South Sudan gets independence, next South Nigeria!

I know I’m jumping the gun, as the voting is still in progress for South Sudan’s independence from the harsh rule of the Islamic north, but I can’t suspend my excitement any longer. After all the people of the South went through, I thank God that they are finally getting independence.

We know that they are still contentious issues to resolve between both the south and the north, if the independence does go through, with the main issue being the oil reserves, but I do hope that a concrete and fair arrangement can be found between these two nations. President al-Bashir has promised to allow the South to secede peacefully, but I just can’t help wonder if he’ll agree to forgo the huge oil reserves lying on the Southern part without any fight. As exciting as independence would be for the people of the south, my rational mind tells me that things are going to be very tough for their leadership going forward, as they would still have to deal with their northern slave masters. I pray that God can give them wisdom and protection from their neighbors who seek to annihilate them.

The case of Sudan is an example of just how evil religion is, especially Islam. Killing people because they disagree with you, from a religious point of view, is the greatest evil we can ever witness on this world, as we saw in Northern Ireland. Of course independence won’t stop religion from raising its ugly head again, but we hope that independence will give the south the ability to defend itself from its detractors, the same way Israel is able to defend itself.

Now that South Sudan is likely to get independence from the north, the world’s attention should now turn to North Nigeria, where the same genocide is also happening, albeit under less media attention. I think it is clear that Islam is incapable of living in peace with any other belief, and this fact is evident in Palestine, Sudan, North Nigeria, and recently in countries like Sweden. We can’t continue to have people killed in North Nigeria, and have democracy compromised, just because there’s an effort to unite the country and ignore the flaws of Islam. If the Islamic community of North Nigeria can’t live in peace with Christians, then it’s about time the south get independence from the north. Why should we wait for 2 million people to die first in North Nigeria, as it happened in Sudan, before we realize that Islam is divisive and evil and it’s best for the Christian South to get independence from the Islamic North? People might think I’m crazy for calling for a split between North and South Nigeria, but we have seen what Islam does, and we can’t continue to ignore the signs. Wherever Islam rules, genocide follow, and Indonesia is starting to feel the effects of this.

I don’t like what Islam does to the world, and I get sad when I see Muslims in democratic countries. I wonder why anybody, especially those who emigrated from Islamic countries, would still hold on to Islam after what it has done in the Middle East and North Africa. The mess in Sudan is a direct product of Islam, and Iraq’s daily genocide is caused by Islam, and millions of people have emigrated from these countries fleeing the violence, yet they embrace Islam in their new country. In Sweden, one of the countries with the highest number of Muslim immigrants in Europe, an Intergration Minister called Islamic violence a ‘ticking bomb’, because the young Muslims who emigrated from the Middle East refuse to embrace peace.

One of the things I thank God for is the non-existence (compared to other countries) of Islam in my country, but I’m aware that one day I may have to lose my life fighting it. But these days I couldn’t help but thank Him for giving independence to South Sudan, and my heart bleeds for those who will still lose their lives in North Nigeria, Indonesia, and many Islamic-rule nations. Moderate Muslims have to stand-up and see Islam for what it is, and hopefully repent and trust in Jesus Christ.



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