God does answer prayers, again.

In the previous article, God does answer prayers (link), I mentioned that God doesn’t answer prayers from people who are not born-again. Somebody would say, well it’s all good that you have to be born-again before God can answer your prayers, but I was born-again and still God didn’t answer my prayers. How do you explain that?

Firstly, a person becomes born-again because God answered his prayer for forgiveness, otherwise nobody would ever be born-again if God refused to acknowledge the “sinner’s prayer”. So the fact that you are now born-again is a testimony that God does answer a prayer. Would you have been born-again had you not asked forgiveness from God through a prayer? The answer is no! We may come to God in different ways, but in some way or the other we all had to confess our sins in prayer to God. Myself I was at work when I made a decision to be born-again, and I quickly went to the toilet and confessed my sins to God. I may not have followed an evangelist leading me to prayer, but I still recognised that I needed to ask for forgiveness from God in prayer, and He did answer that prayer. Had he not answered that prayer then I would still be in my sins, and that prayer would have been like any other prayer that goes unanswered.

So already we know for a fact that God does answer prayers, and nobody who is born-again can refute that, unless that person wasn’t born-again to begin with. Not only do we know that God does answer prayers, but we also know that He answer prayers immediately. Were you told to wait a couple of days before God can answer your prayer of forgiveness and repentance? No, you knew immediately that God heard and answered your prayers, and your sins were no more. Prophet Daniel was told the same thing after he had prayed to God for the sins of his nation that led to them being held captive in Babylon. God sent His angel, Gabriel, and he said to Daniel: ‘as soon as you began to pray, an answer was given….’ (Daniel 9:23).  

Does this mean born-again people who say their prayers were not answered are lying, when they infact had their prayers answered? No, they are not lying, their prayers were not answered, but they are to blame for the situation and not God, as most would like to think. As it is with people who are not born-again, God doesn’t listen to prayers from born-again people who have unforgiven sins in their life, or those who make prayers to God from wrong motives. How do I know that? Because the bible says so!

The first point we need to understand is that salvation doesn’t prevent a born-again person from committing sins. Even though you are born-again, you will still commit odd sins here and there as you strive to be more and more like Jesus Christ. The difference is that salvation helps a person to recognise their sins and seek God’s forgiveness immediately for his sins. Salvation also helps a person not to commit the same sins again. So as time goes on, a born-again person becomes more and holy to a point where they sin as little as possible. The idea is to seek forgiveness for all known and unknown sins as soon as you become aware of them, especially before asking God for anything in prayer.

King David understood the importance of having no unforgiven sins before making any requests to God in prayer. In Psalm 66 verse 18 and 19, David said: ‘If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened, but God has surely listened and heard my voice in prayer’. David highlights an important point: God doesn’t listen to a prayer made by someone who has sin in his heart, whether born-again or not. David didn’t fool himself into thinking God ignores sin, but he understood that unless he ask for forgiveness from God and repent from that sin then it would of no value to pray to God as He won’t listen. Unfortunately many born-again people ignore confessing their sins before prayer, and they wonder why God never answer any of their prayers.

Did you make your prayer requests to God, when you knew that you have sinned against Him and you didn’t ask for forgiveness? The bible says it was impossible for God to have listened to your prayers, let alone answer them. So do you still think you were justified in rejecting Him based on unanswered prayers?

As our main text says, God is forever willing to give us everything we ask for in prayer, but He’s not willing to break His Laws in the process. But our wish is not only for God to answer our prayers, but we want Him to break His laws for us as well.


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  1. Jon Javid said

    I really like this video. In it the speaker talks about how the prayer was seemingly answered wrong but in fact lead to the right thing. Give it a watch. http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages?v=2714780496001

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