16 people rise from dead in Brazil floods

A lot has been said about reports of the resurrection of 16 people in Brazil, and as usual there’s no enough proof to satisfy skeptic minds and bring a believing faith in their hearts. I’m not in any way saying there’s truth in this particular miracle report , as I wasn’t there to witness it myself, however I have passed a stage where resurrection is viewed as a miracle above all miracles, but rather I view resurrection miracles as something that any Christian can be able to pray for and can happen, just as the bible say in Matthew 17:20. I’m not in any way belittling this miracle, but I’m surprised that people consider the resurrection to be the greatest miracle the world could ever witness, and for that reason they are not willing to believe any reports of this miracle ever happening. But I know a miracle that is greater than any resurrections we can ever witness, and its one miracle that no Christian in the world could ever produce. It’s the only miracle that gets angels excited, and makes heaven stand still and appreciate the beauty of it. It’s a miracle that has cost God something He valued more than any, when all other miracles cost Him nothing. That miracle is called salvation!

Salvation is the greatest miracle on earth. It is salvation that changed the lives of fisher men from Jerusalem, and caused them to shake the Roman world and being terror to the heart of Julius Ceaser. Salvation gave them the boldness to revolutionize the world even at the risk of their own lives. Salvation gave them the assurance that they can do anything, even resurrecting the dead, and they did. Salvation made them face their death with boldness and joy, when everybody feared death as it’s still the case even today.  It’s the same salvation that gave me the power to have victory over lust, and never to suffer from uncontrolled sexual urges anymore. This salvation caused me to stand boldly in front of men and women and proclaim the Gospel, when previously I wouldn’t even speak in a meeting at work unless I really had to. Salvation causes weak and poor men and women to realize that they are much more than their wealth classification, and brings them into conflict with the world. No wonder the Romans hated it, and why communism and Islam are trying to annihilate it.

Have you seen this greatest miracle in your life? Nobody can do it, except God Himself!


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