Distancing Christianity from America

Once again an Arab, Muslim and oil-rich country (you can insert the name of the country) has been invaded, and once again bombs from fighter jets are taking the lives of the people. As it is usual, both the victims and invaders (you can take a guess) are familiar with the situation and both utter the same rhetoric we are used to by now. Both declare that God or Allah is on their side, and both quote either the Bible or the Quran. The supporters of each side will do and say anything to justify their positions, and convince many that what they are doing is for the greater good of the world and they have the scripture to back them up.

Personally, I’m on the record that I find Islam to be evil; however I’m sick to my belly of the Christian rhetoric that tries to justify the evil invading of Muslim countries, and try to make these wars look righteous when the purpose is looting. In fact, I feel like vomiting whenever a Christian preacher goes on international TV station and declare that some of these invaders are Christian countries who love and obey God. Reality is that these invaders are not Christian countries who love God, peace and justice, as much as the apartheid government in South Africa wasn’t Christian, but they are selfish evil countries who will do anything in their power to prolong their wealth and prosperity at the expense of other humans. It’s no coincidence that these looters have recently invaded all countries with great oil reserves, while they ignored the injustices that have happened in poor countries with no great natural resources. These invaders have blatantly refused to interfere in the injustices that have happened in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where gang rape has been used as a weapon of war against thousands of women and children. Of course they folded their arms when genocide happened in Rwanda, and two million people died. And they continue to ignore the cries of the Somali people who live under Sharia Law, but they have invaded Iraq and Afghanistan for the very same reason. Of course Somalia doesn’t have oil reserves, even though there are hundreds of hostages held in this country, which most are from these countries of invaders. For decades the invaders ignored the cries of the people of South Africa, while they benefitted financially from the system that oppressed the majority people of this country. Instead, the government of oppressors that killed thousands of its own people was shielded and declared Christian, while the victims were declared terrorists. Of course we shouldn’t even mention Zimbabwe, where people were stripped of their possessions and thrown out of the country with nothing. Once again the victims begged the invaders for help, but nothing was done.

But the invaders now tell us that they have learned from their mistakes of the past; hence they needed to invade one more oil-rich country. I’ll believe them the day when they invade a country which doesn’t have financial ramifications for them, where justice is the only thing to gain. But I’m not holding my breath!

Let me put this into perspective. All countries are evil and have done evil things at some point in their history, while war and looting are as much a part of each country’s history as their constitution is. However I take an issue when overzealous people decide to put a Christian tag on some countries. It is this overzealousness that puts a stumbling block towards the Gospel for billions of people in the world. People look at the injustices done by these countries tagged as Christian and these make them hate the Gospel. It is said that the biggest stumbling block to the Gospel for a Muslim is United States of America and Crusades, and it’s the same reason that communist countries hate Christianity. Why wouldn’t they when Christian preachers in America proudly associate America with Christianity, which is why when America invades a country it is seen in Muslim countries as Christians killing Muslims. Why would Hu Jintao allow Christians to practice freely in China, when Christianity is associated with America? The overzealous preachers have dishonoured the Gospel in Africa by associating it with the countries that played a major role in slavery of African men and women; hence most liberation struggle heroes in Africa are not receptive to the Gospel. In America, it is this association of America with the Gospel that makes African Americans to be receptive to the Social Gospel, which teaches racial liberation. I’m certain that with the latest invasion, there would be those who would be manipulating the bible to make it justify the invasion, hence building an even bigger stumbling block against the Gospel for those who need it the most.

Let me make it clear that Christianity is not an American or British religion, and neither of these nations is even mentioned in the bible, regardless of what you may hear from the Good News Magazine. The injustices done by these countries are not endorsed by the bible, in fact they are condemned by the bible. The same goes for the crusades.

Reality is that the Gospel is already highly offensive and narrow, hence Jesus had to be crucified by His hearers, and the last thing we need is to associate evil countries with the Gospel and make things even worse than they already are, regardless of our patriotism. A Christian is a heavenly citizen first and foremost, and his loyalty is towards the Gospel and nothing else but the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Trying to divide the loyalty between the Gospel and country is the worst thing a Christian can do, and it will always lead to persecution and lost souls. The disciples of Jesus also wanted to divide their loyalty between the Gospel and Israel as their nation. They wanted Jesus to restore the kingdom to Israel from the Romans, but Jesus rebuked them  and told them that their duty is to be His witnesses all over the world, and not to be concerned with their country’s politics (see Acts 1:6-8). The same message is appropriate for the overzealous preachers of our day, who are more concerned with their countries than they are with the Gospel. What you say about your country on the pulpit affects many Christians in fragile countries and it may lead to more persecution for them, and it may do irreversible damage to the Gospel and create more stumbling blocks. So stop associating the Gospel with your country!

If you are a Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Communist, etc. I would like to apologize for the treatment you may have received from the so-called Christians, and I want to assure you that their behaviour is by no means biblically accepted. However, I want to warn you that you are still responsible for your actions and words, and they would one day be brought into judgment by God, the same way the actions of Christian hypocrites would be brought into judgment. The bible says God “commands all people everywhere to repent. For He has set a day when He will judge the world with justice” (Acts 17:30-31).


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