing Satan says: “there is no truth in him, when he lies he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and a father of lies” (John 8:44). One thing Satan is famous for is being a liar, and lying he does better than anybody, hence the bible call him ‘a father of lies’. He is able to bring doubts into the hearts of men, and make the truth look like lies, while making a lie look like the truth. Have you ever heard of a proverb that says ‘lies travel faster than truth’? That proverb describes Satan and what he stands for. His main aim is to popularize lies and make them more attractive than the truth is, not only by twisting the truth but by also spreading lies as fast as possible. That is why we can today say ‘lies travel faster than truth’.

Telling lies is so special to Satan that the bible credits him with being the first ‘person’ in history to ever tell a lie and deceive a person. In the first glimpse of Satan we get from the bible, he made a visit to the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve were living, with the sole purpose of lying and deceiving Eve. (You can read the whole encounter on Genesis 3). This is how he did it:

  • He disguised himself as a snake (serpent)

Have you ever heard of a speaking snake, because there’s no such a snake and never will be? But Satan disguised himself as a snake, and the bible says he was ‘crafty’. Another meaning of the word ‘crafty’ is ‘sneaky’, meaning Satan sneaked into Eve so she wouldn’t realize him from afar. Had Satan disguised himself as a lion or any other animal, then Eve would have been aware of him from afar, and she could have avoided him. But Satan chose the craftiness of a snake so he can get close to Eve without her being aware.

I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a person who’s about to maliciously gossip or tell a lie to another person approaching the listener in a non-sneaky way. They usually sneak to the listener to ensure that the subject of the lie or gossip doesn’t catch them on the act, and to give the listener as little option as possible but to listen. That’s what Satan did, he wanted to give Eve as little chance as possible but to listen to his lies, and in that way he knew that he stood a chance of deceiving her.

When Satan is about to deceive you, he makes sure that he approaches you in a non-suspicious way and in a trustworthy place so you can listen to him nonetheless. That’s why the best places he uses to deceive many people is in institutions like schools, universities, television, radio and even churches in some cases. He knows that it’s in these institutions where people relax and let their guard down because they expect not to be deceived, but the opposite happens. Because people have built a lot of trust in these places, they are not prepared to believe that they can be deceived by these same institutions. (This is not to mean that these institutions are deceiving people). Just like Satan sneaked into Eve in the Garden of Eden, he still sneaks into people even today and find them with their guard down because they couldn’t see him from afar.

  • He questioned the Word of God

Militant atheists think they are the first people to have ever suggested that the bible is full of contradictions. They think they are best suited to refute the bible because of new scientific evidence or some wisdom they have gained in today’s world. But the first ‘person’ in history to have ever questioned the Word of God is Satan, and he not only questioned it but he ridiculed it as a myth. But isn’t it what atheists are doing today as well? Yes it is!

God had said to Adam and Eve: “you must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die”. This was the authoritative Word of God, and Adam and Eve were meant to obey it. But Satan said his most famous words to Eve, as he does today to everybody who has ever lived long enough in this world, he said: “did God really say that?” Almost every adult in the world has been faced with the same question, even though it might have come in a different phrase. The following might be some of the questions you have faced from Satan, just as Eve had faced a question from Satan:

  • Is the bible really reliable?
  • Is the bible really inspired by God?
  • Is the bible supposed to be taken literally?
  • Should the bible be used as the moral standard of the world?
  • Or is the bible even moral to begin with?


Whether we like it or not, we all have to face these questions at one point or the other in our lifetimes, and we should expect Satan to try and refute every answer we may be ready to provide for these questions. Satan asked Eve a question, and Eve responded, yet Satan came with a ‘rebuttal’ to Eve’s answer. Even though God had told Eve that she and her husband would surely die if they eat the fruit of the forbidden tree, Satan refuted Eve’s answer and said “you will not surely die”. Eve doubted God at that particular moment and she decided to believe Satan. But did God mislead Eve when He said she would surely die if she eats the fruit? No he didn’t! But by believing Satan’s ‘rebuttal’ and eating from the fruit of the forbidden tree, Eve started a circle of death that we still suffer from even today.

Unfortunately the story of Eve is a reflection of what goes on in the hearts and minds of people before they become atheist. Satan challenges their faith in the bible, and just like with Eve they end up believing Satan’s ‘rebuttals’ even though it’s not true. I have met a lot of atheists and they all say the same thing – the bible is full of contradictions. They’ll tell me that they once believed in the bible but they don’t anymore, because their eyes were opened when they started investigating the merits of the bible from a neutral point of view. As startling as this is, it’s the same promise Satan made to Eve after he offered his ‘rebuttal’ to her. He said to her “for God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil”. Satan’s ‘rebuttals’ of the bible always promise to open a person’s eyes and make them more smarter than they were, hence every atheist think he’s smarter now than he was while still religious. Satan had deceived Eve into thinking she’ll be more intelligent after eating the fruit and rebelling against God, and it’s the same promise Satan makes to many young adults even today. He has made atheism look intelligent; hence atheists think their rejection of God and the bible is based on intelligence and logic. Reality says otherwise, and atheism is based on nothing else but the same deception that Eve fell prey to 6000 years ago. So atheists have made the same mistake that Eve have made – thinking rejection of the laws of God brings wisdom, when it doesn’t.

Do you still think your rejection of God and the bible is based on intelligence, even though Eve thought the same thing many centuries ago? (Some of you are probably thinking Eve never even existed, and I wonder where that thought came from if not from the same man who deceived Eve).

  • Satan is a murderer

The other character of Satan that our secular world refuses to acknowledge is the fact that he is a murderer. The bible describing this character says ‘he was a murderer from the beginning” (John 8:44). If there is one thing you would need to know about Satan is the fact that he wants you dead. You probably don’t believe this, yet it’s the truth.

How do I know Satan is a murderer and wants you dead? Before Satan deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden, people were not subject to death and Adam and Eve were meant to live forever in this world. God had told Adam and Eve that they were meant to live forever, but they would die if they disobeyed Him by eating the fruit of the tree of life. At that point in time there was no death and Adam and Eve were determined to obey God’s Law so they can live forever. But Satan deceived them into disobeying God, not because he wanted pleasure in deceiving them and proving a point to God, but because he wanted them dead. Satan knew that the only way for people to die is to disobey God’s Law, by living a life of disobedience. Even though Satan deceived Eve, he knew that they would surely die if they disobey God’s command, and his main aim for going to see Eve that day was to kill her and Adam. Satan succeeded, and for the first time in history people started dying. That was the greatest victory for Satan in that he finally managed to get Adam and Eve to die. But Satan didn’t end there, as he’s still trying to get people killed, and you are the Adam and Eve of today and he still uses the same tactic to get you killed – deception.



  1. Balstrome said

    Again, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

    You fail, again to provide such evidence, so we can dismiss your claims.

  2. Balstrome said

    He made a man and a woman and placed them in a pleasant garden, along with the other creatures. they all lived together there in harmony and contentment and blooming youth for some time; then trouble came. God had warned the man and the woman that they must not eat of the fruit of a certain tree. And he added a most strange remark: he said that if they ate of it they should surely die. Strange, for the reason that inasmuch as they had never seen a sample death they could not possibly know what he meant. Neither would he nor any other god have been able to make those ignorant children understand what was meant, without furnishing a sample. The mere word could have no meaning for them, any more than it would have for an infant of days.

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