TBN’s money-monging heretics

There’s nothing that gets me more angry than listening to what some of the preachers on Christian networks preaches, if you can them call them preachers because they are nothing but frauds. I’m on record ridiculing people like Benny Hinn, Paula White, Craflo Dollar, TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Eddie Long, Ray McCauley, Kenneth Copeland, etc but none has got me so worked up as John Hagee has. This adulterer who slept with his secretaty and divorced his wife for her, has always claimed that Jews don’t need salvation, but he has went a step further by claiming Jesus was not the Messiah. The problem with a fraud like John Hagee is the fact that he’s more deceptive than all these other frauds are, but he’s not different from any them. He’s the guy who refused to have his ministry audited because he was receiving a $2m a year salary from the ministry, and he once preached against gluttony (go figure). This is what he says in his latest fraud  scheme:


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