I saw revival!

The below video highlights the revival that is happening in China, and how millions of people have found faith in Jesus Christ. This video reminded me of the revival I witnessed while growing up. All the things happening in the video I have seen happen while a young boy, and I know what a revival is. Having 12 hour church services, with endless sermons and prayer, is what used to happen in small shack in the town of Ficksburg, South Africa. I was around 12-14 years old then, and not yet born again, yet I knew that God was at work, and what was happening in there was a supernatural work of God in the lives of people. A lot has been said about the manifestation of God in churches, and many Christians deny that God can manifest Himself in this way, yet I can testify that those who witnessed revivals are not surprised at this. When a revival is at hand, there can never be 2 hour church services, and there’s no need for a service programme, while people can’t leave the church the way they came in. A revival consumes everything! I saw teenage boys and girls prophesy, and they had the boldness to go to the streets and proclaim the Gospel without any fear. Nobody took them to an evangelism training course, and they were not encouraged to witness or taught how to conquer their fear, but they just knew they had to wail and weep for the souls of men and they did. People looked forward to going to church every minute they spent away, and nobody looked forward to leaving the church to go home. My grandmother would drag us to church first at 5am in the morning and then at 5pm, everyday.

Years later, I’m born-again, and I drag my feet to church. I fear witnessing to people, and I hide behind the internet. The church services are nice, but they are like a political seminar where people say things they don’t mean or live. The most bold thing I do is post an article on this blog, while I do street evangelism once in a while. I’m called a Christian, but I don’t think I’ll be comfortable fellowshipping with these Chinese Christians who are on a revival, in case my shallowness will be revealed. I think what I’m saying is that Christianity without a revival is shallow, legalistic and not worth it, except there’s hell to pay for not being a Christian. I so need a revival, like the one I saw when I was a young boy. Would I see it again in my lifetime, or would I be content with a church programme? I hope I never forget the revival I saw, and I hope to strive for it as long as there’s breath in me.


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