Why God hates prostitution

In some countries, prostitution is legal and it is treated like any other occupation, yet the bible warns us many times about the dangers of prostitution. Unlike with fornication, many people do see the dangers of prostitution, yet many are still willing participants in prostitution. We have grown to know prostitutes as only those who sell their bodies for gain (either monetary gain or otherwise), regardless of their gender, but the bible also declare those who buy the services of prostitutes to be prostitutes themselves. The bible says “do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, “The two will become one flesh.” “(1 Corinthians 6:16). So you may not have sold your body to anybody, but if you have bought the services of a prostitute then you are as much a prostitute.

As we have already established, God’s objective for giving us the Ten Commandments was not to stifle our lives, but He has very good reasons for hating prostitution:

  • Prostitution degrades women (see Ezekiel 23:43, Leviticus 19:29)
  • Prostitution degrades families (see Leviticus 21:9)
  • Prostitution leads to unnecessary deaths (see Job 36:14)
  • Prostitution defiles a person (Psalm 106:39)
  • Buying the services of a prostitution is squandering wealth (Proverbs 29:3)
  • Prostitution leads people astray  and make them unfaithful to God (Hosea 4:12)
  • Prostitution defiles one’s body (1 Corinthians 6:16)

More importantly, the bible says:

  • Prostitution turn the whole land into wickedness (Leviticus 19:29)

Pro-prostitution activists tell us that legalization of the trade will lead to a safer environment for those involved in the trade, while reducing the transmission of sexual diseases, and will allow the authorities to have a good oversight over it, but they don’t tell you where the prostitutes are coming from! One of the saddest days of my life, is when I learned that prostitution is built on the back of human trafficking, meaning those who use services of a prostitute are doing so in support of human trafficking and slavery of women and children (especially children). Countries like Thailand and Vietnam are known for prostitution and they unfortunately are infested with drugs, human trafficking, gang violence, and all kind of wickedness just as God said in the bible.

A charity organization dedicated to preventing trafficking of women and children, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW), had this to say about prostitution:

“In 2006, the US State Department reported that one million children are exploited in the global sex trade. Sex tourists, seeking anonymity and impunity in foreign lands, exploit many of these children in child sex tourism. Child trafficking can occur when children are abducted from the streets, sold into sexual slavery and forced marriage by relatives, or in any place where traffickers, pimps and recruiters prey upon a child’s vulnerabilities. Poverty is the pre-condition that makes it easier for traffickers to operate. The greatest factor in promoting child sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation is the demand for younger and younger victims worldwide. This demand comes from the mostly male buyers who become the customers in the growing global sex industry. Most women in prostitution are trafficked into the sex industry as children. 75-80 percent of women in prostitution were sexually abused as children. Worldwide, the average age of entrance into prostitution is 13. When girls in prostitution become 18, their prostitution does not become a self-determined choice.” (22).

CATW mentions a very important issue; they say after a certain point it becomes difficult for a person to make a self-determined choice on prostitution. God is not going to judge prostitutes based on decisions they couldn’t make themselves, when somebody forced those decisions on them. However, those who willingly participated in prostitution will have a case to answer against God, and every man who promotes human trafficking by his demand of prostitutes will stand in front of a holy God one day and give account. The next time you see a prostitute on your way home from a movie or your work, you should remember that she might have been trafficked from a very young age, and she is probably held against her will. If on the other hand you have used a prostitute before, then you’ll be glad to know that you may have participated in human trafficking, and have given your money to fund trafficking of another young girl so she can also be a prostitute.


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  1. Christopehr said

    Hmm, I don’t understand how it degrades a woman or a family. That sounds more like a self conscious issue. “Because I am a prostitute, I am not as good as others.” Totally not the case. Sounds like the culture of the time being embedded in the bible to me. As for the unnecessary deaths…pretty sure walking down the street can lead to those too. “Defiles a person” more of the cultural reference again. As for wealth, pretty sure Jesus was all cool about us paying taxes since the money “belonged to them anyway,” so I doubt he really cares where money goes. That “go ahead and give your money to the government” thing also sounds like something a government official might have added to the bible. Not sure what it means to be lead astray….pretty sure were all here with no idea what our true purpose is. And more being defiled cultural nonsense.

    I really think the bible is mostly man’s interpretation of God and most of the ideas in it are not necessarily bad, however, it does hold a lot of stigmas that we might be better off without. Who knows though, just my opinion.

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