On the Box

Recently I wrote this email to On the Box, a Living Waters’ daily TV show:


I read with a painful heart in a recent “New Zealand Earthquake Update” when Ray said “None of my family know the Lord. Please pray that this will make them realize the fragility of life.” Those are the most painful words for any Christian to utter, and it doesn’t matter how God uses you but if none of the family knows the Lord it kind of overshadow all the hard work we can ever do for God. I was raised by a very godly grandmother, and she’s the best Christian I have ever seen or heard of. Unfortunately I’m the only one of her family or relatives who knows the Lord, and this makes me wonder everyday if any of my three children will stray from the way of the Lord. What can a Christian do when family members, children, relatives and friends refuse to acknowledge Christ? I know we can pray for them without ceasing, but it’s painful when everyday passes and they still refuse Grace. I guess the only thing we can do is cry for them while they are still alive. I had the pleasure of witnessing to people, whom I will never forget even though I’ll probably never see them again on this world, and God broke their hearts right in front of me, but my own family members indulge in sin and ignore all the truth they know about God’s salvation. I hope you guys can discuss this issue on your show.


Sello Rasephei

Pretoria, South Africa


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